Voices.com Summer '07 Release
What’s coming up this Summer at Voices.com?
Here’s a preview of what you can expect from the team to improve your experience and make Voices.com even more fun to use.


• Scripts attached to job postings
• Private Leads created directly from your Voices.com website
• Previous & Next links make navigating the Leads at Voices.com much easier
• Print This Page is now formatted specifically for printers, with no graphics, large clear fonts while still including and all the relevant details for each job posting.

Feedback Ratings & Reviews
We™ve updated the Feedback system so that only those people who’ve hired you can rate you.
What are the benefits of a feedback system based solely upon financial transactions?
• All ratings and reviews are associated with a business transaction between a voice actor and a client who worked together at Voices.com

• Recognizes people who work professionally and consistently
• Quickly identifies voice actors who are hired frequently for their talent and abilities
• Acknowledges that work is procured and completed at Voices.com
• Signifies the professionalism of a voice actor and dedication to pursuing their craft online

We will only be including transactions processed through SurePay in this metric because those are truly the only transactions that we can track and espouse as work that we have concrete proof of that has been completed at Voices.com.

Recently Hired to replace Top Rated
To coincide with the much-improved Feedback system, we™ll be showcasing those voice talent who have recently completed work at Voices.com on the home page under the new Recently Hired list.

How will the Recently Hired list work?
Each time a job is awarded to a voice talent through Voices.com, a transaction ID is created. When the work is done, the client clicks œYes, I Accept to signify their satisfaction. This action will place the talents name on the top of the œRecently Hired list. It should be noted that each talent™s name can only appear once, however you™ll get ˜bumped™ to the top of the list with each new job you complete.

Why have a Recently Hired list?
First of all, we want to recognize and celebrate your successes. It™s our way of giving you a public ˜congratulations™ for a job well done. Secondly, the Recently Hired list will keep us accountable for ensuring that jobs posted a Voices.com get completed by Voices.com members. We measure our success by your success.
All right, let™s move onto more exciting developments.


Voices.com is Bank Level SSL Secure with Verisign SSL Certificiate
Voices.com is bank-level secure. We use the industry standard Versign 128-bit SSL certificate to encrypt the storage and transmission of data on our servers. You™ll notice one improvement in particular is the installation of an SSL certificate. Without getting too technical, SSL certificates encrypt sensitive information on our servers, as well as the transmission of data such as passwords, account information and credit card information.
Voices.com is the only voice-over website to offer this level of security.


Voice Actor’s Resources List sums up all the resources available to you.
Here are just a few that you can take advantage of!
Voice Over Experts podcast
The #1 educational podcast featuring renowned voice over coaches from US, Canada and abroad. Join us each week for pearls of wisdom and tricks of the trade to improve your voice over career. This show is produced weekly. Listen to this podcast if you are: A voice actor, actor, public speaker, voice over coach, student, producer, instructor, voice talent agent, or a casting director.

Blueprint to Voice Acting Success
• Discover how to maximize your voice talent account and learn how to attract clients to your Voices.com website as well as audition tips and more.
• Participate in the next webinar if you are: A voice actor, voice talent, member of Voices.com.
• When? Every Tuesday at 2:00 PM EST ( Toronto, Canada / New York, USA )
Register for the next webinar at WebEx >>

Need a place to find excellent royalty-free scripts to practice from and an awesome how-to book for voice overs? If you’re a Premium or Preferred member at Voices.com, you need not look any further than your new library of resources, accessible to you absolutely free! Just click on the œHelp link, then click on œeBooks & User Guides to access the bonus material.

What do you think?
Let us know by adding a comment!
Best wishes,
David, Stephanie, Laurynda, Carol and Erica
The Voices.com Team

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David graduated with honours from the Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology. David’s background in audio production continues to inform Voices.com’s innovation in the areas of mobile recording and digital media products that contribute to Canada’s economic and cultural future. As Chief Executive Officer, David is responsible for setting the vision, executing the growth strategy and managing the company on a day-to-day basis. He often writes about these experiences in the Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur Magazine and Forbes.


  1. Stephanie,
    It’s very exciting to see how you folks are always working to genuinely improve your service and business. Good for you. May your success continue to multiply.
    Be well,

  2. Great to see improvements to the Voices.com site that make it more usable and not less responsive (like some sites that will go unmentioned).
    Your “feedback” and “recently hired” lists seem like good ideas, however I personally have been booking about one job a week with Voices.com and almost all my clients pay through invoice/business checks or through PayPal. I don’t think anyone of my clients has actually gone through the Voices.com system to finalize the job. Once we make contact through the site, they usually communicate directly by phone or email. (I haven’t had a deadbeat yet so I have no reason to insist they pay 10% extra and go through SurePay.) It makes sense to limit the feedback and ranks to verified clients, but I think a lot of jobs will go unranked. Oh well, I’m still grateful for all the great clients I’ve met through Voices.com and I’m sure the leads will keep coming.
    Keep up the good work and this is still the best site for VO leads!

