Voice talent, agents, casting directors and unions face a changed environment. The convergence of media and technology, combined with the fragmentation and personalization of media, is affecting all industry players in unprecedented ways.
This report aims to identify the key players who participate in the industry, describe behavior and trends, but most importantly, highlights areas of opportunity that should be capitalized upon in 2009.

Who Should Read This Report

๏ Voice Talent, Voice Actors, Narrators
๏ Voice Over Coaches, Instructors and Trainers
๏ Audio Engineers and Producers
๏ Voice Over Agents Talent Agencies & Casting Directors
๏ Unions and Industry Associations
๏ Online Marketplaces


๏ A map of the voice over industry online charted by TouchGraph.
๏ A graph of which websites receive the most pageviews as sourced by
๏ The single most searched for keyword, and how much Google charges for a click if you were to bid on that keyword using Google Adwords, the search engine marketing program.
๏ New information revealing the slight decline in radio and television advertising, but the rise in Internet, podcasting and videogame advertising.
๏ Details about “The gadget of the year”.
๏ Information covering salaries of union and non-union voice over talent including dollar amounts for contracts with residuals as well as average rates for freelance voice over work.

What Trends Do You See for 2009?

For the visionaries and those who simply enjoy making predictions, what do you believe is in store for 2009? Download the Voice Over Industry 2009 report then add your prediction below by leaving a comment now.
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  1. David, thanks for sharing this valuable report with us! I’m printing it out to really “pour over it” old-school style!
    As a Podcaster (aka “Media Content Provider”), It is fantastic to see podcasting featured!
    Wayne Henderson

  2. Interesting bit of fact collecting. I’ve skimmed it, but there’s much to go over in detail. Thanks for your work in compiling this and sharing it with us, your clients. It’s encouraging. 😀
    Happy new year….much prosperity and love to you in 2009.

  3. It’s great to see the numbers behind what I think many of us have seen in our businesses – GROWTH! Now more than ever our talents and services are necessary for both an economical solution for other businesses that are facing challenges, and overall as many industries communicate in ways we couldn’t even have dreamed of a few years back.
    It’s our time. 🙂


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