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And Now For Something Completely Different!

Do you want to get the word out about your voice over services in a big way?
This week on the Saturday Giveaway, we’re asking you to leave a comment pitching your most recent voice acting or voice over related achievement for a chance to be selected to win a publicity campaign from Voices.com, a value of $400.00!
As I said, this is something different, so take a good look at what I’m outlining here for you when participating this week.

You Could Be Making Headline News

Have you done something noteworthy lately?
This week, Voices.com is giving away a publicity package that includes:
๏ Professionally written press release announcing your news
๏ Distribution across the World Wide Web
๏ Links to your websites
๏ Coverage on Voice Over Times
๏ Interview on VOX Daily

Want To See a Couple of Examples?

Something unique about this giveaway is that it is customized to promote your voice and achievements. You may have read press releases this week via Google News featuring voice actors L. Harvey Gold and Larry Wayne. Both are Platinum members at Voices.com and receive PR packages as part of their membership. More press releases will be coming out soon for other Platinum members but I thought I’d share these with you today as they’re hot off the press:

Canadian Promo Voice L. Harvey Gold Goes Platinum at Voices.com
Voice of Vestas Larry Wayne Going Strong as Platinum Talent at Voices.com
If you’ve been thinking about joining as a Platinum member but have been sitting on the fence, this is just a small taste of what could be done for your voice over career when you partner with Voices.com.

How Do You Enter For a Chance to Win The Publicity Campaign?

All you need to do is comment on this article with your pitch. I’ll be reading each and every one of the comments looking for a timely, exciting story to select as the winner of this giveaway.

Usually, the winner is selected by drawing a random integer at Random.org based upon how many comments were left, but this time will be different and the winner will be picked based upon relevancy and a little something called “buzz” factor. Each week, we give away something different, so be sure to subscribe to VOX Daily to get the Saturday Giveaway notices as well as other voice acting articles throughout the week.

Giveaways at Voices.com include voice acting:
๏ Books
๏ DVDs
๏ Coaching Sessions
๏ Recording Equipment
๏ Gift certificates
๏ Workshop / Conference Passes
๏ Unique Promotional Opportunities
Next Saturday, the winner will be announced and another opportunity to win a Saturday Giveaway will present itself.
I’d like to say congratulations to last week’s contest winner, Linda Naugle, who will be receiving Harlan Hogan’s VO: Tales and Techniques of a Voice-Over Actor in the mail soon.

Comment With Your Pitch for an Opportunity to Win The Publicity Package from Voices.com!

Looking forward to hearing from you!
Don’t forget to comment for your chance to win 🙂
Best wishes,
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  1. It is interesting matching the news about the economy verus the number of auditions available and solicited. In some cases the price offered is lower and I think I notice there are fewer jobs. I have noticed a pick up in the last several weeks. Now, I reason, is the best time to pick up marketing to capture the increase in work available. I have sent out postcards to producers and agents where I am not represented. I obviously joined VOPlanet and have auditioned for some great jobs just haven’t landed one through VOPlanet. I realize breaking in takes time, however, I am ready, continuing to exercise my chops and continuing to market, market, market. I could use some help and this marketing package would be a welcome addition and hopefully one of the things that puts me over the tipping point.
    B/r, Bill Keating

  2. Hi Bill,
    Thank you for commenting. I think you may see a difference in the number of jobs being posted in the industry once joining Voices.com. Contrary to the economy, the number of jobs being posted at Voices.com for voice over has never been higher. This past month there were over 400 jobs approved at Voices.com.
    I appreciate hearing from you. Let’s keep this conversation going, everybody! I’m excited to hear what you have in store.

  3. Stephanie,
    What a great idea! Yes, I’d like to participate in your Saturday Giveaway Special.
    Currently, I’m clearing two teaching credentials in California for Vocational Education and Adult Education. In addition to working full-time at 89.3 FM KPCC, Southern California Public Radio as the Production Manager, I’m working part-time and weekends freelancing and owner of my own production company, Angel Wings Productions in Los Angeles, and I teach part-time at Los Angeles Valley College Extension Program on Saturdays.
    For my teaching credentail life growth project this semester, I am compiling information to build my dream mobile studio. It will be my audio production classroom on wheels. My hope is to receive a grant to build it. I plan to travel to schools, youth centers and community rooms and teach audio production, voice coaching and speech. The techniques that successful broadcasters use are ones that would benefit students to be successful communicators in any field. To be able to speak clearly, accurately and with self-confidence are keys to success for students.
    To bring awareness to my dream project, would be awesome! Thanks for the opportunity to share something that is close to my heart. Hope my mobile studio will be a reality sooner than just someday!
    Rita Pardue, Owner
    Angel Wings Productions
    Los Angeles, CA USA

  4. Stephanie;
    VOICES.COM is the BEST service of its kind! You’re right TONS of Job leads and auditions.
    I thought I would try another site for a month. JUST 3 Auditions in a WEEK! THREE????? Thats all they offered?
    THIS week alone I landed FIVE SUPER JOBS thru VOICES.COM, PLUS one of them has Already called me back for More work!!
    I would LOVE to be Chosen as the Winner of the FREE PR Package!
    I’m ALWAYS Promoting VOICES.COM as the BEST!

