Summer 12 release signWe’ve been working away all summer to bring you an assortment of upgrades and goodies.
A lot of exciting things have been happening at in terms of development and making our website even better for you.
Hear more about some of the upcoming new features you’ll enjoy as well as changes made to improve the details talent are provided with regarding job postings in today’s VOX Daily.

What’s New?

Many of the improvements being made to the service have to do with empowering those posting jobs to more clearly determine and define their needs. These changes are designed to make their experiences auditioning talent even better while at the same time improving the service for our voice talent members by providing you with greater detail as it pertains to job postings and how the audio will be used.
This release includes new features such as:

  • VoiceMatch refresh
  • Voice Age included in search
  • Audition response estimator
  • Addition of Market Size to job posting forms for Television and Radio

VoiceMatch Refresh

Have you ever sat back and thought there were too many auditions being submitted? We hear that often from voice talent, usually when it comes to jobs that are posted to English North American speakers representing both genders in categories such as television and radio.

Although there are many auditions submitted, most voice talent members of are comforted by the fact that the ordering of responses is no longer a first-come first-served reality but that audition submissions are ordered by highest to lowest Voicematch scores. This means that even though you may not be able to audition right away, the higher your VoiceMatch score, the higher your audition will be positioned in the client’s responses. As in the past, clients do not see a VoiceMatch score alongside your auditions.

Now, you’ll note that this didn’t change anything though so far as the number of auditions submitted were concerned which is why we have given clients tools to help them determine how many responses they might receive. The following information below is part of how we are working toward making the number of auditions submitted less numerous as per our voice talent member requests.

Voice Age Included In Search

Being able to search for talent based upon vocal characteristics is handy. That being said, clients will soon be able to search by Voice Age. What you’ll want to do to take advantage of this is edit your demos so that they will be included in searches conducted based on vocal age in the future. Remember that voice age refers to how old your voice sounds, not how old you are in years.
Here’s a link to where you can get to your demos once logged in at

Audition Response Estimator

We will be implementing a real-time audition estimator for clients so that they can see how many voice talent are estimated to respond to their job posting based on the fields they have completed on the job posting form. The more defined their requirements, the less talent will match and thereby be invited to audition. The broader their requirements, the greater the number of responses they are projected to receive.

This will help clients to estimate how many responses they will get. If a client wants to only be hearing from a certain amount of voice talent, the client can narrow their specifications. Each selection made on the job posting form will impact the number of estimated talent responses they may receive.

Market Size Field

This release also includes the addition of a market size field on our job posting form. This field will only appear if a client selects Radio or Television as their category of choice. Once the field appears, the client will then have the option of selecting Local, Regional or National as the market size for their recording. iPad App

Earlier this week, we submitted our iPad app to Apple for their App Store. We released the iPhone app a couple months ago and anticipate a wonderful release for the iPad app in the coming weeks.
If you missed a special webinar on how the iPad App works, you are welcome to watch CEO David Ciccarelli demoing the app live here: iPad App Talent Preview

Click here to watch the talent preview or watch the video below: iPad App Client Preview

Click here to watch the client preview or watch the video below:

Your Thoughts?

We hope you will enjoy these improvements and the new features coming soon. Be sure to let us know what you think!
Best wishes,
Stephanie, David, Laurynda and the Team

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Stephanie Ciccarelli is the Co-Founder and Chief Brand Officer of Classically trained in voice, piano, violin and musical theatre, as well as a respected mentor and industry speaker, Stephanie graduated with a Bachelor of Musical Arts from the Don Wright Faculty of Music at the University of Western Ontario. Possessing a great love for imparting knowledge and empowering others, her podcast Sound Stories serves an audience that wants to achieve excellence in storytelling. Stephanie is found on the PROFIT Magazine W100 list three times (2013, 2015 and 2016), a ranking of Canada's top female entrepreneurs, and is the author of Voice Acting for Dummies®.


  1. Really disappointed in your decision to rank auditions using “VoiceMatch”, especially after telling us that the voice seekers would not get to see them. Technically they don’t see them, but the effect is much the same…
    The simplicity of your site was a major distinction between you and your competition. No program can fairly rank talent submissions, and by implementing “VoiceMatch” you’ve complicated an elegant system in order to match another P2P’s idea of what is good for the talent.
    Although “VoiceMatch” doesn’t limit auditions like “SmartCast”, the effect is very similar – you’re determining which auditions are heard, and deciding for us. I’d rather leave it as a first-come, first heard system.
    “SmartCast” and poor customer service were the main reasons that I stopped using Voice123. It’s just sad to see heading in the same direction.
    Just one VO’s opinion,

  2. Hi Stephanie,
    Just a quick question about voice match. I just received a lead that is a 100% voice match, and yet, it already has 42 submissions. So, I’m thinking that it didn’t come to me right away. Is it already in place for auditions to go to the top voice matches first? I wouldn’t have expected so many to have had time to record a custom audition and submit before I even received the audition with a 100% match. Is there some other explanation?

