David Alden

Want to get into Promos and Trailers?

This week on the VOX Daily Saturday Giveaway, I’m pleased to present you with an opportunity to win a 1-hour Promo/Trailer demo coaching session with David Alden, a talented voice artist and instructor who has worked with top names in Promos and Theatrical Trailers including Joe Cipriano, George DelHoyo, Ben Patrick Johnson and more!
David has also joined our faculty on Voice Over Experts so expect to hear from him this week in conjunction with this fabulous giveaway.

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David Alden

With nearly 30 years of experience, David Alden is a well-trained and seasoned actor, voice actor, voice-over coach and voice-over director for on-air network promos, and for a number of years, theatrical trailers.

He has worked and continues work with the top trailer and promo voices in North America, such as, the late Don Lafontaine, Joe Cipriano, George Del Hoyo, Tony Rodgers, Ben Patrick Johnson, Scott Rummell, Jonathan Cook, Rino Romano, Ashton Smith and many, many more.
To date, he has directed voiceover sessions for approximately 50,000 promos & trailers. Being an actor and voice actor allows David to bring forward his unique perspective and wisdom to the creative process thereby facilitating an environment in which a voice actor’s best performance may emerge.

As a consultant/career coach to Promo voice-over talent, David coaches privately as time allows. This gift of David’s time is certainly worth hundreds of dollars and I hope to see a great number of you commenting for a chance to study with him.

How Do You Enter For a Chance to Win?

All you need to do is comment on this article and let me know that you’d like to win this 1 hour coaching session with David Alden!
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When is the Winner Chosen?

Winners will be drawn randomly from the comments left on the blog and announced the following Saturday. Those who win will be notified by email at which time we’ll confirm their shipping address. On the following Saturday, the winner will be announced and another opportunity to win a Saturday Giveaway will present itself.
I’d like to say congratulations to last week’s contest winner, Michael Montgomery, who will be receiving a copy of Randy Thomas and Peter Rofé’s newly released book “Voice For Hire” in the mail soon.

Comment Now for an Opportunity to Win the Training Session With David Alden!

Looking forward to hearing from you!
Don’t forget to comment for your chance to win 🙂
Best wishes,


  1. I most definitely would like have a 1-hour session with someone of Mr. Alden’s caliber… to be able to have the time of someone who actually coached and worked with the late, great Don LaFontaine, Mr. Cipriano, Mr. Del Hoyo, et al, would be fantastic! I absolutely want the coaching in this genre. Throw my name in the hat, please!

  2. This was definitely one I needed to comment on. I have been a professional voice over artist for the past 22 years, mostly involved with commercial work, e-learning, narrations and the occasional TV or Radio station ID or Sweeper.
    I just started getting involved with promo work, having just spent a week out in LA with some coaches, producers and engineers.
    All I can say is, make no mistake, PROMO is its own profession. Not only did I come back with a true understanding of the art – and I do now call it an art. I also came back with what I consider a killer reel.
    I learned the intricacies of what makes a promo work for a particular show and/or network. What styles work and what don’t. How to interpret copy that maybe only a few lines or a few words.
    If you think you know how to do promos and you really haven’t done them before, or been coached to do them, then you may be sadly mistaken in your experience and/or vocal capabilities.
    This my friends is a whole brave new world. Anyway, for what its worth, if Promos is something you want to do, take it from me and do yourself a favor – seek professional help.
    Ed Victor

  3. Promos and trailers are areas are I would love to get into more…Being coached by someone of this caliber would get me going in the right direction a lot faster…Sign Me Up!!!

  4. There have been so many great giveaways over the past several weeks and this is the best one you have had yet. I would love the opportunity to study and be coached by David Alden. Please add my name to the list of potential winners.

  5. Please consider me for the coaching session with David Alden! I have been working to expand my skills, and would love an opportunity to be coached on performing Promos. Thanks. 🙂

  6. It is very generous of Mr. Alden to provide an hour of his valuable time for one of us. To quote from an excellent show (A Chorus Line), “I hope I get it!” Please include my name in the drawing.

