baby spaghettiWhen it comes to studio sessions and voice actors, recording engineers and studio owners have seen it all.
How should voice actors behave themselves in a studio session?
Find out what Marc Graue has to say about it in his Voice Over Experts episode “Studio Etiquette”, sure to both entertain and help prevent messing up in the future. Listen to the MP3 episode here at VOX Daily.

If you’ve ever wondered how to behave at a recording studio, especially it’s your first studio session, this is the podcast you need to listen to. After all, no one likes being embarrassed, and thanks to Marc Graue, you needn’t find yourself in those sorts of situations in a studio setting.
Listen to this episode and add your thoughts as comments here on this article.

Download Marc Graue’s Studio Etiquette Episode of Voice Over Experts

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  1. Stephanie,
    Loved this one. It’s so true…
    When I go to studio, I always remember that I am a professional actress and that I must look, feel, and ACT the part from the receptionist to everyone in the session with me.
    Thanks for these helpful episodes … they re-iterate what we think we know!!!!!
    Have a blessed day, and congrats on the new baby 🙂

  2. Here’s the thing about studio etiquette. If one is THAT clueless about rights and wrongs:
    1. Get out of the voice over business
    2. Don’t sit by the phone waiting for dinner invitations either
    If one can’t behave in a studio, one’s behavior isn’t likely to be much better at a restaurant! 🙂
    Best always,
    – Peter


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