Secrets of Voice-Over Success

Fame & Fortune

What does it take to make it big time in voice-overs?
Is there a roadmap to achieve your dreams?
Find out how some of today’s top pros made it to the big league in Joan Baker’s book Secrets of Voice-Over Success : Top Voice-Over Actors Reveal How They Did It.

Joan Baker™s book, SECRETS OF VOICE-OVER SUCCESS, published in 2005, is a practical handbook for anyone seeking a career in voice-over acting.
The foreword is written by fellow voice-over actor David Hyde Pierce (Niles on Frasier), and consists of compelling career stories from the top voice-over actors in the industry including:

๏ Don LaFontaine
๏ George DelHoyo
๏ Keith David
๏ Dave Fennoy
๏ E.G Daily
๏ Nancy Giles
๏ Bill Ratner
๏ Rodd Houston
๏ Joe Cipriano
๏ Stephen Newman
๏ Cedering Fox
๏ Sylvia Villagran
๏ Valerie Smaldone
๏ Steve Zirnkilton
๏ Hattie Winston
๏ Joan Baker
๏ Fred Collins
๏ Janice Pendarvis
๏ Les Marshak
All proceeds benefit the Alzheimer™s Association.

Praise for “Secrets of Voice-Over Success”

œFor anyone who thinks they would like to be a voice-over talent, as well as those already in the profession, this is the book they should read before sending out another demo tape. In the voices of super successes in the field, readers will learn about everything from interpreting scripts to packing their tapes, along with the people they should get to know for the best chances of success, and they range far beyond agents.

Joan Baker’s own passion for the business is shared by the other 18 experts she has enlisted to share their career successes, and she has put their stories together along with a history of the voice-over profession in a readable, accessible book that is fascinating to even an outsider. To do it all for a cause that is dear to her heart shows that Ms. Baker is much more than a voice.
– J.C. Barden, Editor on THE NEW YORK TIMES

“Secrets Of Voice-Over Success embodies wisdom and diversity in a collection of journey’s from 19 artists’ points of view that leaves one with an instinctive experience of what it takes for a career in the voice-over industry. There is no book that tells it like it is so clearly. And that all royalties from this project benefit the Alzheimer’s Association this book truly reaches the height of the human spirit and dignity too.”
– Sandy Grushow, Chairman Fox Television Entertainment Group

“Ms. Baker’s book is among the most unique contributions I have seen to the Alzheimer’s Association’s mission to cure this disease¦”
– Sheldon Goldberg, President & CEO of The Alzheimer’s Association

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  1. Thanks, Stephanie-
    I wasn’t aware of this book, but looking at the list of contributor names, it promises a lot of insight – like E.G. DAily, of Pee We Herman’s Big Adventure Fame, also Tommy Pickles of RugRats voice fame – and much more! Thanks for the tip!

  2. Hi Stephanie ! Congrats for doing a really great job by bringing out such fantastic stuff that is so inspirational, motivational & helpful for the budding voice actors all across the globe…
    This one is even wonderful, as the cause is a very noble one…
    Hopefully I’ll be reading this great book soon…
    Come soon Saturday 🙂

  3. Hi Stephanie ~ Thanks for bringing Ms. Baker’s book back to my attention. I definitely could benefit from it’s contents and, win it or not, will purchase it not only for my benefit, but to assist The Alzheimer’s Association. My mother died of complications associated with this terrible disease.
    Ms. Baker’s website is one one the best I have ever seen; inspirational!
    Thomas Dunn
    “There are no magic words…There is only magic in your words.” -w.t.dunn

  4. Dear Stephanie,
    I want to congratulate you on the research and information that you explore and share about the physiology of the human voice and how extraordinary the machinery is to bring about a single sound from the mouth. I live in Vancouver British Columbia where Dr. Murray Morrison and Dr. Linda Ramamge work out of a voice clinic at Vancouver General Hospital. On a recent visit Dr. Morrison lowered a miniature camera into my larynx and together we watched my voice-box in action. On high notes the vocal labia beat at 300 times per second using enormous amounts of water to cool everything down.I have a new appreciation for this instrument in my throat, keep up the excellent work.
    Michael Morgan
    Vancouver BC
    2010 Olympic Host City


  6. Hi Stephanie. I’d love to win this. I’m always looking for ways to improve my craft and give myself the extra edge I need to make this a viable career. It sounds great! 🙂 Thanks for making these prizes available.
    All the best, — Jodi

  7. Hi guys:
    I just found out Friday that an old high school friend has been doing video game VOs for the last ten years! Small world! Anyway, this book looks very inspiring, so put my name into the fray as well, but if I don’t win it, I’ll order it!
    – Kevin

  8. Thanks for that Stephanie. The only book on the subject I’d read before was ‘Making Money in Voice-overs’ by Terri Apple. Not a bad book but a bad choice for me as I am a British voice-over and Terri could only tell me about the American voice-over scene. Does ‘Secrets of Voice-Over Success’ cover other markets? Come to that, does look elsewhere in the world for seminars, classes, experts etc.?