  7. To not enter for a chance to win this amazing opportunity would be silly.Mr Alden has coached all of my heroes and it would be an honor to train with the best.Where do I sign?! Ed Mace

  8. Killer prize. I’m just ramping up in this field, so it would be more introductory for me than anything else, but what a great opportunity.

  9. Wow! What a give-away! This coaching session is just what I need. My sense is you’ll have a lot of people commenting this week, but what the heck…I’m feeling lucky.
    Thanks for the chance.

  10. I’ve done some promo work for local TV stations but would LOVE to get direction on how to get the Network level promo work. And I would LOVE to learn more about the Trailer industry. So please sign me up for a session with David Alden!

  11. I would like a coaching session with David Alden. I would like movie trailers and book trailers with my credited name is the reason why. It would be nice to be coached by someone that has a degree in spiritual psychology. I think that being a believer in humans living as a spiritual beings (instrumental) is important. We need to learn how to live through are minds, bodies and souls dedicated to the Lord, Savior, Jesus Christ. We need to know how to renew are minds and stay healthy in a world that is very busy, even in voice-over work. We can pay attention to that area in our lives a lot more with people like Mr. David Alden. My goal is to just submerge myself in my voice-over with real work, real classes and coaching. Mr. Alden would be a spiritual advisor to my studio presentation, the condition of my voice and talent. I bet the sessions would not be the same with someone like him.

  12. Vox Daily,
    I truly enjoy the daily emails and all the advice from all of the talented Artists out there. I would love to win this coaching session with Mr. Alden. I originally trained with Don Morrow for over 1 year in private sessions. I would love to see a different perspective so I can continue my pursuit of the
    Promo/Trailer end of the industry.
    Thanks for the consideration,
    Jasen Anthony

  13. Hi Stephanie,
    I am commenting on the article about promo and movie trailer voice over. Maybe this is not so much a comment on the article, but an observation. I don’t believe that I have ever heard female movie trailers. However, I am interested in winning a coaching session with David Alden.

  14. Promos and trailers are two areas that I did not get to learn about at VOICE 2008. This would be the perfect opportunity to flex my muscles in a different area that I would love to try. 🙂 Thanks David, and thanks Stephanie!
    Brad Venable

  15. As a new voice over artist with a lot of experience as an on camera actor, I would love to get “real” time with David Alden. I need all the training I can get in this new medium, and Promo and Movie Trailer’s instruction is definitely high on the list. Count me in!

  16. As I step into a voice over career, an opportunity to study with a prolific expert such as David Alden would provide me timely and valuable direction. Please consider me for his study session.
    Thank you Stephanie,
    m marie

  17. On the web filled with junk, Voices.com comes to the rescue with great content and real help to the voice-over community. Thank you David for this great prize and for sharing your knowledge.

  18. I want to vote early and often for this opportunity. The more I get into vo work – the less I realize I know! I would love to have Dave coach me – if only for a short time!
    larry wayne

  19. Hi!
    Pick me! It’s my birthday tomorrow and I’ve just finished bicycling 100 miles on Saturday for the L&LS, so winning would make it this weeks Hat Trick of Joy.

  20. As an educator, I have learned to be a continuing student. I also respect those who not only “do”, but teach as well (by the way, using the phrase, “those who can’t do, teach”, will get you thrown out of my house). Having an opportunity to study with someone of Mr. Alden’s stature would be a chance of a lifetime. It would be such an experience to learn from his “doing” from both sides of the microphone. Good luck to all!

  21. I would really like to win this one, a training session with David Alden. I believe I have the voice for promo’s and trailers but need that edge to jump start my career. And Stephanie, thanks for your continuous training helps.
    Gary Hood – Carlsbad, Ca

  22. Hi,
    Of course I wouldn’t let this chance pass me by. I enjoy all the podcasts and am a student. I have so much to learn and can’t believe how much fun this is. I look forward to a great session with David Alden.
    Quinne Brown

  23. As a “newbie” to the Vox articles, I must say, this has become a bright spot in my day. I love staying connected with my peer group. And I’d be thrilled to have that coaching session with David! Sincerely, Barbara P.

