Prince Caspian
Based on C.S. Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia : Prince Caspian, this action-packed movie from Disney is tops at the box office and boasts a great voice cast as well.

Prince Caspian Plot Summary

The movie starts off with a noblewoman woman giving birth. This woman bears a son and gives her husband, the brother of the late Telmarine king, reason to do away with his nephew and rightful heir to the throne, Prince Caspian X. Prince Caspian’s tutor Doctor Cornelius is tipped off and sends the prince riding into the night to escape certain death, providing him with a gift (a horn) that he must only use in the time of his greatest need.

Coming upon that greatest need somewhat early in the film, Prince Caspian blows the horn, summoning the kings and queens of old to return to Narnia, the human rulers of a nation that the Telmarines despised and nearly drove to extinction. At the time of Prince Caspian’s horn blowing, Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy Pevensie have been away from Narnia for one year and long to return. At the sound of the horn the kings and queens of old are pulled back into the ruins of their home in Narnia which has become a more savage place than they remember it.

While the children have been gone only a year 1300 years have passed in Narnia.
In brief, there is a lot of fighting between the Narnians and the Telmarines as the Narnians attempt to defend their land and people. Without giving too much away, there is a happy ending, however there are many lessons to be learned first, primarily about the importance of faith and humility.

Voice Acting Review

The voice acting was very good and I must say that I was particularly fond of the voice of the badger, Trufflehunter, voiced by Ken Stott. There was some great comic relief from a sword-wielding mouse, Reepicheep, voiced by Eddie Izzard. I was taken aback by just how few Liam Neeson’s lines as Aslan were in the film. For all of the hype I expected that his character Aslan would have played a larger role in Prince Caspian. I haven’t read this particular Narnia book and am unaware if portions of the novel were left out to keep the film to 2 hours and 20 minutes.

One observation I made as the credits rolled by on the screen was that there were no female voice actors! The movie was male dominated, both on-camera actors and off, so it wasn’t a huge surprise to see a lack of female voice talent listed in the credits. I’ve heard that you need to have a certain number of lines in a film before you are credited, so it’s possible that there were female talent who provided voice overs but because their lines were so few, they were not mentioned.

Prince Caspian Voice Cast

Liam Neeson as the voice of Aslan
Ken Stott as the voice of Trufflehunter
Harry Gregson-Williams as the voice of Pattertwig the Squirrel
Sim Evan-Jones as the voice of Peepiceek
David Walliams as the voice of Bulgy Bear
Eddie Izzard as the voice of Reepicheep

Have you seen Prince Caspian? What did you think of the movie?

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  1. Hi Stephanie,
    I’ve not seen the movie yet, but have read all the Narnia books except the last one (it’s like savouring a fine meal…I’m trying to drag it out!). Anyway, I look forward to seeing the movie, and finding out if the voices of the actors (for instance, Reepicheep) match the voices that I heard in my head when reading the novel.
    Pity, there weren’t more female characters…but one of the volumes of Narnia yet to be filmed, will make up for that!
    Cheers all!

  2. Not to take away from the movie, which I am very eager to see, but if you want to hear some good voice acting (and more from women), check out the Focus on the Family Radio Theatre production of The Chronicles of Narnia. Nineteen CD’s, folks! It’s not really an audiobook — it’s a full-scale audio dramatization, with music, SFX, etc. I think it’s great. Of course, NOTHING is like actually reading the books.

  3. Hi Allen,
    Interesting you should mention that! I happen to have the set here on my desk at the moment and will note the voice cast here:
    Storyteller: Paul Scofield
    Aslan: David Suchet
    Other voices: Elizabeth Counsell, Wendy Craig, Tenniel Evans, Martin Jarvis, Freddie Jones, Ron Moody, Andrew Sachs, Victor Spinetti, and Douglas Gresham as the host (stepson of the late C.S. Lewis).
    There’s 22 hours of material in the set.
    Thank you for reminding me and I highly recommend that CD set as well.
    Best wishes,

  4. I haven’t seen the movies, but I have friends that said it was really awesome! It comes out on DVD and Blueray April 8th so I look forward to seeing it, hopefully others will get out there and buy it as well.

  5. I totally agree with you BenC a risky deicsion for the author to not introduce this book with the main characters that we’d be won over by in the first book! But I think it works, we get to understand different aspects of Narnian life and history from these other characters and I can imagine getting a little bored if we’d only have the four Pevensie children to guide us through these adventures again. Love Caspian’s tutor didn’t expect him to turn out to be a dwarf’s descendant!


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