Man holding a magnifying glassEver wondered if your profile might have something to do with why you are or aren’t booking jobs at

While posting a job is the most popular option for clients hiring talent, direct contacts occur frequently and often result in a talent getting a job without even having to audition!
Completing your profile and keeping it up to date with your career makes a big difference in how you are found and how present yourself to prospective customers online.
Learn more about 10 common areas that most voice over professionals can improve upon in today’s VOX Daily.

Profile Reviews at

Sometimes when a person is not seeing the results they are hoping for from their membership at, an opportunity to review their profile and auditions may be extended. Recently I helped someone by reviewing their profile and also taking a look at their auditions.

Why might this be of interest to you?
When conducting the review, I found that this person’s challenges were not based upon talent but on how they were presenting themselves. This is one of the top reasons why some professional talent find it difficult to book voice over jobs via the marketplace.

Playing the Waiting Game

Most professionals using who struggle to book seem to follow similar patterns. They wait and wait until they become frustrated and discouraged. Just before they throw in the towel and give up on their subscription, they come to us for help in the eleventh hour.
Conversely, some talent don’t come to us at all, perhaps because they are unaware of our ability to serve them in this capacity.

Others still seek out guidance from other sources like family, friends or voice talent who are also listed on the site (Note: if asking other talent for advice, it’s best to ask those who are booking at, not those who also cite having difficulty booking at the site)

Know Where to Turn

Guidance can be a good thing but you have to consider the source, their credentials when speaking to the topic in question and how well they know the voice over marketplace.
Who knows better how to maximize your experience and help you to get results through than the people who work there?

Part of our job is to make your experience the best that it can be. We can only become aware of individual needs if asked! Bearing that in mind, wouldn’t it be better to contact Customer Service for help before it’s too late or has been longer than necessary?

Without giving too much away, the person I assisted was a returning customer who wanted to see a dramatic improvement in their experience from the last time they subscribed and wondered what they could do to make that happen. I’m grateful that they asked for help in this area in the earliest days of their new subscription so that we could make suggestions that would make a big impact on their experience and potential success from the get go.

10 Common Areas Where Many Pro Talent Can Improve

In no particular order, these are 10 areas that are often overlooked by professional voice talent when it comes to their profiles and auditioning at
1) Profile completeness
2) Personal branding (headshot, slogan, manner of presentation)
3) Accurately describing and tagging demos
4) Clearly stating payment options
5) Personalizing all encounters with clients (especially auditions)
6) Listing products in the Store *
7) General promotion of your profile through social networking and email signatures
8) The variety of demos showcased
9) Information and testimonials to build trust in the Feedback section
10) Headshot VS Graphical image
Even talent who are booking could take something from this post. Perhaps it isn’t booking that is difficult, it’s more to do with getting the word out about your success to attract new customers while being recognized.

Assessing Your Profile

Something you can do on your own before seeking help is to simply log in to your account and click to edit your profile. All of the empty fields will jump right out at you making it easy to identify where more work can be done and to fill in the blanks. You can also view a chart that gives you a breakdown on how profile completeness works and how many points are allotted to each aspect of your profile.
Many of the top 10 areas above are linked to relevant articles that can help you. Take a spin around and see what you can find!

What’s Coming Up Next?

In tomorrow’s VOX Daily, we’re going to look specifically at auditions and how you can make yours even better from the client point of view. If you have any comments you’d like to share in the meantime, you’re welcome to add your thoughts. I look forward to hearing from you!
Best wishes,
* January 2011: Please note that the Store is back in development for improvements. The store will return in the future at which time we’ll make an announcement about its re-release. Thank you!
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  1. Do we talk to you Stephanie or send an email through customer service…My profile is 100%..I have booked jobs since I joined (1 year) but I would like to do more…With the new format, I like that I see how many auditions have been submitted…I have chosen 50 has my benchmark..if its over that..I move on to the next…A vocal coach told me to use a graphic instead of the head shot..she said its about vocal quality not looks…I have had both and did not see any pros or cons..I am using a graphic at this point…I also upgraded my account as well…Great article…VOX daily is one area where is heads above other marketplaces…Thanks, Randy

  2. Hi Randy,
    Thank you for your comments and kind words. You can contact Support (at) to ask for a profile review or cite that your profile is complete but you would appreciate another set of eyes on your auditions. Even if a profile is 100% complete, it still may need some tweaking or reviewing, particularly when it comes to how the information is being presented to prospective customers.
    Thank you again!

  3. Thank you Stephanie for putting that out there about the profile reviewing avilable to us. I may have to do that as I just haven’t cracked that first job yet with I guess I’m in that boat that says my profile is 100% complete, I do what I feel are quality auditions with usually three style samples and get them in the first 10 or 15 responses and have not had a bite. I do like the user friendly site, all the great articles to read, the excellent customer service and above all it’s been great contacting the talents that I see on the recently hired board. Even though I may have only contacted some of them only once they were all very nice and helpful. People like Michelle Falzon, Alicia Katz, Bill Dunn, Rhonda Phillips, Keith Michaels and Larry Wayne have all been generous classy people and I thank them.
    At the moment I was only able to afford one casting site membership and after studying them selected It’s only been since March so I’ll just keep at it. A big thank you for your time to the staff at

  4. Hi, Larry – as a newcomer to I expected jobs to roll in like the Atlantic, and worried when three silent weeks went by! Then in week four came a lovely booking, great producer, good fee, nice five-star feedback (that’s the best bit) followed of course by jobs that other lucky guys got. But a marvellous thing about the craft is that long-experienced people share their knowhow. They all started as we do. I tune into that thought every day – and this latest prompt from Stephanie, get a profile review, is a must.


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