  24. Wow! An hour coaching. Please consider me in. What an opportunity. I have had several auditions for trailers but didn’t close the deal for some unknown reason. Getting some personal coaching would be a great addition to my reportoire.
    Bill Keating

  25. The movie trailer niche in voiceover is a tough nut to crack for sure, especially for females. There’s a reason men do all the trailers and most of the promos…their voices tend to cut through all the noise. I also have the pipes and the delivery to cut through all that.
    Even though I already have a killer trailer demo, I could really use this 1 hour coaching session with David Alden to sharpen up my technique and be ready when the floodgates open!

  26. Oh, Stephanie, I would really like to win the David Alden coaching session for promos and trailers!! It seems that most of that work goes to men and I’d like to learn from an expert and maybe break into that world!!
    Sandy Klagge

  27. Hi Stephanie!
    I would love to win the 1 hour session with Mr. Alden as I was born for promos and trailers! I have been studying voice over for a little over 2 years now and I believe I have narrowed down my favorite niche, and you guessed it! I have been in talks with Gabrielle Nitisco at Voice Hunters about opportunities there and I just signed up for a promo trailer telecourse with Rodney Saulsberry starting on Oct 15th! The more training the better right? Mr. Alden has a ton of experience I would just love to learn from to advance my dreams as VO pro.
    Thank you so much for these Saturday give-aways!
    Greg Hamilton

  28. Hey Stephanie,
    YEA!!! I wanna win that!! How awesome would this be!!? It is an area where women voice talent are very few and far between but I think it’s time for a change! Just listening to him and his ideas on movie trailers would be a great opportunity!!!
    Toes are crossed!
    Kelli Casey

  29. Hi, Stephanie
    Everybody wants to get in on this!
    Promo and trailer is, to me, is in the high echelons of what we do. With the use of your voice, you create the image of the film — the mood that compliments the images on the screen.
    I participated in promo-trailer workshops when I lived in Los Angeles earlier in my VO career — and certainly could use a refresher.
    Best of luck to all.
    Michael J. Schoen

  30. Hi Stephanie! I really would enjoy an hour of session with Mr. Alden!! I love imitating movie and promo trailers! I really want to get more experience, and learn. Who better to learn from than a professional right? Please pick me!!!

    I’ve always wanted to become more involved with Promo/Trailer work and never quite knew where to begin. While I have recorded a Promo demo, I think I secretly nicked from the great ‘Don’ as opposed to really discovering my own voice. I would love a clearer understanding of what it takes and perhaps some guidance as to where to begin. How generous of Mr. Alden to offer his gracious services.
    Many thanks!
    Mark Atherlay

  32. I’d consider it a huge bragging right to be able to tell folks that I’ve worked with a talented and seasoned VO coach, such as Mr. Alden.
    If it’s in God’s plan, I’ll be afforded the opportunity, and if not, may the fortunate winner appreciate the gift they’ve been afforded!

  33. Coming up next… a comment by Mark mintz!
    “In a world… of deep foreboding voices… one man among them… will emerge… as the winner of a one hour coaching session… Armed only with his mic… he will save mankind… from extinction.”
    No… seriously, I’d love to win this opportunity!

  34. When I rejoined my VO career after an 8 year hiatus, it was with the goal of doing promos and trailers.
    To be able to study with David would be a thrill that was on my “to do list” but with recent financial limitations, that had to be put on hold. This would be an answer to prayer. 😉
    Respectfully yours,
    dc goode

  35. I am becomming more interested in voice acting as i grow older. I have always loved stage, and I have been a great lover of the muppets especially since I was a child. I would be particularly interested in childrens programming, i think. Im not really sure where to start, frankly, so demo help would be a huge benefit to me, especially from a pro like David Alden. Over the years so many people have suggested voice acting to me, I feel it would be foolish not to give it a go.

