Curious George Book CoverDo you remember the Curious George book series?

I fondly recall the stories written by Margret and H.A. Rey from my childhood and am pleased to share a review of this book and CD favorite narrated by Don Wescott in 2005.
Welcome to the first product review featuring voice over on VOX Daily! I hope you enjoy this new column and I look forward to hearing what you think.

One of my children received an audiobook for Christmas, and as I mentioned before, one of the first things I did upon his opening it was to check who the narrator was.
Don Wescott, a voice over professional based in the Berkshires in Massachusetts, USA, was the narrator of this wonderful product.
Now, it’s time for the review!

Read-Along Fun With Curious George

Published and produced by Houghton Mifflin (August 1, 2005), this read-along book and CD faithfully narrates the first adventures of Curious George, written over 60 years ago, bringing to life the tale of a monkey plucked and ferried from his jungle home all the way across the ocean to experience urban life among humans, living like more of a child than a house pet with the Man in the Yellow Hat.

Geared for children ages 3 – 8, the read-along book / CD included music, sound effects and voice over narration, offering two tracks to choose from, one with page-turn signals for younger readers and the other without for more experienced readers. The product is perfect for use and enjoyment during story time at home, in the car on road trips, and as an engaging tool in the classroom. Other stories are available on CD and also cassette. CD stories include Curious George’s First Day of School, Curious George Goes to a Movie, and Curious George Feeds the Animals.

Don Wescott Voice Over Performance Review

The voice over was warm, used a variety of vocal range and color, and was a clear hit with pint-sized audiences, captivating their imaginations for the entire run which lasted 13 minutes and 4 seconds, quite a feat. Don Wescott’s use of inflection combined with his storytelling technique was masterful and entertaining.

Narrator Biography

Don Wescott graduated from Boston University in 1963 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Broadcasting. In addition to a successful career in broadcast radio and advertising through the sixties and early seventies, Don Wescott was the main promotional voice for PBS and narrated programs for Odyssey, American Experience, The Many Worlds of Nature, and more than 70 NOVA series shows between 1973 and 1996.
Visit Don Wescott’s website for a more extensive biography.

What Do You Think of Read-Along Fun with Curious George?

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  1. I love Don Wescott’s voice. It’s classic and timeless, without ever being “announcery.”
    Several years ago, I was a student at a certain broadcasting school based in New England 😉 My instructor for “Commercial Interpretation” was an old Boston radio veteran named Len Zola. He told me that I sounded like Don Wescott. I didn’t know who Don was at the time, and he didn’t yet have a website. I was able to find some samples of his work, however, and I was extremely flattered by the comparison. I don’t know if I really do sound like the estimable Mr. Wescott, but it remains one of the best compliments I’ve ever received about my vocal chops.


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