Do you live in San Diego, love voice acting, and want to be part of a voice acting community?

san-diego.jpgDavid Johnson, a member of, is fulfilling his vision to bring voice actors in the San Diego area together to form an offline community of talent focused on the development of their voices and the pursuit of the vocal arts. David recently started the Amateur Voice Acting Group, an association that welcomes voice actors and voice acting enthusiasts, enabling them to share in this ‘awesome medium’.

When chatting with David about what inspired him to start AVAG, he related “In September of 2005 I was having problems finishing my first feature length film called ‘Planet Zero’. I became very dissatisfied with the project and shortly thereafter discovered my interest in producing audio dramas. I have always loved listening to ‘books on tape’. I wanted to do a bit more, so I used my affiliation with, then, to gather my cast. I hired a few professional actors and asked a lot of questions. I used as a major resource. I also visited my local library and read and read. After that, I called my friend Hank Braxtan for more assistance regarding production and audio. He helped me a lot.”

David continued, “The Amateur Voice Actors Group is for fun and experience. We do this for the ART of it and personal satisfaction. Everything is licensed under the Creative Commons and is free forever. New voice actors who need some help with experience and some bullets for their resumes are invited to send me an email. Currently, we have 27 members in the Amateur Voice Actors Group (AVAG).”
Want to know more?

You will need:
A Macintosh OSX or Windows XP computer with high-speed Internet connection (DSL, Cable), a good quality microphone, Audacity 1.3b recording software of Sony Sound Forge or similar.

Positions available:
Writers, actors, and people to produce the shows. Audio engineer and sound designers are also appreciated.

San Diego, California US.

Best wishes,

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