June Foray at VOICE 2010June Foray, now approaching 93 years of age, was the original voice of Jokey Smurf.

With a Smurf film coming down the pipe, Paul Reubens has been cast as Jokey and our June’s name is nowhere in sight on the cast list… for shame!

Lend a hand and make your voice heard!

The First Lady of Animation

June Foray is the first lady of animation cartoons and characters. Her career has spanned more decades than anyone else’s in this business and she is still actively recording voices for podcasts and cartoon animations including The Looney Tunes Show, a 26-episode season set to air this fall on the Cartoon Network.

When June made an appearance at VOICE 2010, she spoke with us about her roles and even gave us a taste of several voices that she can still perform more than 60 years afterward.
From Rocky and Bullwinkle, to Looney Tunes’ Granny, to Chatty Cathy, Dr. Seuss’ Cindy Lou Who and even Little Ricky’s dog bark on the classic I Love Lucy, I think all agree that June Foray is a national treasure!

June’s Just Got To Smurf!

As mentioned earlier, June starred as Jokey Smurf on the original animated series The Smurfs. A Smurfs feature film is in production and June was never even approached to participate in the film. There is a movement to raise awareness for June’s exclusion from the new Smurf film in hopes that the people working on the film extend an invitation that she participate in some way. Word of mouth moves quickly and a viral marketing campaign championing June is going strong!

One of the most exciting aspects of this whole movement is that voice over people and fans alike can now take a stand in support of June Foray.
To show your support, join the “Smurf Justice For June Foray” group on Facebook below:
Smurf Justice For June Foray
To learn more about June Foray and her illustrious career, visit:
June Foray’s IMDb Page
Click to see the IMDb page on the Smurfs Movie.

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Photo courtesy of Smurf Justice for June Foray, taken at the VOICE 2010 Celebrity Banquet


  1. Please,Please do give her a chance.
    She is very talented.
    Thank you sooooooooooo much
    Merryla fidler

  2. June Foray deserves Smurf Justice. She is THE quintessential voice talent to me, and has remained an inspiration to me and many others in this industry. Tweet, FB etc to the world and be relentless about it!
    ps—can you tell I’m passionate about this or what?
    All The Best,
    Bobbin Beam

  3. June ROCKS! What a Gorgeous Woman – inside and out. She belongs on the Smurf film and they’d be lucky to have her.

  4. I’m not sure I understand this one at all.
    Isn’t this still America? Aren’t the production companies free to hire anyone they choose? It seems to me that you people and your “community” want to dictate who should do what and with whom, based on past experiences. I’m sure Ms. Foray is a good lady and good at what she does. But, does that give you people the right to dictate that she, in some way, MUST be involved in this project? NO, of course not!
    Where do you arrogant people get off? If I was the production company, I would probably file an injunction against you to get your arrogant noses out of my business.
    Good God, why don’t you people grow up and get over it? Life doesn’t go the way YOU want it to every time. You’re showing the very CHILDISH whiny, crybaby mentality that others in our society grow increasingly tired of.

  5. I’m starting a new Facebook fan page: Anonymous MUST play “Grumpy” Smurf…even if the character’s not in the script…it must be added!
    What a fine audition! Bravo!
    For everyone else, I completely agree that talent, respect and deference be accorded June in this new production. That she might be included would be a wonderful “insider” story for animation and voice over purists as well as a cool way to help promote the project.
    Best always,
    – Peter

  6. Thank you for sharing your perspective, Anonymous. You have inspired me to write an article about how the process goes for casting films based on an animated series when members of the original or current cast (for which a show, movie or otherwise gained its following) are still alive and well.
    You’re right, this is America we’re talking about, and in America there is freedom of speech. The voice over community has every right to support June Foray. The community is not dictating that she must be involved as a voice actor, however, we do strongly wish to see some kind of recognition.
    Generally if a film is to be produced and based upon an animated series, for instance Transformers, the original cast, should they be living and able to do their voices just as before, should be in the very least extended an invitation to audition.
    What would the success of Transformers have been if the Transformers community didn’t come out in full force to support it? People go to BotCon every year and feel a connection to voice actors like Peter Cullen. What if Peter Cullen did not reprise his role as Optimus Prime? I doubt the box office would have seen the numbers they did if other actors were cast in those principal roles. That would mean millions upon millions of dollars in lost revenue because they did not honour or consider the community that the franchise draws its strength from.
    Thank you for sharing your perspective. I’m motivated to write on this topic and will do so soon.
    Best wishes,

  7. I guess only the arrogant have the nerve to actually use their names.
    I applaud your humility, Mr. Anonymous.
    I certainly hope June is included in this film, doing what she does best.
    Anonymous Bob Hurley

  8. Stephanie… glad you’re taking this on…. she deserves to be in the animated film… after all… she’s the original voice and essentially created the character… GO JUNE…..!

  9. She’s 93. I can understand why a movie maker wouldn’t want to risk having her work for them. Does she really need the work? Hopefully she isn’t living hand-to-mouth. Also, “Transformers community” is the most unintentionally hilarious label I’ve ever read.
    It makes me imagine a reporter following up a story on the evening news….”and now for a reaction from the Transformers community, Optimus Prime….”


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