  5. This comment has just as much to do about Voices.com as it does me. Last week a certain production company, having never used the services of Voices.com (so I was told), was in tight “spot” needing someone to voice their political ad…the catch was, they needed it either that very evening or first thing the following morning.
    Here’s what the lead said:
    “I need a voice over recorded for a political television ad. The ad is an introductory spot for a first-time candidate running in an affluent, well-educated, older district. I need a voice that sounds trustworthy and natural, with a neutral accent. Should sound middle-aged or older.
    Quick turnaround is essential. We need to have a final product no later than 9 AM EST tomorrow, 9/4.”
    I auditioned for the spot and received an email at approximately 8:20PM on 9/3. The producer made an offer that was a good bit below my normal rate, so I offered a counter…the caveat to the counter was my assurance to her that I would be willing to keep the studio open to accommodate her production schedule whereby she would have the opportunity to start the editing process that evening. I quickly received a response and a higher rate was agreed upon…thus, I went to work. The producer had my audio in her Inbox with an hour. Not only that; I’m now on tap for 2 additional spots for this client.
    I said this story has as much to do about Voices.com as it does me, right? Well, I happened to see this comment in the BUZZ section of Voices.com…it’s from the producer I worked for on this job.
    “Your service is fantastic! I was able to hire the perfect voice talent for two spots today, even getting one recorded tonight within hours of hiring the actor. Amazing!
    The quality of the audition demos was really outstanding.”
    Cheryl Forchilli
    Campbell Communications
    Now, obviously she had posted another job and someone here booked that, thus the client was doubly pleased with the services of Voices.com.
    This is another example why Voices.com is the perfect combination of services…they serve the voice talent and those seeking voice talent.

  6. Hi Stephanie, 😉
    I would love to be considered for the giveaway.
    I think we can all agree that the constant support and interaction with the clients here at voices.com have created an environment that has in many ways, reduced the wall that can sometimes separate us in the business. I’ve been to conferences, exchanged emails, networked, etc. for many years. I’ve found that there are so many people and organizations that put things out to a client base, make their money, but then never really do any follow up, don’t really care about the people that are subscribing to the service and most importantly, don’t have a sense of investment and sharing in that return with the people it involves itself with.
    I do not, nor have I ever found that with Voices.com. I’ve been so happy and humbled to be part of this community. That’s why I give my time whenever possible in order to share that with others and pay it forward. I do so much appreciate the efforts and continual growth that Stephanie and David show, and this latest giveaway continues to prove that point.
    Whether or not I am chosen is inconsequential, the point is that Someone is chosen and once again, Voices.com will help to spread the word about those under its’ wings. 🙂
    Thanks again you guys, for doing what you do.. AND.. How you do it..

  7. HI !
    What a great idea! I would like to share a wonderful spot I just did for Breast Cancer Awareness month.
    It will air on ARMY WIVES which is an amazing show on LIFETIME.
    The spot can be heard now on their site http://www.FORDCARES.com but will be on the show soon. I also drive to San Diego from LA to work on a radio station because sometimes it’s worth a drive to work with people who believe in Value.
    I am rebuilding my home studio and am pitching ideas to help groups that can only enjoy voice work like the blind and others not as fortunate as we are to even be able to read.

  8. I’d like to say thanks to voices.com before I begin my pitch- thanks to their great market presence and tolerance in answering all my questions about getting the best from the site, I’m now earning a great wage from voice overs, and getting really high quality clients. The podcasts alone are worth their weight in gold.
    Now for my pitch. I’m still slightly in shock about this one- a Playstation game I voiced last year, Buzz:The Schools Quiz was nominated for a BAFTA. Of course, I wouldn’t dream of taking all the credit- Sony and Relentless have created a fantastic game that has a cult following, and I was glad to be involved (particularly starring next to Jason Donovan). It’s really important to all of us involved in the game as Brits that we’re recognised by BAFTA as doing great work. I’m also really proud that it’s an educational (but fun) project that’s been overseen by the Department for Education.
    At the other end of the scale, another game, Project:Aftermath has defied the odds and made it into the PAX 10, the only British entry. I got to play a bossy battle co-ordinator and help a fledgling indie game developer. I spotted the guys on the local news, and gave them a call- who knew that within a month my voice would be commanding Seattle game-lovers at Penny Arcade Expo? Just goes to show- publicity and the personal touch can go a long way!
    Keep up the good work!

