Mature woman shaking her finger in with a critical look on her faceVoice actors are often creating voices and sometimes, they even hear them in their heads!

Most people can relate to being their own worst critic, perhaps even having an “inner critic” that picks them apart.
Find out how you can silence that inner critic and get a move on to focus on the things that really matter in today’s VOX Daily!

What’s That You Say?

Do you ever get the nagging feeling that your interpretations are lacking or that you could do better when cutting a custom audition? I happened to stumble upon a conversation via Facebook discussing this very topic.

Kara Edwards avatarKara Edwards has an interesting perspective on how she sees auditions.

She relates, “First round audition: It’s like throwing spaghetti at the wall. You do your best, but you don’t get attached. Second round audition: The more you want it, the more obnoxious the inner critic gets. Thinking it’s time my inner critic takes a hike. Maybe if I give it money it will go fetch me a Chai Tea Latte. mmm…latte…”

Want To Rid Yourself Of Your Critic?

Here are some steps you can take to help get on with your day:
๏ Ignore it. Yes, this is difficult but it can be done.
๏ Walk away…literally! Leave your audition file alone for a while and listen to it later to realize that it actually does sound pretty good. *
๏ Relax. Distract yourself. Don’t feel poorly about auditions. If you’re right for the part, you’ll know because you’ll get it. **

Caryn Clark avatarI think Caryn Clark said it best when she offered, “What you did the first time was awesome and that’s why you got the second audition. Walk away and re-listen.”

Caryn’s tips as given to Kara are particularly useful if you’ve received a callback. For those in a first round audition, sometimes all you need to do is remove yourself for a short time and then return with a fresh set of ears.
My friend Nancy Wolfson looks at this from a different perspective and given her experience in the agency, casting and coaching realms, her thoughts are insightful to say the least.

Nancy Wolfson avatar“Your critic’s got a voice. You’ve got a voice. It’s worth listening to what your critic has to say if only for just a wee little moment. Did your critic have a useful contribution in there? Not all content from your critic is necessarily 100% counterproductive. It becomes counterproductive, however, if you let that critic hover during your performance. If the critic is full of doubt, then its doubt could bleed onto the confidence you need to inhabit during your read. That’s a risk you can’t invite. SO. After letting your critic be and feel heard, ask it to please be still and calm because you need to go do a performance. ALONE. Informed by that critic and not obscured by it. During performance, we want your voice to be the only voice we hear.”

Any Comments?

Looking forward to hearing about your experiences and insight!
Best wishes,
* Tip courtesy of Beth Chaplin
** Tip courtesy of Seán Schemmel
© Luker


  1. …awesome post! I sometimes find myself mentally hanging around with auditions that I’m attached to. What helps me snap out of it is the next audition–guaranteed to move me in another direction toward another voice…

  2. Great topic, Stephanie!
    I appreciate both Kara and Caryn’s advice.
    And Nancy’s perspective, as always, is invaluable. I love the way she suggests that we listen but move ahead ALONE.
    Self-directing is a kind of necessary evil if you ask me. However, through on-going training, we arm ourselves with the tools to attack auditions with confidence. We become equipped with several techniques to help us analyze scripts and put our inner critic in it’s proper place.

  3. Excellent topic and discussion here! What helps me when I audition is to visualize that I’ve got the best read for this particular project after I’ve analyzed the script. I find that when I do this my inner critic can tend to stay in the background. By visualizing success I set myself up emotionally for sucess with my read.


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