word-of-mouth-320.jpgEver heard of the amazing voice actor and casting director Susan Blu?

Susan co-authored the third edition of “Word of Mouth : A Guide to Commercial and Animation Voice-Over Excellence” with Molly Ann Mullin and Cynthia Songé, a book all about the rudiments of voice acting, giving yourself permission to play, and learning how to release the characters within.

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First published in 1987, “Word of Mouth” was the first-ever book written that focused on voice-overs. The edition printed in 2006 addresses technological changes that have developed since the initial printing. The book has 160 pages of core content, a glossary, an industry contact list and also includes an entertaining instructional CD that was recorded at the time of the book’s first release in 1987.

Many of you know about Susan Blu’s extensive career in animation voice overs (Transformers, Smurfs, etc.) and also know her as a casting director and instructor.
If you’d like to read the review, click on this link:
Word of Mouth, 3rd Edition

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  1. It is alwasy a true pleasure when someone with vast knowledge of a certain niche of the VO business is willing to share a little of that knowledge with others.
    I’m glad to see that they updated the classic version to include the technologies that are available today as well as how those technologies have changed the way the business works.

  2. ‘word of mouth’ was the first book recommended to me when i began doing freelance voiceover work, and it’s the first one i recommend myself. ms. blu and ms. mullin created a friendly, easy-to-follow narrative that covers all the bases.
    i’d be most interested to see what’s been updated (my edition has photos of demo “tapes”…actual 5-inch reels!)in the new edition.

  3. Thanks to my kids, I know Susan’s work on Handy Mandy, and Clifford! WOO HOO!. And since I am 44, I’m SURE I saw her in the “Will The Real Jack Tripper” episode on Three’s Company!

  4. What an incredible artist and gifted casting director Susan Blu is. I’d love to win the latest edition of her book. Thanks for having this contest and as always your insight, help, and caring for your fellow voice actors.
    Maggie Reed

  5. Hi Stephanie,
    I just got back from Ottawa, but before I got back to my home studio and all the voiceover opportunities, I made a stop and picked up this amazing reference!
    ‘Word of Mouth’ has already shown me I can’t put the book down!! It’s great for this voice actor! I immediately turned to “The Demo CD” in chapter 7 and was really impressed with the information.
    It’s straight, to the point, clear and concise with a no hold barred approach! Chapter 9 is even better! This is where the trio of authors (Susan Blu,Molly Ann Mullin and Cynthia Songe)discuss how to promote yourself! Perfect!
    It also provides sample resumes for those who have an agent and for the beginner. Before I begin reading from front to back, I want to turn a few more pages on to “Animation”. This is where professional animator and author Susan Blu will teach the craft of creating cartoon voices! I’m totally exited about this one!
    I’m sure I will read this book over and over again. I also look forward to hearing the instructional CD!
    Great value and a termendous resource for anyone wanting to learn commercial and animation voiceover excellence!
    Thanks for the post Stephanie!
    Blair Wilson
    (Preferred Member)

  6. Sounds like a great book to have! This coming week I will be in the studio with my teacher and mentor Lainie Frasier. We will be doing all the post production work on my first professional demo. This will the the culmination of 21 months of entensive training and practice and it all comes together on Thursday.
    This will mark the beginning of a budding new career for me. I’m 61 years old and raring to go!
    “There are no magic words…There is only magic in your words.” -w.t.dunn

  7. Susan Blu is an amazing lady, both in her voicework and in what she knows. She brought so many characters I watched to life, and I’m a life-long fan of hers. I’ve always wanted her book, so I hope this post gets picked. 🙂

  8. I have the passion and a big dream of becoming a great voice over actor someday. It always has been a rough ride since I set off, however, I’ve been blessed to have Voices.com to go along with me. Here in the Philippines we’re not that big in the industry. My voice is only but one of those who are in the depth shouting so loud for some SOS in the voice over universe, hoping someone would notice. But here I am, my voice is drowned by the deafening bustling of those folks who call themselves VO pro. What can I do? I’ll be more than glad to have this piece of wealth…Thanks voices.com

  9. Win or lose, this book is definitely going on my gotta-get-it list. I want this book mainly for my older daughter, who has decided on a career in the dramatic arts and is sure to go well beyond my level as an “occasional voiceover guy”.

  10. Love to read this blog, even without the shot at a prize. But what a great prize this week…will have this book whether I win it or not! Susan Blu has been doing what I’ve always wanted to do…cartoon voices. Let me add some clarity…she gets PAID to do what I’ve always done for free for anyone who’ll listen. 😀
    Thanks for an always-helpful blog, Stephanie!

  11. Already got the book read it played the cd just awaiting the T Shirt!
    But on a serious note the book & accompanying cd are excellent & a must read for any newbie.
    I keep mine close to hand & often revisit portions of it as well as replay the well put together cd .
    If ever I was in the states I would certainly like to meet the gang that put it together.

