I Rock The Mic VOSocial networking is a way to get to know people while making inroads with acquaintances found online. Sites such as Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn have given millions of people a platform to connect with old friends and keep track of what’s going on in their lives by the click of a mouse.

In recent weeks, voice talent Rick Party assembled a social network to help voice actors keep in touch and shoot the breeze, providing a virtual water cooler for people within the voice over community online.

Hosted on a social networking site called “Ning”, the “I Rock The Mic VO” community is a great place for voice actors to congregate and expand their social circle.

Specific to the voice acting community, I Rock The Mic VO gives its users the opportunity to join niche social groups and participate in discussions related to anything from recording equipment through to vocal health.

Industry pundits and personalities (even an Otolaryngologist) have already made their way through the sign up process to join in the fun, including Rodney Saulsberry, Pat Fraley, Bettye Zoller, Connie Terwilliger, Beau Weaver and many others. Celebrity voice talent and Primetime voice Joe Cipriano also has a weekly column aptly called “Ask Joe” where working talent can pose questions to one of television’s most famous voices, whose current work includes voice over for “Deal or No Deal”.

The Social Media savvy in the voice over industry have also embraced using I Rock The Mic VO including Peter K. O’Connell of audioconnell.com and the voxmarketising podcast, Terry Daniel and Trish Basanyi from the Voice Overs On Demand podcast, Wayne Henderson from the Voice-over Journey podcast and Stephanie Ciccarelli of Voices.com’s VOX Daily blog and VOX Talk podcast.

Some talent on the site have noted that like all things, frequenting the I Rock The Mic VO site must be done in moderation, stating that they will never get any real work done between the daily visits to all of the social networking sites they are members of.

Source: Voices.com



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