  9. Stephanie! I would LOVE a copy of the book! Thanks for your constant devotion to these blogs and to in general! 🙂

  10. Hi Stephanie,
    Secrets of Voice Over Success? Let me at ’em! It’s always good to read what the experts have to say and see how much of what they recommend I am already doing, and what new tips I can glean!
    So much to learn, so much to know, the more you read, the better the flow!

  11. Hats off to everyone at for the continual support and great job they do for the industry and the artists involved. I love the articles, the tips the staff continues to give give give. What a great company, what a great industry. Keep up the excellent work.
    Maria Berry

  12. I would love to read this book … I recognize some of the names listed! And, since my husband and I have first-hand experience with the Alzheimer’s Association … this is terrific. (He worked for the association and I was a volunteer … and I have a musical tribute I perform in senior facilities/venues that is designed with those who struggle with dementia — we have family members afflicted as well).
    I began doing voice-overs almost 30 years ago … I was 17 years of age and a radio station personality heard me speak and “gave me my break.” I was brought in as a high school student to record spots and eventually became quite successful as a writer/producer both in radio and TV. I have continued voice-over work (despite the fact for the past 4 years I haven’t worked directly in communications industry) and want to expand my horizons. I have theatrical experience as well as VO work for documentaries and LOVE to do projects for non-profits.
    In my efforts to expand beyond my local market again … I can use ALL the advice I can get.
    Thanks, in advance, for your kind consideration!
    Sheila Caldwell

  13. What an enticing article. This sounds like a must have book for everyone from Rookie to Pro. I happen to be a rookie and really want this book so please pick me!!!
    Tippy Missick

  14. Hello Stephanie –
    I’m not one of your people – but I am a great fan of your VOX DAILY. I feel it shows your folks that you care enough to keep them up to date with what is happening in the organization and in the voiceover field. They can feel they are getting the information that they need to succeed.
    Would I like to win? Certainly. Coming back into the field after a hiatus of several years, this book would be an invaluable resource guide. One always feels that one’s experiences are “unique” – and the “booboo” should never have happened. Seeing that some of the “biggies” in the field have had similar experiences would be a great help..
    Again…….thank you for a wonderful column…………and if I don’t win the book, I’ve still won by finding you and your column.
    Maryann Strossner

  15. What a great idea for a book, and a great cast of contributors. I’m looking to break in (again) and can use all the encouragement and courage I can get!

  16. Stephanie,
    I need all the help I can get!
    Also, it’s interesting to note that the proceeds from the sale of the book go to the Alzheimer’s Foundation. My grandmother, a wonderful woman who passed away two weeks ago, had Alzheimer’s.
    –Allen Ellis

  17. Hi Stephanie,
    Great choice! I don’t have this one in my library and it sounds like one that needs to be there. Extra inspiration is always greatly appreciated!
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  18. Would be interesting to see if any of the stories in the book are similar to mine!! Hope I’m reading it soon! 🙂

  19. I’ve got a couple of friends who are just getting started in V.O. and I know I could have used a book like this as I was getting up and running. In order to “pay forward” in the name of shared learning, I’d like my name in the ring for a copy.
    Great blog, Stephanie – – thanks for sharing!
    Chris E.

  20. Hi Stephanie,
    I would love to win a copy of Joan Baker’s new book, ” Secrets of Voiceover Success”!
    After reading the article today in your Vox Daily column I am even more intrigued at what I can learn from this book. I am also very impressed that she is giving the proceeds to the Alzheimers Association.
    This cause is very close to my heart since I watched the slow decline of my Grandfather over a period of a couple of years go from a decorated World War II hero and strong man who was sharp as a tack to a man who was unable to recognize anyone and fearful when we entered the room. No one should spend their golden years like this!
    So to Joan, her book and her cause I say, “Thank You”!
    Kirk Greenhill

  21. This looks like such a great book, and the list of all those included reads like a “whos-who” in the industry. For someone just starting out and wanting to have better luck in getting picked up for some voice work, this looks like a must-read! Thanks for the suggestion!

  22. Stephanie
    I want to thank you so much for this blog!
    I’ve been looking for a book that goes into VO with good information.
    After reading this blog and the comments on Secrets of Voice Over Sucess it is a must to be in my must reads!
    I am just starting to get into VO’s so I will be glued to your blog!!!!
    Thanks for what you offer.


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