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Do You Know Any Proven Voice-Over Techniques?

Julie Williams of has generously donated a copy of her CD “Proven Voice-Over Techniques”, an edited version of Julie’s 11-hour voice-over workshop.
You might recognize Julie as one of our experts on the Voice Over Experts podcast and from a previous giveaway. If you click on her name above, you’ll be taken to her profile and will be able to listen to her speak to learn more about her and her teaching style.

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Proven Voice-Over Techniques

Last summer we held a Julie Williams workshop at A group of voice actors from London and the surrounding area gathered together and listened to Julie’s CD as we ate some pizza and networked. Vince Londini, Randy White, Michele Dyck, Pete Newman, Jorge Mendoza, and Bob Purssglove were there with several members of the team including Laurynda Pasma, Erica Bontje, Carol Mroz and myself.

Here’s a picture I took later on, but since we’re on the topic of who was there, I’ll insert it just below. We were on the phone with Julie Williams at this point, listening intently as she told us a story and shared more tips about voice over marketing.

Julie Williams Workshop

In between tracks, we’d take breaks to discuss the material presented which often segued into other conversations about technology, marketing and how to use your voice. During one of these instances, the question of “Should I invest in an ISDN line or Source-Connect” came up, one that is being asked quite a bit more these days with the new (and less expensive) technology on the market.

It was conversations like these with banter or “talking shop” that really helped to unite our band of guests and believe me, with Julie’s CD as the inspiration, we could have talked all day! One aspect of Julie’s CD was about promotion and production of voice over demos. Everyone found these insights very useful and also appreciated the “Coloring Words” segment to help them really give life to the copy that they read.

Jam packed with information and audio samples, this workshop concentrates on Julie’s first and most important step in the 1-2-3 Start of Voice-Overs: Your VO Delivery: refining your craft.

Topics Covered:

  • Interpretive reading: Making it “real”
  • Developing your “half voice” for intimacy
  • Emphasis with: punching & coloring
  • Handling humor and emotional material
  • Dialog Copy: Interacting with another
  • Subtly improving your less talented partner!
  • Pacing for each type of job
  • Producing a “killer” demo tape
  • Merchandising your talents

How Do You Enter For a Chance to Win?

All you need to do is comment on this article and let me know that you’d like to win Julie’s CD!
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The giveaways will include voice acting:

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  • Gift certificates
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When is the Winner Chosen?

Winners will be drawn randomly from the comments left on the blog and announced the following Saturday. Those who win will be notified by email at which time we’ll confirm their shipping address. On the following Saturday, the winner will be announced and another opportunity to win a Saturday Giveaway will present itself. I’d like to say congratulations to last week’s contest winner, Jim Lankford, who will be receiving a 1-hour Promo / Trailer demo coaching session with David Alden.

Comment Now for an Opportunity to Win Julie Williams’ CD “Proven Voice-Over Techniques” from!

Looking forward to hearing from you!
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Stephanie Ciccarelli is the Co-Founder and Chief Brand Officer of Classically trained in voice, piano, violin and musical theatre, as well as a respected mentor and industry speaker, Stephanie graduated with a Bachelor of Musical Arts from the Don Wright Faculty of Music at the University of Western Ontario. Possessing a great love for imparting knowledge and empowering others, her podcast Sound Stories serves an audience that wants to achieve excellence in storytelling. Stephanie is found on the PROFIT Magazine W100 list three times (2013, 2015 and 2016), a ranking of Canada's top female entrepreneurs, and is the author of Voice Acting for Dummies®.


  1. Wish I’d been in on that conference. Really curious about Source-Connect and how you get a client to pay for that. Here’s letting you know that I’d like to win Julie’s CD! Thanks!

  2. Since I tend to be an audible/hands-on learner, the idea of a CD jamed packed with all of this information is very appealing.
    This is especially true because if I need a refresher on any of the material, I can just replay the information for clarification. This CD would also use the hour drive time to my day job productively by being able to enjoy the CD while I drive.
    CD-based or online-based learning opportunities are especially helpful for those of us that don’t live in a major VO market where well known instructors usually concentrate their class offerings.
    Thanks for an opportunity to win this wonderful instructional CD from Julie Williams.

