Blu-Ray DiscMany speculated that the 2007 holiday shopping season, which typically goes from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve, would be the time that consumers would decide which high definition format would win out in the war between next generation video discs.

Not only are we hearing that early numbers suggest consumer spending on new media didn’t meet analyst expectations, but that consumers simply decided to sit this round out.

Maybe this year.

Having said that, Don Reisinger outlines a roadmap for ending the high-def format quagmire. In his post, Don proposes a three step process to bring a happy resolution for the movie studios, the consumers and the industry at large.

The strategic next steps would be:

  1. Sony signs on Warner, which would bring 70% of movies being manufactured under the Blu-Ray camp.
  2. Once Sony inks the deal with Warner, immediately drop the price of both the Blu-Ray media, and most importantly the Blu-Ray players to under $100.00.
  3. The ensure success, a full-out public relations campaign is in order to inform HD DVD supports that the time is now to change allegiances.

If the end of year figures for movie sales are any indication, you can see there’s a lot to gain for the winner.

Do you own a Blu-Ray or HD DVD player? If so, why did you choose the format you did?

Let us know by adding your comments below.


  1. Yeah Jeffrey! GO DVD!

    I own the Xbox HDDVD add on (though I don’t own an Xbox), and I got 5 free movies with it. I haven’t bought any other movies though.

    The article above is great, if you want Sony to win. Blu-Ray is only better as a storage platform, and that’s only if you enjoy paying the premium. It’s still cheaper per GB to use DVD or even hard drives.
    The Movie platform is still woe-fully behind HD-DVD in terms of special features, and with all that extra storage, the movies don’t look or sound any better (sometimes worse).
    Also, since Sony is still selling the PS3 at a loss, I seriously doubt they’d be willing to axe the price of Blu-Ray media and equipment anytime soon.

    So it’s more expensive, less efficient, not as standardized between the different players, not compatible with DVD (no way to do a combo DVD/BR), and doesn’t do anything better than HD-DVD.

    BR has the lead, but I see the potential for another VHS/Beta upset.

    Not that it really matters…

  2. […] “Warner Bros.’ move to exclusively release in the Blu-ray disc format is a strategic decision focused on the long term and the most direct way to give consumers what they want,” said Meyer. “The window of opportunity for high-definition DVD could be missed if format confusion continues to linger. We believe that exclusively distributing in Blu-ray will further the potential for mass market success and ultimately benefit retailers, producers, and most importantly, consumers.” […]


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