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Did You Know There is Another Way To Get Working For You?

Earlier this summer, we launched a new membership level called “Platinum“, a service designed for voice over talent who want to get the absolute most for their career out of the Internet by way of greater visibility in the search engines, insider tips and some major publicity.

The Platinum Membership Includes:

  • All of the features and benefits of the Premium membership at
  • Top rankings in the search engine
  • Personalized Publicity Campaigns
  • Advertisements throughout the Advertising Network
  • Expedited Platinum VIP Service and Support

There have been a number of impressive success stories so far, two in particular that are detailed below.
I’ll also share a compelling reason to join that you’ve never heard before. Is becoming a Platinum member the right decision for you? Find out here at VOX Daily.

The Wheels of Progress Are Turning

A couple of weeks ago, I sent an email out to our Platinum members with updates about their membership, an insider report and an invitation to kick start their publicity campaigns, several of which are circulating right now on news websites, including Google News, Yahoo! and others.

When I asked for feedback on how their Platinum memberships were going so far (after two months of service), I received a number of jaw-dropping and grateful emails from people who are experiencing great success.
I’d like to share a couple of the stories here with you.

Larry Wayne

Larry Wayne’s Platinum Experience

My news is that I am becoming the imaging voice for one of the world’s fastest growing and increasingly important new industries… wind power! I am also doing :30 ads for Vestas airing on CNN. And just the other day they had me do intros for a new regular Bloomberg Financial feature that talks about Vestas. I am majorly pumped about this!  This came within days of opening the new websites as a Platinum member. I would also say the Vestas account alone has already paid for the Platinum membership!

Also, I’m working with two producers in Orange County on a trailer for a totally new concept for a film. At this point they are just trying to come up with a non broadcast non theatrical trailer of several minutes to show to interested producers!
Larry Wayne
Wayne Audio

Janice Downes

Janice Downes’ Platinum Experience

I’ve had people ask me on a regular basis if I think is worth it, and my answer is always the same, definitely! I especially found it interesting when I talked to other V/O talent at Voice 2008 in LA…. when I told people that I was able to quit my full time sales job and do voiceover within 4 months of joining, and that 90% of my jobs originated from they couldn’t believe it!

Many times that week people would continually ask me about that, and suggested I must be the exception. I don’t think so at all. Within that year I have worked my way to currently being ranked the Top Female Voice by your clients. My ranking on your site is my greatest industry achievement to date, and I am proud of that.
Janice Downes
Studio Voice Work

Have Some Questions About Going Platinum?

Perhaps you’ve been thinking along these lines:
Question #1: I’d love to do it but I think the price is too high.
The Platinum membership is the only service of its kind and we’ve priced the package extremely competitively for what it includes. We bundled over $7000.00 worth of value into this membership, and we’re making available for $2499.

Question #2: Won’t there be thousands of people doing this? How will I be found?
The Platinum membership is limited to only 200 people. This is the most effective, robust and highly customized online membership for the services being rendered that you will see anywhere, period.

Question #3: I’m a professional voice talent. Do you screen people for Platinum memberships? I don’t want to be lumped in with newbies.
We understand. You’ll be comforted to know that is only offering this membership to professional voice-over talents. We reserve the right to refund customers who purchase the membership if they are not professionals. Just because someone has the money doesn’t mean that they will be able to join the Platinum membership.

Question #4: What will you do for me that I’m not already doing myself?
As a professional voice talent who is running their own business, you have more important things to do during your day like auditioning and recording voice overs for your clients as well as making time for your family and doing what you love.

By investing in the Platinum membership, you’re unloading tasks that you don’t have time to do for yourself such as marketing, promotion, search engine optimization, researching the industry and public relations, all of which make a huge difference in your career when done well but are often neglected in favor of other more critical day-to-day business activities.

As experts in these areas, we are working hard for our Platinum members in a capacity unheard of for a voice over marketplace serving as their publicists, branding consultants, search engine virtuosos, market researchers, and champions of their voices over services.

The Time Is Now

The earlier you do this, the sooner you’ll receive media attention and publicity for your work that will catapult you into the fall during the busy advertising season.

There’s No Shortage of Work In the Voice Over Business
Companies are having to try new things to make themselves competitive and assert their staying power, and do you know what? Voice over is on their to do list. Now is the time to let the world know that you are here to meet their voice over needs and exceed their expectations, moving forward as an agent of change using your Platinum membership as the vehicle that will help get you there.

How Do You Get Started as Platinum?

You can make payment:

  • Online using PayPal
  • Phone us toll-free in North America at 1-888-359-3472 to pay with a VISA or Mastercard
  • Mail a check / cheque to our corporate address at:
130-100 Collip Circle
London, ON Canada
N6G 4X8
Looking forward to serving you!
Best wishes,
Stephanie and The Team
© Popov


  1. I too thought the price was very high (not a comment on its worth– just the number) and I had planned to pass on it. Then, I bid on one of the ubiquitous $100-$250 jobs on and got it. It turned out to be a $2700 job, because they liked the work I did and asked me to quickly turn around 9 additional modules. Since that would more than cover the fees, I took it as a sign, and invested in the Platinum membership. I’ll let you know how it goes.


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