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Looking for a great present for a child with a flair for the dramatic?
Want to know the ins and outs of voice acting for kids?
Voice actress and teacher Sunday Muse’s new book “You Can Do Cartoon Voices, Too!” is an absolute must for the aspiring voice actor in your home that educates using accessible terms that children can understand.

The book also has a special section for parents that prepares them for the business side of what their children will encounter, including a Q&A with 3 top tier voice over agents.
If there was ever a getting started in voice overs guide for kids, this is it!
Want to learn more? Enjoy this review of Sunday’s book!

Free Yourself… Do Cartoon Voices!

Have you ever tried to do a cartoon voice?
Sunday Muse relates that doing cartoon voices offers the opportunity to play with all those silly little voices that live inside each one of us (you know they are in there!), emphasizing that the most important thing is to have fun!

Much like how caricatures are exaggerated representations of people depicted in drawings, Sunday reveals that each of us is capable of becoming a cartoon through self-expansion coupled with bigger facial expressions and body movements, noting that your cartoon is an exaggerated version of you.

When you make a face, your voice has a tendency to change. You can build a whole repertory of characters based upon emotion. The images, faces, fonts, and colours used in this book are perfect for youngsters and clearly communicate the energy needed to do this kind of voice over work with children of all ages, even those who may have limited attention spans.
“You Can Do Cartoon Voices, Too!” is full of practical instruction that can be taught to the youngest child and takes make belief up a notch to a higher level of focused creativity.

Sunday loves being able to pass along all the tools that took her years to learn, and in this book, she shares tips freely in conjunction with appearances throughout the pages by 6 great kids dubbed “The Cartoon Gang,” including Shemar, Juliana, Mark, Andrea, Liam, and Zoe.

“You Can Do Cartoon Voices, Too!” includes:

Chapter 1 – Wake Up the Ol’ Voicebox!
Chapter 2 – How to make YOUR voice a CARTOON Voice
Chapter 3 – Choose a “Cartoony” Character
Chapter 4 – Create your own story or script
Chapter 5 – Play with some scripts
Chapter 6 – Think like a professional
Chapter 7 – Put To Use What You Have Learned
Chapter 8 – What Parents Want to Know About the Industry

A Must For Your Library

Sunday stresses 3 main pointers throughout the book that are easy to remember and implement for your child. Truth be told, they are great grounders for talent of any age! You don’t have to be a child to benefit from Sunday’s insight or learn from her. She teaches teens as well and also instructs adults if interested.

Near the beginning of the book, Sunday explains the difference between “normal talking” and “cartoon talking,” introducing children to character development through a series of questions designed to use their imaginations to create a unique voice.
An accompanying CD, complete with a personal introduction from Sunday Muse, demonstrates various techniques and examples that are best used when following along with the book. I also recommend that you use the book as an ongoing reference for warm ups and rehearsal.

When your child works through a character, guided by Sunday’s outline, you’ll be amazed by the transformation that occurs!
The information included in the book is excellent for immersing your child into the world of cartoon voice acting.

By following Sunday’s instructions, they’ll get to know more about their voice, exercise their talent, and discover their own personal reservoir of untapped creativity, experiencing fully what it is like to be a cartoon voice actor.
Sunday is the voice of Cheer Bear from the Care Bears, Baby Binky on Rolie Polie Olie, Freddi in Time Warp Trio, Pepper in Jane and the Dragon, Gibby from The Wumblers, Lara in Willa’s Wildlife, and George’s puppet Wally from Arthur and many more voices you might recognize from popular cartoon shows and movies.

Her students have gone on to book roles in major cartoons such as “Family Guy” on FOX, “Arthur,” “Babar,” “Busytown,” and “Super Why” on PBS.

How Can You Get Your Copy?

Visit Sunday’s website at this link to order your copy of “You Can Do Cartoon Voices, Too!”:
I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!
Best wishes,

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  1. I know a young girl who SOOO wants to do animation. I’ve actually already told her dad about the book…Dad says he thinks if it’s geared towards kids, he’ll understand it better, too! Would love to win a copy! Thanks Amy King


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