PodTech Headline ViewPartner, a multi-million dollar company based in Los-Angeles that owns and operates communication technologies, has bought PodTech Network, the leading social-media company for developing, producing, and distributing podcasts to drive brand engagement for Fortune 1000 companies. The core executive, production and creative team of PodTech remains in tact. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

According to Alex Varonos, CEO of ViewPartner, “The PodTech team led by co-founder, Jason Lopez, and Darold Massaro, vice president of sales, is what attracted us to this company. We believe in these people and will make certain that PodTech and its clients have the financial and strategic support to take podcasting or any kind of broadcasting on the Net to the next level.”

Jason Lopez, PodTech cofounder and vice president of creative development, commented, “This assures that the people and companies with great stories to tell will be able to do so in a compelling format. With ViewPartner, we are assured of the tools to move from downloadable media to the next generation of communication. Our team comes from broadcast media, so we’re really excited about where this platform can go. It will be an exciting ride for our clients.”

Mr. Varonos explained that PodTech has the platform to drive brand engagement. “And the platform will be enhanced with capabilities that just an agency or service organization cannot deliver. PodTech will be the first to deliver HD quality broadcast on the Internet within the next year. It will make the brand experience richer for clients. And this is the team that will take it to market.”

Added Darold Massaro, PodTech vice president of sales, “While we continue to support our existing network and provide quality video and social media strategies with a total focus on client satisfaction, we will be announcing continuous upgrades to our technology. Our clients will be on the cutting edge of distributed video and audio communication.”

About PodTech

PodTech Network is a leading social-media company for developing, producing, and distributing podcasts for increasing brand engagement for Fortune 1000 and top-technology companies.

About ViewPartner Corporation
ViewPartner Corporation is a Los Angeles-based holding company of multi-media technologies.


  1. Read the news on these guys. These guys are unethical. I would stay away from them. They have screwed over all their partners. They owe all their creditors money.

    The new owner and management screwed over all the employees and vendors.


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