  12. YES! I want to win this book. Sounds like a great addition to the other books, articles and mp3’s that I have used to grow my voice business. Recently, my 14 year old daughter was in my studio while I worked on a project and commented that she would like to do what I do. So now I am using the “voice over world” to connect with my daughter in a much deeper way! I hope to give this book to her for an early Christmas present!

  13. As a voice over artist and coach with the New York Talent Club, I’m always looking for ways to improve my voice over work and the work of my students. I was recently on hold for a national television commercial and one of my students recently booked an online video game! Thanks for the great giveaway and great place to book talent Voices.com.
    Wayne Pyle

  14. Stephanie, I have the 2nd edition and have read it several times. it is on my shelf of VO books and it is a good resource. I will get a copy of the new book to add to my collection of well worn books. Greg

  15. I have only read the article and the comments posted regarding the book, but it sounds very practical and insightful. As someone who is fairly new voice over world, I appreciate the insights I learn from other professionals. I know I would enjoy reading this book.

  16. Hey Stephanie,
    Finally in my life I have found my passion, and it’s in voice acting. I have always been told how lovely my speaking voice is and wanted to expand my skills. Thanks to your site, I now have ‘Step up to the Mic’ and this one. Just wanted to say thanks a TON for all of the hard work and the huge amount of information that is available here.
    Hugs n Snugs, Heather Wireman

  17. ohh Wow now that would be a book to read. I am new to all this VO and do not have any one to turn to regarding the subject such as this. I have most of what I need to get started. A computer, software program, and head phones to listen to my recordings intently. Now all I need is that book and a better mic system ^_^ Yah this will be great addition to what I need to get started.

  18. What a great idea Stephanie. Certainly appreciate the way you rally the efforts to reward your membership. It is most appreciated.
    Regarding Susan’s, “Word of Mouth” book – I read it about a dozen years ago and left a review on Amazon that I still thinks hangs there today. Great stuff for novice or pro. A must read for all voice talents. Many obvious things that we may think individually, but don’t realize everyone else is doing are nice touches that keeep the publication grounded. I plan to grab this next edition to bone up on her latest.
    Thanks again. (Now of course if you wish to save me a buck…)
    All my best,

  19. Hey Stephanie!! This field is something I have been investigating for just a few weeks, and with the positive feedback given by you and the others, I think that even if I don’t win the book, I will purchase it and begin to build my resources.

  20. This looks like a good read. I am also surprised to find the comment on non-union work, but perhaps this is the author’s perspective. The inclusion of practice commercial scripts is a big plus for me.

  21. I’m glad to see that “Word of Mouth” has good reviews from your subscribers! I hope to be reading it soon!
    Thanks for all you do!

  22. As a matter of fact I’m in the middle of yet another read of Susan’s terrific book as it sits, calling to me from the other room. I don’t need another copy, but wanted to comment on how much it’s helped me over the years! Thanks Sue!

  23. Hi Stephanie, Nice review and it sounds like something I need to read!! I’ve heard great things about Susan and would love a peek!!! No matter how long someone has been in the biz, you can always learn something new and like you said ‘be willing to have fun!’!! That’s what this is all about right?? If you don’t like your job, get a new one! 🙂
    Thanks again!!!
    Kelli Casey “Pick The RED One!!”

  24. Hi Stephanie,
    I have been thinking of expanding into Voice Acting for a while and I have been sometimes encouraged by your articles and other times I feel I will be way over my head. I have taken one course a few years back and it was the best in class experience I have ever had. I do feel I need more training and confidence to make the leap. Thanks again for all your input.

  25. Susan Blu is one of the elite in the industry that has a reputation so sound that it requires no hype. I love seeing the book focuses on having fun at the microphone. It’s something I really need improvement.
    If I can learn how to bring my own “fun” personality into more of my work, it would expand my business.
    Thanks for this opportunity!

  26. Hi Stephanie,
    I admit I bought the 1st edition back in the ’80s. A LOT has changed & I’d love to hear what Susan Blu is saying about making money in voice overs now.
    Bobbin Beam- Voice Actress

  27. Hello again Stephanie,
    Let’s see if lightning can strike twice….
    I can’t remember ever winning anything but my life has been on a roll lately!!! You never know.
    If I don’t win “Word of Mouth”, I will have to buy it. It’s my primary question… how to unlock those characters inside!!!

  28. Very cool what you are doing with the giveaways, this is a great community! As I don’t have this book in my library, gotta have it!
    Good Reads,

  29. Susan Blu is one of the coolest people on the planet. I once got to see her direct a Ninja Turtles episode WOW! I first read Word of Mouth in 1990 while sailing in the Sea of Cortez Mexico. The sea creatures got an earful of playful under water gurgles. I can’t wait to read this edition on dry land.


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