Terry Daniel, Trish Basanyi and Dave Courvoisier are the Super Socials!Day 2 was incredibly busy, bursting from the seams with content.
This article features write ups on sessions conducted by Beverly Bremers, Celia Siegel, and the Super Socials, Terry Daniel, Dave Courvoisier and Trish Basanyi.
Grab a coffee/tea, sit back and let the show begin!

The Scoop On Day 2 of VOICE 2012

The second day of the conference featured a number of breakout sessions, in fact, the entire day consisted of breakout sessions! Given that fact, I’ve decided to break this day into two if not three articles to give better, more succinct coverage in each post.

Beverly Bremers¨

Beverly BremersBeverly Bremers presented “Ad Lib Ease,” a workshop designed to bring out the unexpected in everyone. Voice over talent from the UK, Natalie Cooper, attended and participated in Beverly’s session.
Natalie confides, “‘Acting scares me to death. The bravest thing I ever did in drama class at school was QUIT! But I met Beverley and her husband at the Red Carpet reception, and I decided I was going to have to do something brave whilst at Voice 2012.

Little did I realise that it would involve standing in a circle of people making all manner of noises, playing vocal games and being instructed to scream 3 ways, getting increasingly louder and acting more terrified. I was a little jealous of those that only had to laugh, although grateful I wasn’t that one that received instruction to grunt! It was, much to my complete surprise, hilarious, liberating and not nearly as terrifying as I expected it would be. To be fair, Beverley is a HOOT and made the whole experience enormously fun. Coupled with a mic technique in-person session with Nancy Wolfson before VOICE started (and Pat Fraley’s subsequent masterclass the first day at VOICE), I’ve come home from the US a whole heap braver than when I set out. Now I just need a bigger booth so I can really get into it.”

Alex Apostolidis also found Beverly’s session a great fit for her at VOICE 2012. Alex writes, “Beverly Bremers class was not only informative it was a lot of fun. She has a wonderful way of lightening everybody up and getting them to have fun and play even if they think they don’t want to play. After one hour with Beverly I found an ease when reading my script that I hadn’t had before. I have been acting for a long time and yet Beverly found a way to draw out from me a whole new level.”

Terry Daniel, ¨Dave Courvoisier and Trish Basanyi¨

Terry Daniel in studio, fun shot!The Super Socials brought the house down with their humour, pith and useful tips in their presentation, “Social Media¨ and the Voiceover Industry.”

The session started with a video clip showing a sleepy Terry Daniel (pictured at left) being woken up by a frantic Dave Courvoisier who needed to get Terry down to the stage to present with Trish Basanyi.
Running from his hotel room in pajamas and a bathrobe, Terry was able to make it “just in time” to present at VOICE 2012.

Trish BasanyiShelley Baldiga found the Socialmediavo session with Terry, Trish (pictured at left) and Dave extremely helpful. Even though she already had profiles on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, their tips have helped Shelley to bring her presence up a notch. Although social media can be a bit overwhelming, Dave, Trish and Terry did a fantastic job of highlighting key features that make an impact.

Shelley added, “Since the conference, I’ve already implemented a number of things they recommended. I’ve added a Facebook ‘Like’ button to my VO web site, built a Shelley Baldiga Facebook page specific to my VO work, posted my demos on that Facebook page using the app Terry recommended (FanRx and Soundcloud), and now tweet automatically when I update my status on Facebook. I wouldn’t have known where to start without their tips. And I still have a list of things I’d like to tackle with Twitter and LinkedIn, such as installing Tweetdeck to manage tweets, and better use of hashtags, lists, searches and LinkedIn groups.”

Andy Barnett was also in attendance and found it to be very informative. As someone who has already been active in social media, Andy found that there were a lot of invaluable tips and tricks he could apply specifically to building a business as a voice actor.

3 Social Media Takeaways

Dave CourvoisierAndy’s three takeaways from Terry, Dave (pictured at left) and Trish’s session are:
1. Facebook is great for mixing business and real life. You can show potential clients that you are a real person and not just a faceless entity.
2. LinkedIn is awesome because you can easily network with people that work at the same production house, agency, and so on. Because LinkedIn lists titles and places of employment it’s a tremendous resource.
3. Twitter is great for rapid, less invasive networking. Following people on Twitter is a good way to make a “soft contact” with potential clients and others.

If you are interested in reviewing and downloading the entire PowerPoint (PPT) from Terry, Dave and Trish’s presentation, you can do so on the SocialMediaVO.com site.

Celia Siegel¨

Celia SiegelCelia Siegel Management provides custom voiceover career tailoring, with a passion for defining, refining and delivering distinctive, professional voice talent that exceed the expectations of buyers. Celia spoke on the topic of Branding and Marketing¨ for the Professional¨ Voice Actor.
Rachel Darlene attended Celia Siegel’s presentation on Branding and Marketing, noting that it was fabulous. Celia talked about why branding yourself is so important. According to Rachel, Celia asked vital questions that help create your brand like:
๏ What are you doing now?
๏ Who is hiring you, and why are they hiring you?
๏ Why are you unique?

“All of these questions are so important to sit down and ask yourself when coming up with your branding so that you really know your personality and voice and you can then know why your voice is a solution to the producer’s problem! She also says you should write down your goals so you can create a marketing action plan to achieve those goals,” Rachel related, continuing on to say, “Celia asks questions like: Where are you now? Where do you want to go? How do you want to get there? She also has great samples of websites and marketing tools she has created for her clients on her website that I highly recommend looking at.”

Darla Middlebrook found the session interesting as well, saying, “Celia Siegel’s session was very informative. She was able to present information which I for one will find very useful. She encouraged people in her session to contact her for further info. I will be doing so.”

Do You Have Anything To Add?

If you have any tips you’d like to share, feel free! If you were at these sessions and have your own takeaways to add, you’re welcome to leave a comment here on this post.
Best wishes,

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