  9. Love to get in on you’re Saturday Giveaway…even though it’s Sunday.
    Have to say that things are pretty busy right now. I’d like to thank the gang at voices.com for featuring my recent signing to Toronto based, ooober.com as one of the major voice over talents. Also along with that I’ve also been signed as one of the voice suppliers to the Santa Monica based, Sounddogs.com but run by an Ex-Winnipeger, Rob Nokes. These guys work on some of the big films like 3:10 To Yuma, Underdog, Blue State, Blades of Glory, Because I Said So, The Santa Clause 3, Flicka just to mention a few. I’ll be doing character voices and special voice work when called upon.
    Both of these companies have been keeping me hoping over the last week. I have to say I love being busy!!
    Thanks Stephanie
    Bryan Cox

  10. HI,
    I’ve been a member of Voices.com for a few years now and I book lots of great jobs through the service. Many have become repeat clients! One of my most recent jobs that I’m very proud of is a documentary that I narrated for STRS Productions. It’s the first of the “Refuge” series…The title is “Refuge-Mattamuskeet”. It’s about the importance of the North Carolina Mattamuskeet wildlife refuge and all of the amazing animals that live there. STRS productions is pitching it to Discovery and National Geographic. The link to the website is http://www.refugewildlife.com/ I would love to be considered for the Saturday giveaway. Thanks!!
    Denise Kelly

  11. Hi Stephanie,
    I’d love to be entered. This week I got 2 jobs through Voices.com, and one of them is children’s audio book for a major publisher.
    I’ve definitely felt a resurgence in activity as of late and am thankful for everything you do.
    All The Best,
    Bobbin Beam-Voice Actress

  12. Hi Stephanie,
    Last night at about this time I went “head to head” with Michael Phelps:) The Olympian was on “Saturday Night Live” while my debut for the NFL Buffalo Bills on “The Thurman Thomas Show” was competing with him on 3 of our 6 affiliate stations. I handle sponsor reads for the show while recording a game recap Wednesdays. The first recap this week saw Bills producer Kevin McCabe working until 3:30 AM
    EST (3 hours less for me on the west coast) Thursday morning as most of his day was spent getting a new shared storage system working for the Avid Editing Systems. The Buffalo Bills won their second straight game today versus Jacksonville!
    Season three for me handling the openings on MSG-TV for the NHL’s Buffalo Sabres starts soon. Other clients that kept me busy this week were BankersAcademy.com, ProVoiceGreetings.com and NogginLabs.com.
    My sincere thanks to the team at Voices.com for providing some awesome clients!
    Ralph Hass

  13. Wow … That is absolutely awesome. First and foremost, once again I would like to reiterate how proud I am to be a part of this service. Voices.com is a class one act!
    I have been a voice actor with voices.com since June and I’ve had the opportunity not only to have fun making voice demo submissions, but have also had some wonderful experiences meeting and working with the clients who come to voices.com and have hired me for my voice talent.
    My speciality is character acting. I have been in the entertainment industry since I was a child and hold a BFA in Fine Arts (Theatre Production). As most women, rather than pursuing my own talents, I spent 14 years working to build my husband’s magic career, who decided to pull a disappearing act on my 2 year old (at the time) and I. Needless to say, she is now 10, and I have a little more flexibility to pursue my passion again … Acting. What a better way to do so, and still work out of my home studio so I can continue to care for my child full time.
    I would be more than honored to win this week’s publicity giveaway …. But more than anything … I am so grateful to be a part of the voices.com community and have found an outlet and appreciation for my talents.
    Thank you for this opportunity. Keep up the great work!
    Warm wishes,
    Maria Berry
    Voices.com voice talent

  14. My most recent achievment is commercials on TV and Radio in Nevada for a new housing development. I also am doing a new voice over demo, that is sure to catch people’s attention produced at Startrax in NY with consultant Johnna Gottlieb. Thanks for this opportunity.
    Jessie Gilman

  15. Stephanie,
    I am glad there are more jobs than ever. I think that points to growth of your service and a sign that spending on promotion and advertising is rising indicating sectors of the economy are doing well and we may be at a bottom turning toward recovery. A further indicator would be how much the jobs are paying. I don’t know if you could make an apples-to-apples comparison. These comparisons are what business analysts look at. I’m glad things are looking up here. I hope to get in on the wave of resurgence. I wish you continued sucess. BK

  16. Hi Stephanie,
    I’ve always had nothing but praise for your services at Voices.com.
    I recently had the opportunity to voice a Smithsonian Ocean Hall Exhibit on Automated Undersea Vehicles. This came about after my client, who works for the US Navy, discovered my voice at Voices.com. This collaboration blossomed into a 30 minute October prime time special on NBC that will air locally in RI! Am I psyched or what?! (This is my 2nd Smithsonian exhibit-in my first I played a talking, burping, farting animated methanogen named Gassy Gallagher!).
    As both a full time musician and inescapable roadie AND voice actor, I’d love to see me in my twilight years still recording VO’s and just playing a little music on the side without the lifting 🙂 A great marketing package would definitely put me over the edge upon which I typically teeter.
    Please sign me up for this Saturday giveaway!!
    Ed Mace

  17. Gosh Stephanie:
    All these fine words touting all the fine work. Just wish I could say the same thing. Perhaps it is my voice, perhaps it is a full moon, but I don’t even get an inkling that anyone listens to my MP3s. I won’t give up quite yet. Perhaps my sad pleas will win me the CDs and help that I need!!!!
    Other than that, I am very pleased to be on the fringes of such fine company!
    Edie Webber


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