Summer James was hired to perform a voice over entitled “My Sister, Myself” which aired on Lifetimes’ Army Wives program this October in conjunction with Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

She got the gig through her agent (Leanna Levy of CL INC.) and recorded at a wonderful studio where a director and a host of others offered their input to make sure the voice over was handled properly for this project.

Voice actress Summer James relates, “This particular Voice Over does hold a very special place in my heart because there is NO cancer in my family, normally people are not excited about something that doesn’t affect them personally. I feel that as a woman it is our task to continue to bring awareness to Breast cancer simply because I am so fortunate to have not had to deal with this in my life.

“Once My Grandmother was told she had it and she refused to accept that anything would get her. She attended some treatment and when she went back there was no sign that she EVER had it. The Doctor said he must have incorrectly diagnosed her.

When asked about what others can do to help battle the disease, Summer replied, “It [her grandmother’s brush with cancer] was just a wake up call. One I feel blessed to have received. This is yours. Support in any way you can, Run, Walk or Talk to help. It’s just that easy and everything makes a difference. Be the change you are seeking.”

Source: VOX Daily


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