Promax|BDA, the leading global association for marketing, promotion and design professionals working in the entertainment industry, announced today The Don LaFontaine Legacy Award, created to honor the name, memory and defining legacy of one of the world’s most famous voices.  This past year, entertainment lost Don LaFontaine, whose immediately recognizable voice was featured on more than 5000 promos and trailers over a period of more than 30 years. This award, along with two new Voice Over categories within the Promax|BDA Promotion, Marketing and Design Competitions, will recognize the best in voice talent, an often overlooked, yet integral part of entertainment promotion.

“Mr. LaFontaine was an indisputable leader in the industry whose legacy delves much deeper than his iconic voice” said Jonathan Block-Verk, President of Promax|BDA. “Don was a genuine lover of the arts, a true craftsman and a motivated mentor focused on giving back to the industry that supported him.  The Don LaFontaine Legacy Award is designed to pay tribute to industry leaders who represent this defining legacy.”

The Promax|BDA Awards, which recognize creativity and excellence in marketing, promotion and design in the international entertainment industry, represent the most prestigious honor given in the entertainment sector for marketing, promotion and design. In addition to this special honor, Promax|BDA is introducing two new categories for its 2009 competitions—Best Female Voice Over and Best Male Voice Over.

“Don really understood the power and beauty of the written word, and he would be humbled to know that there is a lifetime achievement award in his honor” said Don LaFontaine’s widow, Anita. “He loved what hid did for a living, and I know he would’ve cherished being a part of The Promax|BDA Awards this year.”

The Don LaFontaine Legacy Award will be introduced at the Promax Marketing & Promotion Awards celebration on June 18, 2009 as part of the 54th annual Promax|BDA Conference taking place in New York from June 16 – June 18.

Submissions for the Promax|BDA Promotion, Marketing and Design competitions will be accepted through Monday, February 27th. For more information, visit

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