SurePay at Voices.comWonder how the new SurePay Service is going?
SurePay is our new escrow service as mentioned in the Official User Guide.
Hear from some of the first people to use SurePay and learn more about how this process works!

I’m excited to say that SurePay has taken off very well!
There have been a number of business relationships formed and projects completed with the help of the new SurePay Service.

Talent can be hired by clients using SurePay via three methods:
1. Through Public Leads (jobs posted to all eligible talent)
2. Through Private Leads (jobs posted to a select group of invited talent)
3. Direct Contact (Private Job Offer to one talent on their website)

For those of you new to or to SurePay in general, here’s an explanation of how SurePay works from a job posting perspective:
How SurePay Works

Once a Lead is approved by the staff at, qualified voice talents will receive an instant email notification with details pertaining to the Lead. Within the hour, the client can check back to view responses to their posting by clicking on their Responses tab. Clients can listen to MP3 samples and even compare quotes for their project all on one page. Once the client has found the best candidate, the talent is awarded the job by clicking œSelect This Voice.

By doing so, the client is making a Job Offer. Upon Making A Job Offer to a voice talent, the client will be prompted to attach a final script, confirm the deadline and final price including a modest escrow fee. When a voice talent receives and accepts a Job Offer, the client will be directed to make a deposit with our SurePay Escrow Service. SurePay is an Escrow service that holds the client’s deposit in a neutral bank account, which only releases payment once they have downloaded the files and accepted the work as complete.

Once a deposit is made, the voice talent receives an email notifying them that the deposit was successful, allowing them to proceed with recording the agreed upon script. When a voice talent has completed the work, they will upload the files to their account at Uploading the files through SurePay makes them available to the client in their account as well.

Following the file upload(s), the client receives an email inviting them to download the audio files. If it all sounds good (what they expected from the contract), they click œI accept to release the funds to pay the talent in full for their work.
To complete this business transaction, both the client and voice talent have an opportunity to leave Feedback about their experience working with each other at Feedback consists of a 5 star rating and a brief review providing further details to support the star rating provided.

I took the opportunity to follow up with a few SurePay users to hear about their experiences.
Here are a couple replies that I’ve received since this afternoon:

œThe new SurePay system took a great deal of guess work out of the process of negotiating and then expediting getting a project done. I like the idea that this also allows to better follow the process. Having act as a third party FTP file delivery system will be big help for beginners! SurePay takes some of the anxiety out of getting paid by making sure clients are honest upfront! Now that I™ve gone through the process, I know what to expect and know that my next job through will be a worry free experience.
Dan Lenard

“Using SurePay was a reassuring experience. It was great to see that my client had deposited the payment before I got started. Knowing that the money would be there when I was done allowed me to focus on my product rather than the business relationship. I also loved having the opportunity to rate my client. The system ensures mutual respect and trust.”
Doug Rein

I received a question not too long ago about when the SurePay Feedback Ratings and Reviews would go into effect. The answer: Imminently and I’ll keep you posted here on the blog. Also, another question was asked about whether or not the Feedback ratings given to you by a client using SurePay would still count after the release of the new Feedback Ratings and Reviews system is released.

The short answer is yes. That’s the whole point and the beauty of the shift to this method of feedback – you earned it, fair and square with a job to prove it!
For instance, the positive feedback ratings that Doug Rein and Dan Lenard have received will count when the new Feedback Ratings and Reviews are launched. Also, any work that you do between now and then using SurePay will also be recognized in your Feedback Ratings and Reviews as well as future Ratings and Reviews through SurePay.

It is wise to start using the service now as those already using SurePay are building up feedback ratings that will help them establish more business relationships at among other things. Thank you to Dan and Doug for sharing. There will be more success stories to come!
Best wishes,

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  1. Stephanie, I’m really excited about our new SurePay system. I wanted to let members know that even if they are contacted directly via their website they can still direct the client through the SurePay system by having the client click on the “Request Quote” from their personal website at This will start a Private Job Offer at and then everything can be tracked.


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