The Simpsons
Can you believe that The Simpsons has been on the air for 20 years?
According to ABC News, the cartoon has now seized the mantle of TV’s longest-running scripted nighttime series!
What are your favorite Simpsons moments? Did the Simpsons inspire you to become a voice actor?
Share your memories and thoughts here on VOX Daily!

The Simpsons!

We are just hours away from the 450th Simpsons episode… ay caramba!
Part of our lives now for two decades, The Simpsons is a household name and has also become a dream gig for voice over artists including cast mainstays Dan Castellaneta (Homer), Julie Kavner (Marge), Nancy Cartwright (Bart), Yeardley Smith (Lisa), Harry Shearer (Mr. Burns), and Hank Azaria (Chief Wiggum).

Many of the cast members voice multiple characters and can do so on demand. Dan Castellaneta has been the voice of over 100 Simpsons characters alone!
Audiences have been amazed by appearances on popular television programs featuring The Simpsons voice actors in dialogue with each other in character voice, shifting from one to another with ease.

On a professional level, The Simpsons has brought more awareness to voice over talent and voice acting. The show was also one of the first cartoons to feature celebrities, voice acting as themselves, and Simpsonize them, often sharing the Springfielders’ trademark sunny complexions (you can create your own Simpsons avatar if you’re so inclined – check out mine!).

Being part of an animated project is a dream in itself for many voice over talent but to be part of a voice cast that makes $400,000 per episode each, be a fixture in pop culture, be in your own movie, and have the series run beyond a handful of seasons is nearly unheard of let alone a decade or two.

Is this a dream job or what?!
While the voice actors on The Simpsons are living their dreams, I expect that they may have directly (or indirectly) played a role in helping you to realize and or identify yours.

What Has The Simpsons Meant To You?

Do you do impressions of Simpsons characters? Did the cartoon play a role in your becoming a voice over talent?
I’d love to hear your thoughts!
Looking forward to hearing from you,
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  1. I grew up in a very strict, religious home and I wasn’t allowed to watch The Simpsons. I remember the preacher of the church we attended speaking out against the show, saying things like it was “from the devil” and an attack against morality and Christian values and was in and of itself anti-Christian.
    Being an animation addict from a very young age, I wanted very badly to see the show, so I began to watch it in secret and formed my own opinion about it.
    Was it subversive? Yes. But was it “immoral”? Far from it. And it’s not non-Christian. In fact, in some ways it portrays Christianity in a positive light by way of The Simpsons’ do-gooder neighbor, Ned Flanders. Unlike how Christians are generally stereotyped in TV and film, they don’t make Flanders out like he’s got something to hide, that he lives a double-life or exhibits corrupt behavior. Flanders is a perennial saint.
    Also, the show holds to basic traditional home values: the importance of family, trust and relationships.
    And the show’s writers have not spared any religious group as far as comedy is concerned.
    The *theology* of the Simpsons in some ways helped me to be more open-minded to religious criticism.
    And the show’s voice cast helped fuel my interest in voice acting as well. And when I learned how much they earned per episode, I decided I would at least attempt to pursue it as a career. Also, were it not for The Simpsons, I might have not ever decided to start blogging about voice actors. In the first few years after I began publishing “Voice Actors in the News” in 1999, many of the news items I reported were related to The Simpsons cast.
    Over the last few days, I’ve been expanding a feature article on The Simpsons to commemorate their 20th year, highlighting recent news and interviews related to the voice cast:

  2. Stephanie—I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciate the Simpsons even tho’ I don’t “follow” the show. BUT, I missed any mention of Bonnie Pietila who, I believe,.. cast the show… thoughts—Del Roy

  3. The Simpsons is an American show that is fun because it is not afraid to criticize America, its policies (War on Drugs and War on Terror), its Christians, its racism and challenge its prejudices. In a country full of flag-wavers and Evangelicals, the Simpsons shows that not all Americans are like that- something the world likes to be reminded once in a while!!!
    Yes, it sometimes goes too far in fighting the ‘evils’ of homophobia, and it is full of Jewish writers who bring their own flavour. Still, ‘The Simpsons’ is fun without being too preachy.
    As a Canadian, I love the open-mindedness- plus the fact that they really love Canada. As Marg said when visiting my Toronto “It’s so bland….I’m home”!


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