The Platinum Membership includes your very own website as well as listings on 10 niche voice over websites, a public relations campaign, ad placement on the advertising network, and all the features and benefits of the Premium membership, including 100 MB of storage for your MP3 voice-over demos, videos, priority ranking in the search results, unlimited Featured Talent Directory listings, and access to the industry’s hottest freelance voice-over jobs.

The team at has thoughtfully considered suggestions and feedback presented to us by our members and is now prepared to meet this need by offering a higher level of service at our website exclusive to 100 voice actors on a first come first served basis.
Is opportunity knocking for you?

Create a Website

At, we know that there’s more to you than just your voice. We see your website as your storefront on the Internet. Your personal voice talent website ( will advertise your services for you. You can easily create your own website and optimize it for the search engines, no programming skills required. Simply fill out the registration form to build your elegantly designed voice over website. Choose your Personal website domain name by selecting a username for your account.


Job Opportunities

Audition for all of the voice-over jobs that interest you and meet your capabilities. Job postings are sent directly to your email box the moment they are approved by the staff. You can read job details and audition online by submitting a brief message, price quote and MP3 demo. There are 50-100 jobs posted every day and you can tailor which notifications you wish to receive by completing your profile and setting your preferences.


Unlimited Featured Talent Directory Listings

Gain visibility throughout the website by having your name and voice-over demos listed in the Featured Talent Directory. The categories in the directory are often the first place clients go listen to demos that are specific to their needs. By clicking on your name, clients are linked to your website where they can learn more about you and your voice-over services.


100 MB of Online Storage

Securely store multimedia files online. Showcase your voice-over demos and headshot on your website. Once uploaded, these files will appear on your website, available for clients to review.


Accept Online Credit Card Payments

Accept credit card payments online using the industry standard escrow service SurePay to receive payments directly to your PayPal account. When a client hires you at, they are directed to a secure payment page where they enter the amount of money they are paying you using the SurePay escrow service. Alternatively, you can use your regular billing methods to accept funds for depositing to your business bank account.


Advertising Network

How’s your market visibility? As a Platinum member, you’ll get a large banner ad placed throughout our advertising network, which includes Voice Over Times, the industry’s online news source. Your ad will be a 300×250 graphical ad, which is the Internet Advertising Bureau’s standard ad unit and the generally accepted best performing ad size. Voice Over Times, currently receives over 100,000 page views per month from thousands of unique visitors including RSS and email subscribers. Visitors invests a significant amount of time reading the headlines, articles, reviews and how-tos on the website.


Graphic Design

Need a banner ad designed for you? Part of this innovative service offering is graphic design. We’ll create an advertisement for you that will promote your website and invite more visitors to listen your voice. You can also make use of the graphics for your own marketing purposes.


Press Release Writing and Distribution

Twice a year, our team of internet marketing gurus will craft a press release informing the media and online visitors about your recent successes. All you have to do is contact your Platinum VIP Specialist and tell us about your news or event. Since we’ve developed strategic relationships with partners, vendors and media outlets, we guarantee that your press release will be included in Google, Yahoo! and MSN.


Expert Service & Support

If you need us, we’ll be there! Call us toll-free, send an email, fax the office, or click online to have a Live Chat. We also have a spectacular knowledge base with over 500 solutions to voice-over questions. Customer Service is one of our specialties.



The Platinum Membership is designed with people in mind who are serious about expanding their territory, getting the word out about their voice and attaining more visibility online like never before.Contact us to find out more about the benfits of this membership and pricing.

If you’re a professional voice over talent that wants immediate, targeted traffic from the industry leader, we’d love the opportunity to work with you.
Stephanie and the Team

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Stephanie Ciccarelli is the Co-Founder and Chief Brand Officer of Classically trained in voice, piano, violin and musical theatre, as well as a respected mentor and industry speaker, Stephanie graduated with a Bachelor of Musical Arts from the Don Wright Faculty of Music at the University of Western Ontario. Possessing a great love for imparting knowledge and empowering others, her podcast Sound Stories serves an audience that wants to achieve excellence in storytelling. Stephanie is found on the PROFIT Magazine W100 list three times (2013, 2015 and 2016), a ranking of Canada's top female entrepreneurs, and is the author of Voice Acting for Dummies®.


  1. Hi Gray,
    Thank you for your comment and question.
    The Platinum membership has an annual fee, however the renewal is not set-up for automatic billing. Naturally, we’ll be in close contact throughout the year as well as will provide you with a renewal notice 30 days prior to your renewal date.
    Best wishes,

  2. Hi Jorge,
    Thank you for your comment.
    To answer your question, no, the website will not show how many memberships are remaining in real time, but I can say that we’re pleased with the response so far.

  3. Stephanie,
    Sounds like this is a good opportunity to get even MORE quality jobs & greater exposure to the “big” guys & gals of voice over. Where does this leave the REST of us?
    How will this affect PREMIUM member job leads? Will there be jobs given ONLY to new Platinum members? Or will they be offered jobs first, and then to PREMIUM members (if there are any left).
    Don’t get me wrong, Stef…I LOVE the idea of the ‘niche’ websites, and would LOVE to be a part of them. I’m just not ready to plunk down $2k this year, when my oil bill just doubled…to $445 a MONTH. But I digress….
    The main question is: HOW WILL THIS AFFECT MY (premium members’) BOTTOM LINE?

  4. Hi JC,
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and for your question.
    To clarify, these sites are not being used to direct traffic away from the site but are meant to be more nets out in the water if you will to attract new clients who are looking for very specific kinds of voice over via searches conducted using Google, Yahoo!, MSN, Ask, etc. I hope I’ve answered your question and put you at ease.
    To put it another way, Premium members will not be losing work to Platinum members at All of the work that Platinum members receive on the partner sites is exclusive to those sites and does not have anything to do with the main service at
    Best wishes,

  5. What happens to the remainder of my Premium membership for this year if I join Platimum today? It sounds like the Platinum sort of overlaps with the Premium on the regular website, right? Is there any prorating of the Platimum payment or refund of the remainder of the Premium?
    When are the new sites going live? Do you need a specific number of members in order for that to happen?
    I know, questions, questions…

  6. Hi Melanie,
    Thank you for your comment and questions.
    1. We will prorate memberships and refund you the difference for those already subscribed to Premium or Preferred memberships.
    2. Profiles will start coming online tonight. The order will be Profiles first, the Ad network next and then public relations campaigns.

  7. OK, finally! This is what I have been waiting for and wanting you guys to do. Did any of my past input lead to this??? Just wondering.
    Sign me up. Ed “one of the big guys” Victor

  8. Hi Stephanie,
    Great idea! May I make a suggestion? To help us accept the price tag, show a breakdown – percent of $1995 – of the costs – to – for the enhanced services you list. You could do this in Vox Daily. I think it would really help. Good luck.


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