  3. Here’s my comment! I’d love to win Julie Williams’ CD!!! I’ve done radio for 15 years but can’t get a gig through Either I’m really awful or just doing something wrong. If it’s the latter, I need to know how to improve!
    Thanks for the opportunity,
    Ellen Dolan

  4. If there’s a discussion on Julie’s CD about ISDN vs. Source Connect vs. not having either, I’d love to learn more. I had an ISDN line installed in my production studio in 2001 for about $440, then purchased the audio codec ($2600) and paid $90 a month to have it ready to go. Not one client requested its use in more than a year, so I had it disconnected and sold the still-unused codec at a huge loss on Ebay. Right now I’m just getting by with a phone patch, but some clients specify only ISDN is acceptable. And, of course, we can all learn how to market ourselves better. Thanks, Julie!

  5. I’m a newbie to the biz and would love every opportunity to learn. I am having some success and am tracking and will become a member as soon as I have my inhome recording set up. Hints from Julie are just what I need.

  6. The titles alone are a lesson on what to do to be a voice talent. I am a professional actor, but I am just starting in the voice talent arena and I can use all the help I can get. I am especially interested in the “Killer Demo” part.
    Michael Maurice

  7. Hi Stephanie-
    I keep commenting, in the hopes of winning, and can promise you a more interesting in depth comment on the CD if I do win!
    Sounds very helpful and like there are some topics discussed that I haven’t heard a whole lot about before…
    Where can I get the CD if I don’t win….??

  8. Hi Stephanie,
    I don’t have a comment but I sure wish I could win Julie’s book. The book would supplement all the things I’m learning on my own piece meal. I would love to win a copy. Please add my name to the pool.

  9. Stephanie,
    Please toss my name in the hat to win Julie’s CD. I’m looking to learn all that I can from the pros!
    Robert Pankau

  10. I have always wanted to develop my “half voice” might come in handy in life as well as VO… count me in!
    I haven’t done “punching and coloring” since the second grade!

  11. Another great article…please keep up the good work. It’s truly an inspiration to have this on a daily basis !!!
    PS Please enter me in the contest !

  12. Marketing info. Technology info. Voice improvement and demo info. This looks like “one-stop shopping” to me. Outstanding give-away, Stephanie!

  13. I’m all about learning more and more, especially from someone like Julie! Place my name on the roulette wheel of voice-over goodies.
    Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian VO friends!
    David Alden

  14. As a newcomer to the Voiceover industry, I’m always eager to learn more about how to improve and how to use the latest technologies to advance. This sounds like it would have been a great session to participate in. I would be particularly interested in the conversation regarding the ISDN line and other alternatives.
    Please count me in for the give-away of the CD!

  15. What a great prize to win! I had the pleasure to meet Julie and hear her speak at VOICE this past August. I had heard about Julie’s coaching through many VO friends and she was an incredible knowledgeable speaker.
    Thanks Stephanie!
    Talmadge Ragan

  16. Would love to win the CD. I would also love to see some discussion about the difference between being a voice talent and being a voice actor. I think there are distinct differences. But, I’m just a guy that’s been doing voice work professionally for many years with as many opinions.

  17. I would love to win this. It’s always great to learn something new in this business, no matter how long you’ve been in it. Thank you for the opportunity.
    Best Regards,
    Martin Victor

  18. I would love an opportunity to win Juile’s CD. I’ve been doing voiceovers for a while now and have seemed to have hit a wall since moving back to NYC. I think this would be just what I need to get back on the right road.

  19. Hey,
    I’d love to be in the drawing!! I need some great info to get me on track and bump up my work… this could be it!

  20. I gotta get some new techniques!!
    The economy stinks, gas is through the roof and I’ve got 2 kids I’ve got to put through college soon!! I am a man in need of the “Big Gig” and would love to have the great inside tips and techniques from the one and only Julie Williams!
    Help boost the economy by helping show me how to get “The Right Stuff” for the job!
    Kirk Greenhill

  21. There is one thing that we can never stop doing in this business (or any other for that matter) and that is to stop learning. I strive to constantly improve my craft, when I think I know enough, I haven¨t even begun.
    Thank you for this CD opportunity!
    Professional Voice Talent


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