Debbie MunroVoice over coach Debbie Munro submitted this quiz to me to share with you here on VOX Daily.
I think it’s a great exercise for any of you who might be wondering about your career or would like to get more voice over work.
Take the quiz and let us know how you did!

Note from Debbie:

We™ve all experienced the frustration of feeling like we™re doing everything we can but just can™t seem to get the work.
We audition, maybe even get a callback, but then somebody else gets the part. Whether you™re auditioning every day or just weekly in your local city, you know there™s competition out there, but you™re sure you were right for the part. Something is wrong.
You™re not alone.

Awareness of the voiceover business is catching on and the competition is growing. The era of the œGolden Throat is gone. Knowledge of trends and techniques is essential to success. The most successful talents in this business are the ones who keep training. There are more voicers every day, but there is also more work available every day.

It™s not impossible.
Try taking this simple self assessment test. Your answers to these questions may help you to narrow down the reasons that you™re not getting all the work you think you should.
Answer these 10 questions honestly, recording as your score for each answer the number appearing in parentheses () at the end of your selection:

1. How much training have you had?
1 course or workshop (1); 2 to 4 (2); 5 or more, or relevant university degree (3); No training at all, I™m a natural (0).

2. How much have you invested in your voiceover business?
$100 to $500 or less (1); $600 to $1,500 (2); Over $1,500.00 (3); Less than $100 (0).

3. How long is your demo?
1:00 to 1:30 (3); 1:30-2:00 (2); Under 1:00 or over 2:00 (1); I don™t have a demo (0).

4. What kind of equipment do you have?
Pro Studio (3); USB mic and computer (2); Computer mic and computer (1); I do not have my own equipment (0).

5. Do you have an agent?
Yes (3); No (2); Why do I need an agent? (0).

6. How many cities do you have agencies in?
1 (1); 2 (2); 3 or more (3); Didn™t know that was possible (0).

7. Are you a union member?
Yes (2); No (1); Why would I join a union? (0).

8. How often do you audition?
Once a day or more (3); A few times a week (2); A few times each month (1); Occasionally or Rarely (0).

9. Where do you get most of your work from?
Self marketing and promotion (3); Agent (2); Other resources (1); Work will come to me (0).

10. Do you look for work outside of the typical resources?
Yes“I talk about voiceover to any potential client (3); No “ that™s up to my agent and the sites that I™m on (2); I don™t need to promote (0).

Now, add your scores from each of the 10 questions together and let™s see how you did.

If you scored:
0 to 10 “ You haven™t done enough yet to get the work you™re seeking. Keep training and developing until you can score 20 or more. Those who are landing this work NEVER stop looking and are constantly educating themselves to keep up with the trends, even while they™re working. Remember, œThose who do the work get the work.

11 to 20 “ You™re heading down the right path. You are taking some of the necessary steps that you need to take to become a full time professional voice talent. You still need to get your score up over 20. What can you do to change your numbers? More marketing. Don™t rely solely on your agent. Keep educating yourself. Always tell everyone what you do. Everyone you meet is a potential client or referral source.

20 to 30 “ You are doing the right things to make it in this industry. You are probably landing some work if your score is this high. Perhaps it™s not the amount of work you were hoping for, but if you keep at this and have the talent, it will come. It can be discouraging, but know that you™re doing the right things. Patience and perseverance are the keys for you. Keep your score up in this range and good things should follow. If you™re the right voice, you™ll get the job. Stay with it – they have to hear you before they can hire you!
That™s it.

Keep your scores high and your drive strong. Competition is just a test to see how much you really want it! We hope this quiz helps to motivate you to move forward and keep up the good work. Voicing may be the most fun you can have while working, but it™s still work!
All our best,
Chanti Studios
Deb Munro “ Director /

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