Voices.com Feedback System
Giving and receiving feedback is an important part of any business transaction. As either a buyer or seller at Voices.com, feedback is used to show your professionalism and provide a measure trust.

Feedback Manager
As mentioned earlier, you’ll have a central location ( within your Profile ) to manage all feedback received, and all feedback given. In the Feedback manager, you can see exactly who has left you a feedback rating ( the 5 stars ), and their review ( the text portion ). You can also reply by returning feedback by clicking “Respond” in the “Action” column. Once you’ve responded, the text will say “Done” and the icon changes to a check mark, letting you know the process is complete.

Voices.com Feedback Screenshot
General Feedback
By default all feedback is published on your website, however you can delete any feedback that is not related to a financial transaction. This still lets you receive feedback from auditions, and gives you a better idea of who is listening to your demos or considering hiring you for work. If you feel the feedback given was unfair, you can either delete the feedback or respond by leaving feedback for the client.

Payment Feedback
Payment feedback operates in a similar manner and allows you to send and receive feedback when a deal is done and a job actually completed. Payment Feedback is identified by a ($) icon.

Important Changes Starting Today
In the past, we’ve allowed anonymous website visitors to leave feedback ratings for voice talents at Voices.com. We’ve since limited to feedback only to registered users leaving feedback for each other.

For the updated feedback system to remain trustworthy, we will be removing all anonymous feedback ratings from the system. As a result, your star ratings, VoiceRank, and position on the Top 100 will likely change. There is no need for concern, as this is a change for the good and will provide greater transparency for the community of members. We appreciate your understanding.

Your Professional Image
We understand how important it is for you to maintain a professional image, and believe that these changes will improve the integrity and accountability of Voices.com and the community of people like you who use the website as their primary point of business. If you have a question, concern or comment, share your thoughts below.
Have a great day!

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  1. It seems that every one of you at Voices.com works hard to make the system fair to all. Your suggestions are always thoughtful and helpful, as are the replies from your talent.
    I wonder if the Voice Rank system might be made voluntary so that the talent can choose not to have Voice Rank on our web page.
    My Voice Rank began at 3.5 stars the day I joined (never figured that one out). Unfortunately, it has only slipped since then and I often wish it just wasn’t there at all.


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