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If you’ve been a fan of VOX Daily for quite some time and haven’t yet subscribed (if you’re seeing this in your email box, you are subscribed, don’t worry!), you can sign up to get a daily dose of VOX in your email every day. On the right hand side of this web page, you’ll see an orange box that says “Email Updates”. This box gives you the opportunity to subscribe by email.

Simply type in the email address that you would like to receive VOX Daily to and click “Subscribe”.
This action will let FeedBurner (our service provider for subscriptions) know that you want to receive VOX Daily via email.
FeedBurner will then send you an email to confirm that you would like to receive VOX Daily.
What’s your next step?

Click through the emailed link from FeedBurner to activate your subscription.
It’s that easy!
If you don’t click through the link or ignore the email from FeedBurner confirming your request to receive the articles to your email box, your subscription attempt will not be successful. Be sure to read the email that FeedBurner sends and click through the confirmation link in order to get VOX Daily straight to your inbox. Just to reiterate, subscribing is free and doesn’t cost you a penny, but what you get in return is worth it’s proverbial weight in gold 🙂

We’ll do a similar article next week on how to subscribe to the VOX Talk podcast.
If you have any other questions about subscribing that I can answer for you here, please let me know and I’ll address them through comments.
Have a smashing weekend everybody,
Stephanie and David

P.S. Cool fact: FeedBurner was just purchased by your friendly neighborhood Google guys (they also own Blogger, by the way). Read more about the Google acquisition of FeedBurner.
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