Hello, my name is OpportunityWill you succeed as a professional voice over talent?

Only you can determine that!
There are many people seeking to work professionally as voice artists who set themselves up for failure because they limit their own potential, don’t invest in the fundamentals, or shy away from basic business practices.
My hope is that this article will help newly aspiring talent, whether trained or having just embarked on their journey of discovery, to work methodically through the industry’s expectations of voice over talent in order to adopt realistic goals and expectations of themselves.
Even if you don’t work in the voice over field, you may find this applicable in your industry… let me know by leaving a comment!

Setting The Stage

When you set out to have a voice over career, what are your expectations?
For those who are new to voice acting it is paramount to understand that voice over is a business, and if you are the owner of that business, you are solely responsible for growing your business, educating yourself and becoming established in our field.

There are 3 areas you have to be concerned with as a voice over professional:
1. Voice over artistry
2. Business sense
3. Technical abilities
You may have noticed by now through my writings that I’m a strong advocate of education. Being an entrepreneur, I’m also adamant about integrity, reaching out to others and building a business you can be proud of.

Not only do you need to have talent, a head for business, and be proficient with audio recording technology, you also need to know which steps to take and in which order.
When starting your voice over business, spend your money in this order:
1. Education
2. Home Recording Studio
3. Promoting Your Voice

Creating Opportunities

When you have your own business, you come to realize that there are basic needs and objectives that you must look after… most significantly, this includes marketing your talent and positioning yourself for opportunities to earn money.
Generating leads, prospecting, developing relationships, and earning the business of others isn’t easy.

This is where Voices.com provides you with the tools, opportunities, and resources you need to prosper online as a professional voice over talent.
We do the heavy lifting which includes attracting clientele, attending to their needs, vetting jobs, posting jobs and then inviting you to audition for opportunities that you are qualified to audition for based upon your profile and preferences at Voices.com.

Promoting Your Talent

Some people ask how long it will take to make back their subscription fee. Others want reassurance that they’ll get work. Many decide that this is an opportunity they can’t afford to pass up and see Voices.com as being an instrumental partner in achieving success.
What’s important to remember through all this that you are running a business that you need to invest in.

According to BusinessWeek.com, service-based businesses should consider spending upwards of 5% of overall revenue on marketing efforts to promote your product or service.
If you made $50,000 a year doing voice overs, 5% of your overall revenues would be equal to $2,500. Some businesses invest upwards of 10-15% of their overall revenues in marketing. If you were to budget 10% of $50,000 on marketing, that sum would be $5000 spent on marketing your business for the year.

Bearing in mind that an annual Premium membership costs roughly $300 in the marketplace today, $300 is only a drop in the bucket if you are a serious voice over professional. When you consider how much money and effort it might take to drive clients to your own website, qualify those leads, turn them into prospects, and eventually earn their business, it’s truly a bargain.

Better still is that you can write your membership fee off as a business expense. Getting your name (and voice) out there via online channels will bring you closer to achieving your goals.
Subscribing to voice over marketplaces that deliver a steady stream of opportunities is a critical component in thousands of professional voice over artists’ online marketing strategies.

Added Bonuses

In addition to providing you opportunities for work (auditions), auditioning everyday is integral to keeping yourself conditioned and your reading skills sharp.
Every audition presents its own:
๏ Adventures
๏ Challenges
๏ Venue to experiment and stretch your creative muscles
๏ Chance to learn something new
๏ Opportunity to network

An audition online puts you front and center with the client and affords you a means to introduce yourself to them in a safe and welcome environment. Remember, they wanted to hear from you… this isn’t a cold call!
Just as athletes must train each day, a voice actor’s training is each and every audition you submit, the copy you voice, articles you read, podcasts you absorb, and silly voices you create when you think no one else can hear you.
But are there any guarantees that you’ll get work?

Concrete Opportunities, Not Concrete Work

What our service guarantees is access to concrete opportunities. While we may not be able to promise you that you’ll get work, we do promise that you’ll have the opportunity to present yourself for work opportunities to clients directly.
If you are awarded a job through Voices.com and the client uses SurePay, we can also guarantee that you will be paid for your work.

Clients posting jobs make deposits with us once they have awarded the job to a voice talent and those funds are held in trust until you have delivered on what you promised and the client is satisfied with your work. By approving your files, the client gives us permission to then pay you your professional fee on their behalf, either by check or PayPal.

Parting Words

I know that this wasn’t an article geared toward the artistic side of voice over and wanted to take a moment to say that all voices are unique and each client needs something different. In other words, there is a market for every voice type, interpretation, accent, age, and so on.
From a business standpoint: People who are prepared and present where opportunities are found will achieve greater success in their voice over careers.

Do You Meet With Opportunity Daily?

I sure hope so!
Pros, if you’d like to add anything to the conversation to do with running a voice over business, I’d love to hear your thoughts. I invite you to take a moment and mentor our community by adding a comment 🙂
Best wishes,
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  1. Stephanie —
    All sage words of wisdom and advice!
    It is indeed up to us, our choice on how we procure work thru various avenues . Voices.com is and has been an essential ingredient to my voice-over business success for 5 yrs now. It takes a stellar audition, a demo that sparkles, and a well written promo blurb with each audition to book work in any vo platform! Think of each and every audition or sending of your demo as your personal marketing opportunity to shine. They may not hire you today — but a month from now may send you a personal note that they would like to hire you! My auditions and demos have to be stellar at all times, just to be in the running, thats good!
    Voices.com gives me the opportunity with the auditions – the rest is up to my talent to book. Keep the chin up and keep working at it – the auditions also provide a great time to practice our craft and get better!

  2. Great article, Stephanie!
    We create our own “Guarantee” in this business by studying (and loving) the craft, investing in equipment & marketing, and good ol’ relentless customer service…ie: Do what you say your going to do every single time, and loyal clients begin to follow.
    Your take on auditioning is right on target. For me personally, it helps if I work quickly with auditions…first instinct, record it, send it, and forget it completely…I just assume I’ll never hear back. This takes the pressure off, gets me “out of my head”, and of course…is a great “skill sharpener”. When you don’t win the audition, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve been discarded…occasionally, they remember you and contact you for another project entirely…you just never know!
    Thanks for the article, Stephanie!
    -Paul Quinn

  3. Voice acting just like any other career will have its success based on how much effort you put into it. The field is also consistently changing. Like you mentioned, limiting yourself to an amount of knowledge in the field may end up limiting your work. There is no reason to stop learning, networking and promoting in the field of voice over work.


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