  3. Hi! Thanks for all the great info. It is a great site.
    I received my first job recently and have gotten several other offers also. Unfortunately, I had breast cancer surgery only 3 weeks ago and have not been up to doing my best for any client at this time.
    It was so wonderful to finally get paid for a job and to do a good job for the client. As soon as I can, I hope to get back into it all again.
    I just love to do this so very much.
    Thanks again for a great site.
    Carol M. Hahn

  4. Hi Jesse, Bob, David and Carol,
    Thank you for commenting and we’re all pleased that you like the changes we’re making.
    Carol, we’re (the team and Voices.com community) all wishing you a speedy recovery and hope that you start to feel better soon. Doing what you love is always the best medicine 🙂
    Thank you again,

  5. Hi Stephanie,
    I concur. The advancements, security and quality of leads is the best of these type of sites. And the price hasn’t increased like others I know.
    However, I must agree with David Jones above. All of the clients I have ever gotten through Voices.com have paid me via PayPal or company check directly too. (And no slackers fortunately)
    I respect what you are doing and understand your methods, but feel there will be a large portion of “phantom users” that won’t be counted for our successes. Perhaps you might think this through and figure out another way for a client to “click-thru” somehow that benefits them doing it and still not going through SurePay as the only option. It’s something to think about.
    Keep up the great advances and let your staff know how much this is all appreciated. I really need to do more auditions. I get too busy sometimes and feel I’m missing out.
    All my best…

  6. To the Voices.com Team,
    Thank you so much for the improvements. The site just keeps getting better. The free flow of communication between your staff and the talent keeps me as a voice actor feeling like I truly have a vested interested in being here.
    All the best,
    Bobbin Beam

  7. As a new member, it’s always interesting to see how a service will live up to it’s expectations. So far so good… you just have to put the time in from the start to get your name on the favorites list. And thanks to the customer support for tweaking my website link… everyone needs a little boost!
    Thanks Voices.com

  8. I’d just like to make a comment to members who have been receiving work but deal with their clients outside of the Voices.com SurePay system.
    The choice to use SurePay is not only up to the client. Voice talent have the ability and the right to request or suggest SurePay.
    Voices.com has offered a unique service which is not only a benefit of talent but also benefits clients. The benefit to clients is that they know that money will not be released until they are satisfied with the recording.
    As a talent you can always use this benefit when negotiating with your client and most clients are more than happy to use the service if they know that the talent they are dealing with will also benefit by having feedback.
    The 10% escrow fee has not been an issue with clients as of yet. The escrow fee allows for mediation between client and talent when required. Also a benefit to voice talent as well as to clients hiring talent.
    Before saying your client won’t use SurePay, why not ask first and then see what happens?
    SurePay was implemented as a way for Voices.com to validate work being completed and to validate Feedback. Members asked for the feature, we implemented it.
    If you don’t complete your project through SurePay, Voices.com cannot validate the work, therefore Feedback cannot be left and counted toward your account.
    If contacted directly you can direct your client to make you a Private Job offer which will allow the project to move through SurePay as well.
    Talent and Clients always have a choice.

  9. Stephanie & David,
    I’m excited to hear about the wonderful changes you’re implementing! Like David and a few others however, I too have been paid directly by check by the many clients who have hired me through this site. It would be nice to add an alternative way of tracking those who have been hired – perhaps by having both the client and the talent click a button which confirms that the job has been completed and paid!
    I love the many features this site offers and look forward to your continued success! Keep up the great work!

  10. Love the changes, looking good!
    On the Feedback issue, perhaps there could be Verified and Unverified ratings for those using and not using Sure Pay? Seekers can regard the different ratings as they see fit? Just one possibility…
    It’s so great to see that you guys are responsive to feedback and so helpful and generous with resources. Happy to be a member!

  11. Hiya Folks!
    Thanks for all the work on our behalf and for being the best VO casting site there is…. PERIOD.
    As I am sure you are aware, those “other” guys have done a bang up job of shooting themselves in the foot and us talent at the same time… REPEATEDLY!
    I am quite proud to say that I have abandoned ship and will no longer be associated with any one else but Voices.com.
    Devotedly yours,
    DC Goode

  12. I continue to be impressed with your marketing skills; your SEO knowledge; and your general PR tact. Voices.com clearly knows how to entice voice seekers without forgetting their paying subscribers, the voice talent.
    Recent Hires list is a great idea! I look forward to this and the other great usability changes you have in the works.

  13. Very cool stuff! I’m particularly excited about the improved usability features. And while I’m here, just wanted to say that I just booked two more jobs through Voices.com! Thanks for the great site, the new features, and the consistently smart and responsive customer service. I’m proud to be on Voices.com!

  14. Hi everyone,
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and commenting here on this post.
    Any questions that pertain to technical aspects of the website will be addressed by David.
    We appreciate your patience.


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