female hand clap board.jpgLast week Silvana Lombardini joined us as a Guest Blogger to discuss the changing landscape of the Latin American voice-over industry.
The original version was posted in Spanish. By popular demand, we are re-posting the article in English as well so that all of our readers can enjoy Silvana’s article.
A special shout-out goes to Voices.com employee and valued colleague, Sergio Cordoba, who provided the English translation.
Thanks for all you do, Sergio!
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English Version: Spanish Voice Over Talent in the Industry Evolution Spiral

By: Silvana Lombardini
Translation: Sergio Cordoba

Everything has changed very rapidly in the world of voices!
In the last 10 years our work opportunities have grown significantly and our creativity has been stimulated because of the new technological alternatives and social networks that allow us to reach every corner of the world.

For us native Latin American Spanish speakers, this expansion is an advantage also because the Hispanic market has grown worldwide.
Spanish is currently the second most spoken language in international communications, it is the official language of twenty countries, and the third most used language online. According to a report from the Cervantes Institute “El español en el mundo” (“Spanish in the world”), by 2020 most of the population in the world will be Spanish-speaking.

Personally, I have always been thankful for being able to speak English; it is my second language, it has opened many doors, and given me the ability to communicate with people from other countries. English has been a guiding light for me, and it makes me happy to believe that Spanish will expand to enlighten others around the world.
For me, this language paradigm is occurring because of culture unification, primarily starting from within the home, with new generations of artists, producers, and a general public, that have the need to include Spanish in every level of social communication and interaction. A phenomenon that is occurring naturally.

As Spanish voice-over artists of today, we live in these scenarios.
We depend primarily on the gift of our organic instrument, and our main responsibility is to care for and train it. There is always something to learn, something to improve, and training keeps us in contact with our professional and vocal experience, evolving along with the global market.

Today we have the opportunity of working independently, and we understand that to achieve progress a good microphone, audio recording and editing software, and a good computer are required to set-up a home studio.
Regardless, we will always be connected with traditional recording studios and sound engineers–with whom we have learned so much–because in the production process studios are involved in the pre-production, musicalization, effects, and any other post-production requirements for the project.

We are all one in this process.

The major challenge we face as voice-over talent is the ability to expand our technical resources, learning how to use recording and editing software, to be able to provide a quality product which will eventually reach a studio for post-production and compete seamlessly in the market. To keep up we have to read, study, research, condition and prepare our space, experiment and strive for ways to achieve excellence.
Certainly, a lot of availability is required, and a lot of time and dedication for this career path to be our business.

It is about taking risks, with responsibility and respect; it is about putting yourself out there and trusting yourself to create and enjoy the benefits of our work as our independent “business”. These benefits are not only economic. The wonder of communicating and interacting with people from all over the world, participating in the most diverse of projects, and learning something new daily, is priceless.
What was a language barrier before does not exist today thanks to the new Voices.com Spanish platform, a dream made reality that allows Spanish-speaking artists, clients, and producers to interact with the entire planet and expand the voice-over industry even further for the benefit of all.

My Experience and Concept of Coaching

I have been involved in this industry for exactly 25 years as a voice artist, and have worked as a vocal coach and Spanish language teacher for 10 years.
I was able to observe the process and changes over the years, and this has helped me understand how to facilitate learning. Through this experience, I have had the opportunity to teach and coach individuals from different regions of the world–North Americans, French, Korean, British, Argentinian, Russian, Irish, among others–who are interested in the Spanish language and voice coaching.

Everything we need vocally can be found within, every style and voice is unique.

I believe in coaching because I am certain that it helps us discover the use of our own resources. Our voice is a gift and it is directly linked to our very being. My approach is to accompany each individual focusing on their unique needs so each of them can discover what to preserve, where they can improve, and help them see their potential.
The priority is to understand the functioning of our body in the process, and that is why it is essential to learn correct breathing practices.

This is why we have to know which organs intervene in the process of phonation, their functioning, the path air takes through the body, the importance of the diaphragm, and to experience this learning experience with relaxation exercises which allow concentration, to “look inward”, connect and be able to use our voice to its full potential. This way the process is integrated to the point where it becomes organic and we can use our tools independently, understanding how our body functions, and everything that is involved in voice transmission. Coaching allows us to find and identify our own sound, to articulate our voice with the different aspects of the language and be able to transmit the value of words, develop the expression and intention, expand our imagination, capture attention with our voice, and interpret what we want to communicate as a whole.

We are in movement, in the spiral of industry evolution.
Let us enjoy this moment being conscience that we are part of this, respecting everybody involved in the process at every instance, being open to learn, and attentive to take care of, and honour our voices.

About Silvana Lombardini

Silvana Lombardini.jpgSilvana is a professional actress, voice talent, and vocal coach. Born in Montevideo, Uruguay, she studies and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she has lived since 2005. She has developed various areas of expertise and works with customers and producers in countries across the globe. She has been in professional communications for 25 years and is about to graduate as Counselor – Consultant in Psychology from the Person-Centered Approach.

he also implemented a special program to teach Spanish to foreigners. She has worked in radio broadcasting and in television as an actress, announcer, host and producer. She also worked in Editorial Management, Radio and Television Music Composition, and as a singer in musical productions and live shows. For 10 years she has been coaching voice actors, singers and other professionals who make intensive use of the voice. Their training focuses on “Breathing, Creativity and Personal Resources” and is focused on the needs of each individual, to facilitate learning and development potential.
For more information on her coaching or to listen to samples of her voice-over work, visit: http://silvanalombardini.wix.com/mivoz
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  1. It’s true that everything has changed very rapidly in the world of voices and technology helps a lot to voice over artists in these years and the work opportunities have grown significantly and our creativity has been stimulated because of the new technological alternatives and social networks that allow us to reach every corner of the world.


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