Popular Australian icon Steve Irwin (44) was killed when a stingray barb punctured his chest while he was filming an underwater documentary on the Barrier Reef.

steve-irwin.jpgI was listening to The Daily Breakfast podcast and Father Roderick, founder of the StarQuest Podcasting Network, announced to his audience that Steve Irwin, most famously known to the world as the Crocodile Hunter, died tragically today.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation posted a Steve Irwin Life and Times article, featuring a previous interview with Steve Irwin. NineMSN.com.au published an article reporting on Mr. Irwin’s untimely death with statements from friends, business colleagues and politicians.

Steve Irwin’s death on Monday comes as a great shock, especially to Australians. He was a great ambassador of Australian culture known for his charisma, bravery in the face of danger, and his signature Australian sayings “Crikey!” and voice.
Steve Irwin is survived by his American-born wife and 2 children.

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  1. As with any death…they are usually untimely and very sad. We just simply don’t know the hour or the day when each of us will find ourselves hurting over a loss or being the one passing!
    Boy, each day is SO valuable! I know his wife and kids would give anything for “just one more day”.
    I get so sad for the remaining family!

  2. Steve Irwin was such a great man and an Idol to many worldwide, his funny sayings such as “Crikey!” and “Isn’t she a beauty” will not be forgotten. He is missed by soo many but my love goes out to his family who have been so strong, you guys are wonderful!

  3. Steve was a passionate and enthusiastic man. I loved his good old sayings like “By crikey look at that beauty!” “isn’t she lovely”. I was very devastated when I found out that he had passed away.

  4. Hi Kate Loye,
    I was looking for my sister’s website and came across you – She is Kate Loye too, we live in California and are a branch of a Loye family that came to Nova Scotia in the 1800s sometime while some of the brothers went to New Zealand and Australia. I am in contact with Alan Loye in Gismore and thought we all might be on the same tree. Anyway, hi and I agree with you about Steve Irwin.
    Jenella Loye


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