It was recently announced that Universal Pictures will be moving its Despicable Me spinoff “Minions in 3D” from its original release date of December 2014 to July 10, 2015.

This on the heels of Disney announcing that it would push the release date for the Pixar animated film “The Good Dinosaur” from spring 2014 to November 25th, 2015 as director Bob Peterson was pulled off the project. Peterson is still employed with Pixar but needed to be removed from the picture in order to bring the story to a close.

Jim Morris, general manager and executive vice president of production for Pixar, told the LA Times that “Bob is still working at the studio, and we hope he will stay here for the rest of his natural life.”

This will mark 2014 as Pixar’s first year, in five, that the studio will go without a theatrical release.

Eleven animated movies reached the box office this year compared to just six a decade ago. With competing studios scrambling to avoid fierce competition at the box office, pushing the release of even just one film is likely to cause the shuffling of all animated films slated for release during the same year.

Source: LATimes




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