Do you need some musical motivation to get your voice over career rockin’?

Rodney Saulsberry has generously donated a copy of his latest album “Better Than Before”, full of inspirational messages and upbeat music to get you going.
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Better Than Before

One of the most sought after voiceover artists in the world, Rodney Saulsberry, has returned to his musical roots with the release of his new album, “Better Than Before”. This smooth and exciting CD is designed to uplift listeners and keep them in a positive frame of mind.
The voice of many commercial products including Twix Candy Bars, Zatarain’s Cajun Foods and Toyota Camry to name a few, Rodney Saulsberry mentors through song, drawing on messages from his two bestselling books, You Can Bank on Your Voice and Step Up to the Mic.

Rodney shared, “I recorded this CD for the voiceover community and all individuals who seek success. These seven motivational and inspirational songs were designed to help us navigate these tough times, as we pursue our VO careers with a positive attitude, and a confident frame of mind.”

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I’d like to say congratulations to our most recent contest winner Dave Almond, who will be receiving one of Julie Williams digital audio players featuring 5 hours of content entitled “How To Make Money in Voice-Overs Even If you Don’t Live in N.Y. or L.A.” in the mail soon.

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  1. Would I like to win!?! Hmmmm…. does a bear …………….
    walk in the woods? ;o)
    Who better to learn from and be motivated by,
    Than the best……….
    Ran Alan Ricard

  2. Wow! This sounds like a great CD. In this business, you need all the positive motivation you can get! I would love to win this for me and my family.

  3. I loved Rodneys first book. He is an excellent resource and outstanding artist. More motivation from him would be amazing.
    Thanks for the opportunity,

  4. I love Rodney – he voiced a few characters for a video game I designed (CSI: Hard Evidence.) He was one of our favorite voices to listen to. Actually, he was one of the people who inspired me to pursue voice acting! Such a pro… I’d love to win a CD! Go Rodney, go!!!

  5. Greetings, Stephanie!
    What I need this year is….inspiration. Inspiration to be a better v.o. artist, to push myself to explore more options for work, to look in unlikely places and get myself out of my comfort zone. It sounds like Rodney’s CD is a great place to start. Here’s to a wildly successful 2009!

  6. Hi Stephanie!
    Happy New Year! I’d love to win this wonderful giveaway. I am actively attracting a “Better than Before – Best Year of My Life” life, so this would be perfect for me as a birthday gift, as I am celebrating my “I’m not 50 Birthday.”
    In addition to wishing that I win, I’d like to share these New Year wishes with you:
    My Wish for You in 2009-
    May peace break into your house
    and may thieves come to steal your debts.
    May the pockets of your jeans become
    a magnet for money.
    May love stick to your face like Vaseline
    and may laughter assault your lips!
    May your clothes smell of success
    like smoking tires.
    May happiness slap you across the face
    and may your tears be that of joy.
    May the problems you had
    forget your home address!
    In simple words …
    May 2009 be the best year
    of your life!!!

  7. Hi Stephanie,
    I just recorded my first demo and I know that this would be very helpful in getting my career going. Thanks!

  8. Hey, Stephanie,
    This sounds like just the thing to keep me motivated…count me in and thanks for this wonderful opportunity…
    Randy Bloyd

  9. Hey There! I enjoy reading and studying anything, especially from an artist who has been there and is making a success of his craft. It also helps to have a reference library of anything to do with the voice business, because as time goes on, we can’t keep it all filed away. It’s a good point to have reference materials for new and old artists alike. As Tony Robbins used to say, if you want to be happy, study happiness. If you want to be wealthy, study wealth etc. You get the idea. You must always be studying and learning your craft. I’m a big believer that no one “knows it all”. Even if you do, you still don’t “know it all”. So Keep those educational and learned people and points coming in. We all need them to learn and share as well. Onward and Upward
    Steve Suekey

  10. Hi Stephanie,
    I just wanted to comment on this, because I did win Rodney’s book
    so I thought the CD would go perfectly with my book!
    All my best

  11. I would love a copy of Rodney’s motivational c.d.
    And thanks very much for making things like this available!
    Matilda Novak

  12. Rodney Saulsberry’s dedication to helping others is admirable. I definitely want to be on the list with a chance to win his motivational CD!
    Thank you,

  13. Howdy!
    I first heard about this CD at and have been thinking about it ever since! A couple of my friends and I get together regularly to stay motivated in our work (one of them is a painter and the other a writer) so this would be perfect for our next get together! Thanks for bringing this product to my attention again!
    All the best,
    Ashley Huyge

  14. Thank you Voices for the opportunity to win some cool stuff. In an industry that if you are batting .100 you are doing great, these types of messages and encouragements are very helpful. Thank you for supporting the oodles of entry level through pro level talent out there. Keep up the good work.
    Mike Achen

  15. The man with the musical gift to make any bad vibes begin to shift.
    The brother who has a smooth 70’s funky style
    that makes you smile all the while.
    Positive vibes to lift you up
    And a danceable beat
    As if that weren’t enough
    I hope to win his album…This I pray.
    So I can listen to it every day!

  16. I already love Rodney’s positive attitude from his VO book, so yes, sign me up for this motivational CD prize!
    Celia Lynn

  17. I first heard Rodney on a Podcast and wanted more info, so I ordered his book 3 weeks ago, You Can Bank on Your Voice. Part way thru now…very helpful, thanks, Rodney!
    Please enter me in this CD opportunity. Thank you very much, Rodney and!

  18. Stephanie,
    Thanks for shooting out this great blog entry about the newest from VO great, Mr. Rodney Saulsberry. It IS, indeed, motivating to here from the top VO performers in the field and how they’ve made it to where they are today. And, that Mr. Saulsberry is quite willing and able to share motivational “tools,” to help the rest of us get to the top, as well, is the proverbial icing on the cake.
    Yes, by all means, PLEASE enter me in the drawing!
    Just like Mr. Saulsberry, in addition to having a passion for voice-overs, I do my own singing on the side and–along with potential VO success–hope to parlay my love and talent for romantic standards (mostly Sinatra, Dean Martin, Perry Como, Tony Bennett, Pat Boone, Bing Crosby and the like) into more-than-just-decent wages and even more opportunities to get my big mouth (HA!) out there to a public who–at the moment–doesn’t even know I exist.
    Currently, I work in an office environment (I appreciate the full-time work, but loathe the work I do) where I serve out my sentence as sort of a “software analyst” (long story about that and time does not permit me in this context to touch on that in detail). But, through my own entertainment web site: I anticipate getting even more work–whether or not the economy is down, up or somewhere in between–for my music than I did in 2008, and–recently hooking up, again, with VO giants like Bob Bergen (the voice of Porky Pig and other characters, too boot)–throwing myself into the VO industry through legitimate and helpful sites like and my new digital multitrack recorder that Santa brought down our chimney for Christmas.
    All the best to you and yours in 2009, and we’ll see you at the top somewhere!
    Rick J. Radecki

  19. I’ve just found the site and am really excited about the support and information you provide. I read the article/post “If I Don’t Believe in My Own Voice…” and am looking forward to finding Rodney’s books. I can use any motivation or encouragement I can get,
    I haven’t done any voiceover or radio work for some time but have been encouraged through the years to get back into it. I would love to be able to hear Rodney’s musical work and motivational messages.
    Again, thanks for the resource and I look forward to being a regular.


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