R.S. Bailey, award-winning theatrical director and producer, is featured on three multi-voice recordings of new novels on the new literary website, NewFiction.com. All audio books on the website are multi-voice recordings featuring professional voice actors from Los Angeles and around the country.

Bailey previously directed the multi-voice recording for the audiobook of Samuel Beckett’s novel, “Murphy”, starring Fionnula Flanagan and Colm Meany, the first Beckett novel approved for audio release by Samuel Beckett’s estate.

For NewFiction.com he adapted, produced, and read the principal voice of David in “I Betcha”, by Louis Abramson. He reads the principal voice of the Fat Cowboy for, “Apologia of the Fat Cowboy”, by Rod Miller; and performs a featured voice in “Word Lotto”, by Broadband General.

“I enjoy the multi-voice format for audio books much more than the single voice approach. It flows more and holds the ear of the listener. It’s a much more accessible format that’s easier to follow.” Says R.S. Bailey. “There’s far less confusion about which character is speaking. The production details are much more complex but the result is worth it.”

“I Betcha” is the story of a Wall St. foreign securities trader who makes a bet that he can write a hit rap song. He gets a lot more than he bargained for when he finds himself caught in the middle of an east coast/west coast rap music shooting war. “Apologia of the Fat Cowboy’ is another comic offering in which the Fat Cowboy, a Republican fund raiser, tries leverage his political connections to illegally corner the market on the world’s rarest fur.

Other novels now available by subscription on Newfiction.com are “Senate Parking” by Skeeze Whitlow; “Venus de Milo” and “Jake and Jamokies”, both by Dennis Manuel. Also featured on the new website is “iSoap” a modern version of the old-time radio drama. For access and a free subscription to one novel go to www.NewFiction.com.

Source: Tz Entertainment


  1. RS Bailey is a well respected and enormous talent. I have enjoyed working with Richard on many projects, and I look forward to his “Character Reads” on your site.


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