Aks.com LogoAsk.com today introduced free voice-activated capabilities to its Ask.com Mobile Directions service, the first of its kind from a search engine. Called “Click to Speak,” the new feature lets people simply speak their location and desired destination to receive directions on their web-enabled mobile devices.

“Voice input is one more way Ask.com Mobile helps searchers find exactly what they are looking for faster and easier,” said Doug Leeds, senior vice president of product management, Ask.com. “The new ‘Click to Speak’ service is quick, free and accurate, and makes getting driving or walking directions a breeze.”

Easy to use, it eliminates typing addresses, which can be slow, error-prone and, in some cases, unsafe. Available immediately, “Click to Speak” incorporates unique technology from Dial Directions, the leading provider of voice-activated location-based services.


Voice In, Directions Out

Users of the Directions service on Ask.com Mobile will now see a new “Click to Speak” option. Clicking it, consumers are prompted to speak their location and their desired destination, either by specific address or closest intersection. Within seconds, they will receive a text message with a link to directions that can be viewed in either traditional list or turn-by-turn step format, with an additional option to switch between “Driving” or “Walking” routes.

Source: IAC via Techmeme


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