  36. Most certainly, count me in! I’m a huge fan of David’s work, and consider it an honor & privilege to receive even 15 minutes of his time, not to mention an entire hour. I have worked very hard over the past 25 years doing V/O’s, hoping to one day crack the “ceiling”. After recently doing a major national music awards show; (live announcer – a la Joe Cipriano) I have a major hunger to learn more and to also prove to those in the know that I can do it. Thanks much, and thanks for all you do all well Stephanie.
    Norm Foster
    Winnipeg, Manitoba

  37. The incredibly sad passing of Don LaFontaine will forever change the movie industry trailer market. After Melissa Disney broke into this field with her trailer for Gone in 60 Seconds, I’d love to be one of the few women to break into this newly changing market. I’d also love to brush up on my promo skills, and lets face it – even though the private coaching is amazing, probably the most beneficial to me would be the career consulting help that Mr. Alden could provide! I’d love to win this one!

  38. Hi Stephanie,
    This is very cool! Yes, I’m totally interested. I’ve done quite a few promos and love it…. never done trailers before though. That sounds great. I love that you do this!
    Would love to have the opportunity to work with David! Cool!
    P.S. How were the Tostitos and ginger ale? 🙂

  39. It seems like David’s a pretty popular guy…look at all of us who are itching to work with him! Even though I never win anything (well, actually, I did win a polar bear at the birthday game when I was 12) count me in for the draw!

  40. What a wonderful opportunity! PICK ME PICK ME! What a great way to encourage actors and performers alike to discover the world of voice acting/voiceover work. I would love this intensive coaching session with the respected David Alden. I would most definetely use it in the future as voice over work has been something that has always fascinated me being an actor. Thank you for the opportunity!

  41. Wow Stephanie!
    Sounds like a great opportunity to spend some
    time with a master.
    I’m feeling lucky today, count me in!
    Bill Johnson

  42. What an opportunity to learn from the best! I am very new to the art of voice acting and trying to determine the direction to go with the unique voice that I have been blessed with. Winning this lesson would provide me yet another look into this challenging technique. Thanks for your consideration.

  43. You can never have too much training in such a competitive field! Would’ve liked to have been coached by the great DON “The DON” La Fontaine too, but listing coaching from Dave Alden is a definite plus, too. SIGN ME UP!!!

  44. Being fully convinced my voice is suited for promos and trailers and being on the lookout for opportunities to make my good, “better” (Including freebies), absolutely count me in.
    Thanks Stephanie. 🙂

  45. Absolutely count me in Stephanie!!
    This is a great opportunity to be coached one on one from a talented voice pro!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  46. I think that it takes a lot of talent to be the best of the best. I’m Tomas Nassab a student of radio broadcasting. I have become aware in my 1+ years in this course that I have a very strong and prominent voice, but I have become more fascinated with doing voice over work. I enjoy the idea of being a radio personality and have continued to accelerate in many aspects including production, writing, announcer ad libbing, reading scripts and being an effective speaker. I can only imagine a long life of doing voice over work as a profession and having fun doing it.
    Put me Down for the package, I will make the most of it.

  47. Mais oui!! Bring it on; perfect timing I might add as I would love to get another perspective on the 2 mediums before settling on someone to work with!
    What a great idea Voices team!

  48. I would love to win this giveaway.
    I did not know of this man before you introduced me, thanks! I love promos!
    Hope to win,

  49. Demo Reel, AFTRA Dues, contract work, publicists. It’s overwhelming to start. A session with Mr. Alden – a chance to be coached and to pump his mind for information – what a great opportunity! Please pick me.

  50. Who wouldn’t want this coaching session? From the looks of the comments, everyone here agrees to that! Books as prizes are great, but a talented live person trumps a book any day. Thanks to Mr. Alden for this donation of his time.

  51. Hi Mark,
    Thank you for commenting.
    This particular contest has closed and a winner was already drawn from the comments.
    Best wishes,


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