How To Make Money in Voice Overs by Julie Williams

5 Hours of Portable Voice-Over Goodness

Do you have some time to spare?
Want to spend it in the company of a voice over coach delivering prime content?
Today’s your lucky day!
Enter this contest to for a chance to win a cool, mobile gift from Julie Williams of that includes 5 hours of audio from “How To Make Money In Voice-Overs Even If You Aren’t in N.Y. or L.A.” on one digital player, complete with earbuds and AAA battery.

How To Make Money In Voice-Overs, 3rd Edition

Julie Williams’ 5 CD set gives you some very helpful tools that assist you in the marketing aspect of your business, focusing on the single most challenging aspect of pursuing voice over as a professional… that would be making a consistent amount of money to make a living!

Listeners will learn how to do just that with this comprehensive course in voice over marketing for talent who want to compete in the global voice over marketplace, regardless of where they live. The course includes almost 5 hours of extensive information from national voice talent Julie Williams as well as feature interviews with industry experts Gabrielle Nistico of Voice Hunter, business consultant Kristine Oller, lawyer and voice over talent Rob Sciglimpaglia, co-founder Stephanie Ciccarelli, producer and composer Frank Maranzino, Larry Maizlish of Voices On Call, and Village Green Studios graphic designer Jason Sikes.

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How do you enter the contest? Just comment on this blog posting and let me know that you’d like to win!
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When is the Winner Chosen?

Winners are drawn randomly from the comments left on the blog and announced the following Saturday. Those who win are notified by email to confirm their shipping address. On the following Saturday, the winner is announced and another opportunity to win a Saturday Giveaway presents itself.
I’d like to say congratulations to our most recent contest winner Joeran Lee, who will be receiving a copy of Paul Russell’s book “Acting : Make It Your Business” in the mail soon.

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  1. I’d love to use this terrific product, Portable Voice-Over
    Goodness !!!
    Please enter me in the contest…Thank you very much!

  2. Hey Stephanie
    Thnx for running this contest…Well…I would surely like to be the winner…Actually its hard to resist myself now that I know even the AAA batteries are part of the package… 🙂
    Gaurav Marwaha

  3. Hi,
    I am new to, and winning the digital Voice over product would be amazing. My goal this year is to fervently work on my VO career… this product will definitely help with my goals.
    Thank you,

  4. Do I have some spare time!?! Do I want to spend it the company Julie Williams!?!
    DOES A BEAR ……………………………. WALK IN THE WOODS!?! ;o)
    When you’re learning how to play the game, it pays to play with the best …. so count me in coach, I’m ready to learn !!!!
    Regards to all,

  5. Hi Stephanie,
    Wow you’re giving away text and now ‘audio’ prizes too? – now you’re talkin’!
    Count me in – I think this little device will be worth a good listen to – that’s just the right size for my stocking – nifty marketing idea by julie Williams too I might add!
    Merry Christmas to the team at and the very best in 2009!!
    Blair Wilson

  6. I’d love to get some more coaching…And I could go on my walks AND learn how to make money in VO at the same time? Doesn’t get better than that! Thanks for offering such a great givaway!

  7. I really enjoy Vox Daily and the helpful hints and tips offered…..especially for those of us relatively new to the voice over business.
    And, yes, I’d love to be considered for the 5 Hours of Portable Voice-Over Goodness!
    ~Valerie Jackson

  8. Hi Stephanie,
    Sounds like a great giveaway. I’d love to throw my hat in the ring for it.
    Hope all’s well with you,
    Maggie Reed

  9. I’m getting ready to take a long drive during the Christmas holidays. Listening to Julie’s digital audio would be a perfect way to make the ride enjoyable and productive. Plus…a great Christmas present.
    Susan Wade

  10. Yes, please enter me, too…Julie’s 5 hours of audio from “How To Make Money In Voice-Overs Even If You Aren’t in N.Y. or L.A.” would be invaluable information, I’m sure, and adding in the digital player and earbuds makes this a really sweet package…

  11. What a wonderful gift to win! Please sign me up for the opportunity to advance my knowledge. Sounds like a terrific tool!
    Thanks for these great ways to keep up with Voice Overs. Teri

  12. Wow! The photo of the digital player makes it look kind of like a promotional item you might give away. I was wondering what producers feel about receiving promotional items along with demos. Does anyone have any insight? I’d love to win the course as well! Thanks so much…
    Wayne PYle

  13. Aloha, I would like to enter for this very valuable study aid. And don’t forget that Julie Williams is now on Facebook. Ask her to be your friend.

  14. Hi Stephanie,
    Well, it goes without saying that I would really like to win this giveaway, so I won’t say it. But I will say this…I am finally starting to realize how important constant training and practice are. Between this site and several others the one constant I hear from the voice pros and coaches is keep training. It’s so easy to think you’ve arrived and make your demo early, and start auditioning for everything you can, but that is not the smart way to go about it. Thank you for all your site provides.
    Mike Achen

    I would love to win this prize to further my studies and my vo career.
    I so enjoy my VOX daily and look forward to reading it every day.
    Looking forward to hearing back from you…
    All my best

  16. What a great idea! I’m just learning about this business and I find your blogs/e-mails very insightful. I’d love to win the digital player! Thank you for your e-mails!

  17. Wow, it looks like Julie Williams has a lot of great information to share! I would LOVE to win this (and could sure use it)!

  18. I was awarded the employee of the month at my work place. The winner had to go to a radio station and do a commercial for the company. The people at the station really liked my voice. ” You should do copy work” they said and I wanted to yell ” I WANT TO BUT CAN’T FIGURE OUT HOW!!!” So, this is why I would love this prize.

  19. I’m not sure what kind of comment you are looking for however I’d like to send you this feedback. I have decided to try to see if it is possible for me to enter the field of Voice Over. I came across while doing a Google search.
    I find your messages informative and they have helped me to stay motivated. They are the positive messages I need to counteract all the negative ones I receive when I tell my family and friends about my goal.
    I would like to thank you for your help and can’t wait to let you know when I get my first Voice Over job
    Robert Steeves

  20. After 30 years of professional announcing and voice work, I’ve finally decided to try and actually become a “professional” by setting up a home studio and producing my first ever demo reel. I could sure use the guidance that your product will provide. Please include me in your contest. Thank you!!

  21. Please enter me into the contest. I would LOVE to win Julie’s coaching and tips!!! And I love VOX Daily – keep them coming! There are so many good bits of info and advice. Thank you!!!

  22. I can’t resist commenting in that case.
    What a must-have! Thank you for the opportunities for the rest of us attempting to “make it” in the business or at least to make a living. This is well-appreciated and exciting. Thanks again.

  23. I must say, you’ve had a long line of first-rate giveaways, but this is by far the best one yet. Thank you for the opportunity to own such a wonderful device.

  24. “Oh My Gosh” I would love to win this Awesome prize, especially that I am new at doing Voice Over’s!! It’s always been a passion for me, now I am going for it!! Good Luck to everyone!


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