  3. Hi Joe,
    Thank you for taking the time to comment. So many of our talent members felt that the first-come, first-heard scenario was unfair due to different time-zones and the like. When we launched VoiceMatch it was, in part, to provide a solution to this problem. Since its launch, auditions have been ordered first according to VoiceMatch score, then by first-come.
    So, to clarify, let’s say you login to see 50 auditions already on a job posting that you’re interested in auditioning for and you have a 100% match to the job. Chances are there are only about 5 other talent who also have a 100% match to that job. So when you reply, rather than being number 51, your audition would be number 6 in the clients list.
    I hope this helps. Please feel free to email is you have further questions.
    Lin Parkin
    Customer Care Manager

  4. Hi Melanie,
    Thanks for commenting. This is a fairly common concern and I appreciate you bringing it up on the blog. Our server sends out an email notification as soon as the job is approved by one of our job posting managers. However, each email service provider has different pick up times in terms of how long they hold the email on their server before delivering it to your Inbox. This can often be impacted by the email traffic of your provider.
    If you are consistently logged into your account and looking at your Hiring folder then you’re going to be auditioning before you get the emails since your account is immediately updated and is not dependent on your email account finding and delivering the email notices.
    The likely reason you see so many auditions already on jobs is because those talent are not depending on the notification but are rather keeping their Hiring folder open to audition as soon as a new job is approved.
    The good news is, if you were the 43rd person to reply and you had 100% you would not end up 43 in the clients list of responses. Because audition responses are ordered by VoiceMatch score you would end up closer to the top of the clients list of responses.
    I hope this information has been helpful.
    Lin Parkin
    Customer Care Manager

  5. Hi,
    If I may ask, how will the talent with the highest Voicematch score be heard first when the notification has been sent for the talent who auditioned first but has a lower Voicematch score? Or will the audition of the talent with the lower Voicematch score be delayed?
    I also noticed that most clients looking for a talent with an African accent choose South African because there is no option for the African accent. This results in missed opportunities especially if the client does not state their needs clearly. I suggest the African accent be added to the drop down list of accents as I have often gotten work asking for a South African accent, where they in fact were looking for an African accent. Note that in these cases, my Voicematch come up as 75% for jobs I am right for. I don’t understand why this is so.
    I hope this new upgrade is a good idea.

  6. Hi Sanjo,
    Thank you for the suggestion. I have created a Feature Request for our IT department to add African to the list of languages as well.
    To answer your question regarding VoiceMatch, we do not delay auditions. The ordering of responses descends from the highest matching talent to the lowest as auditions come in. Theoretically, the client may listen to auditions with lower scores first if the client is reviewing auditions prior to their deadline date but, in most cases, clients wait until their job is closed to auditions before deciding who to hire. This has resulted in a greater variety of talent being heard and hired for jobs. The benefits of this can be seen on the Recently Hired list which, since the introduction of VoiceMatch, has shown a greater variety of faces on a daily basis.
    Your VoiceMatch score is calculated according to the settings of your profile and by your demo tags. The demo tags are matched up to the “sounds like” field in the job posting. It is not able to read job descriptions at this time. In terms of your scores being a little on the lower side, a job can only have one language, so the better matched your language is, the higher your score will be. For example, if you’ve selected English (South African) as your fifth language, you will not have as high a score for those jobs as you would if you selected it as your first language. To ensure you are getting as closely matched as possible I would recommend:
    1. Ensuring that your profile is 100% complete.
    2. Uploading demos in each category that you audition for.
    3. Selecting a good variety of tags for your demos.
    Here’s how the VoiceMatch score is calculated:
    First Language 25
    Second Language 20
    Third Language 15
    Fourth Language 10
    Fifth Language 5
    Gender 25
    Skill Category 5
    Age Range 10
    Union Affiliation 5
    Budget Ranges 5
    Demo Category 15
    First Demo Tag 5
    Second Demo Tag 5
    Total = 100%
    I hope this information is helpful! Please don’t hesitate to email should you have further questions.
    Lin Parkin
    Customer Care Manager


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