Harlan Hogan VO : Tales and Techniques of a Voice-Over Actor

Tales & Techniques

Ever been for a ride-along with one of the pros to watch their journey to voice over greatness?
Go for a spin with Harlan Hogan and enjoy a non-stop tour of how he got started and courageously made it to the upper echelons of commercial voice over success.

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VO: Tales and Techniques of a Voice-over Actor

VO: Tales and Techniques of a Voice-Over Actor, published in 2002, takes you on Harlan Hogan’s journey from the mischievous to the magnificent, complete with colorful anecdotes, real life experiences and insightful “been there done that” takeaways that you can apply to your career found throughout this unique education, specifically, the tales and the techniques of a prominent voice-over actor.

You may know his voice from commercial campaigns such as the exterminating voice that “Kills bugs fast, Kills bugs dead”, “The cereal even Mikey likes”, and “Hey Culligan Man!”
If you lived through the 60s or weren’t there but would love to know what it was like “making it” in the business through the psychedelic years through the seventies and beyond, this book will take you on a wild ride of radio jock antics through to silliness in the booth, recounted by the voice of a very successful voice actor and lecturer, Harlan Hogan.

This book contains a wealth of tested tips for surviving and thriving as a voice-over actor. Harlan’s indispensable guide features dozens of techniques to help readers train their voices, gain experience, make a demo, join unions, get an agent, and more. It also includes strategies for finding work in venues outside film and television, including games, automated telephone systems, and even websites.

Today Harlan’s voice is still bringing us memorable slogans like Ford 150’s “How’s that for trendy…”, “It’s not home but it’s close” for Cracker Barrel and reminding viewers day in and day out that “This program was made possible by viewers like you. Thank you”.
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  1. Hi Stephanie!
    This is one book I still don’t have in my library and was going to make a trip to the bookstore today for its purchase. I think I’ll hold off a few days and see if I win!

  2. Hi Stephanie – Looks like a terrific book and I’d love to win it! I am brand new to the trade and would like all the tips and guidance I can get.
    Thanks for doing what you do! I read it religiously.

  3. As I’d never heard of Harlan Hogan before (not being based in the US) I was interested after getting this E-Mail from Stephanie. Interesting career he’s had.
    I don’t expect to win after the last one, but thought I’d stop in and say “Hi”.

  4. I started as a Disc Jockey in 1979 and I always looked at the guys on the commercials as the stars. I felt like I was just playing the music …waiting for the next round of commercials so I could listen to them and imitate the voices on them. I was just a High School kid working part time at a small station, and the folks on the “spots” were stars to me! I think this book would be a great read to add some depth to my library and help in my quest to do VO as my only source of income. I would LOVE to win this book.
    Mike Austin

  5. I’ve been told by many that this is an excellent read. I would love to add it to my collection. Count me in!
    Chris in CT

  6. This book’s ideal for me since I’m just starting on my new VO career. My reel’s just finished and went out yesterday. Now comes the anxiety of the responses… if any.

  7. Stephanie,
    My compliments on a very well written review! Your style is very conversational, hitting the highlights of the book without giving away all of the juicy details. Are you sure that you’re not getting a commission on this? Just kidding. Being a newbie to the VO biz, I would cherish a chance to learn the ropes “before” climbing the mountain.

  8. This book sounds fascinating. Would love to receive this book, it would be a wonderful tool on the in’s and out’s of a voiceover career and something to always treasure.

  9. Hey Guys!
    I would love to win Harlan’s book. It’s always good to get back to basics and re-examine your business and I’m sure Harlan’s anecdotes will be fun to read. Thanks!
    Tom Dheere

  10. I have read some of Harlan’s pearls of wisdom… have seen a video with him. He is a wealth of info and we are all blessed to be able to benefit from his thoughts. And besides… he’s from Chicago! Count me in!
    Larry Wayne

  11. I would love a copy of Mr. Hogan’s book! It’s essential reading for just about anyone in VO. Add it to a VO library and you’re in terrific shape! Thanks for the chance to win it, Stephanie! Dean

  12. I think there is real value in the points made throughout your article. I am a strong believer in constantly growing as a voiceover professional, and as someone with 2 degrees in history, I learned a long time ago that the real education comes from those who have come before us and are willing to share their experiences and perspectives and reinforce all of the possibilities. I’d really love to win a copy of the book, and would view it as a valuable resource in my quest for a quality voice over career.
    Chris Reardon

  13. I’m driven to excellence! I REALLY want to make my mark in this industry and I want to soak this up like a dry sponge.. ..appreciate the saturday give-away.. it’s a good thing.

  14. Wow! This book sounds like an essential for a person new to the VO world, which would be me. I like a book that’s both informative and yet doesn’t take itself too seriously.
    Bren Hill

  15. This is a fantastic book. I found it to be a real page turner too. I have to tell you that I would love to win this book even though I read it. One of my kids ripped it apart on me and I would love to replace the taped together version with a shiny new one. It’s really a great reference book too! What the heck throw my name in the hat!
    Tom Conklin

  16. Hello, my name Kitsy 19 from Philippines. I want to be a voice actress. However I’m still in an inconvenient state right now and can’t afford to join voice workshops here… I don’t know Mr. Harlan Hogan but he seems to be proficient at this kind of field and I want to learn from him. I don’t have any books or cd’s about Voice acting but I do subscribe to newsletters and free podcasts that teach about VA. This would be the very first book regarding my dream career I’ll have if I’ll be chosen. Please choose me.. Can I have it please?
    Thank you very much!

  17. Harlan’s book sounds terrific — personal anecdotes are always a great way to illustrate the how-to’s and the how-not-to’s! As a seasoned actress and teacher, I can appreciate the “four T’s.” Now this is my year to get my VO career going, and I could really use all the tips I can get. Sign me up! Thanks, Stephanie!

  18. I am so thankful I have my voice cause the rest of me is falling apart…I’d love to win this book cause I’ve only gotten one voice over job lately and I need more!! Thank you!

  19. As someone just starting out, but retired from 45 years in Nursing, I’m reading everything I can to learn as much as I can about the business. I bought a portable sound box from Harlan’s site and it has worked very well in my RV! So I’d love to have his book too, especially now that he won’t be writing any more.
    Thanks for all you do!

  20. The first T of the 4-Ts is training. How could this book not prove beneficial to any voice talent’s training and career? Would love a copy. Thanks!

  21. Are you wondering how a *book* can actually help you develop your voice-over techniques? Me too.
    So I thought I’d try to win one and find out.

  22. Hi! Having just recently started in the VA business, I could definitely find some uses for this book. I’ve been looking for a good VA-ing book for a while, so this would be great to have. I could really use the info in it to my advantage.
    Dan “ConVito” Conlin

  23. Cool post! I’ve heard of Harlan thru his portable sound booth technique. I tried it myself with no luck, but maybe it’s the size and shape of my mic.
    Oh well.
    Have a good weekend, Steph! (and everyone else)

  24. This book sounds really cool! I’ve been collecting some voice over books (I find them really useful) and I’d love to win it and read about voice-over in the 60s.

  25. I’ve listened to a podcast of Harlan Hogan, my ear was glued to it for the whole 20 minutes. He’s a great communicator and I’m sure his book would be a funny and informative read. There’s always a gem of info to be had from a person of so much experience and success.

  26. I would love to read Harlan’s book, especially if it helps me with Voices.com. Right now, I rely on creative directors and my agent, but I’d love to rock this at home with voices.com.


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