Millions of people have heard about a homeless man with a golden voice named Ted Williams whose talent was recently discovered by a reporter from The Columbus Dispatch alongside the Hudson/I-71.
While Ted has captured media attention for his vocal gifts and current circumstances, it is clear that he has captured the hearts of many people who want to see him shine.
Learn more about how this story has unfolded in today’s VOX Daily.

Amazing Grace

Ted Williams has a beautiful voice and a faith that can move mountains. The video may span less than two minutes in length, however, his message and character engages us far beyond the duration of the film on YouTube.

The last few days have been life changing no doubt considering the attention received via social networks, major news outlets and recent radio interviews. Ted will be making appearances on television programs shortly and the outlook for his career is bright with job offers and the like.

Something that strikes me is how he has placed his hope in God. When everything else in his life had crumbled around him, he was able to draw upon strength and could walk with his head up high and live with dignity. Who you see before you is not only a beautiful voice artist but a truly beautiful person.
See how a life can be transformed and given a fresh start?


We wish Ted all the best, and as a company, have extended a helping hand to aid him in his journey. What a privilege it is to be of service and in a position to help.
I wanted to also acknowledge the voice over community and those in different industries who have found a means to spread the word and give back. Thank you to everyone who has in some capacity shared Ted’s story, giving others hope and something miraculous to cheer about.

Just Like Ted

Let Ted’s story be a reminder to us that there are people out there like Ted who are just steps away from reaching their potential. They just don’t receive the kind of attention or have the connections he was blessed to come into contact with the day someone stopped to read his sign and decided to do something about it.
Choosing to become aware and to encourage are both steps in the right direction. By seeking these kinds of opportunity, you might just help to change a person’s life.
Warm regards,


  1. Hi Stephanie,
    Let me follow up your kind tribute by adding:
    The greatest gift a parent can give their child is a dream.
    Those words are written on the back cover of the Pete Maravich basketball movie (The Pistol: The Birth of a Legend), which our family watched recently. It looks like basketball’s Cleveland Cavaliers have reportedly offered Ted a two-year contract for a role that could include voiceover work.
    NFL Films will also be calling from what I hear. “I can’t believe what’s going on,” said Williams, a father of nine. He told the Associated Press: “God gave me a million-dollar voice and I just hope I can do right by him.”
    Personally speaking, God IS the BEST agent around!!
    The hoopla will continue for Ted. Let’s hope he stays humble through all the events — and that the rest of us remember to lend a hand to those in our sphere of influence.
    Ralph Hass
    — Heard weekly on the “Thurman Thomas TV Show” for the Buffalo Bills
    — MSG-TV imaging voice for the NHL’s Buffalo Sabres (2006 – 2009)
    — SHAW-TV imaging voice for the WHL

  2. I couldn’t help but think of the parable of the Good Samaritan when I first heard of Ted William’s story. It’s good to know that in this busy world, there is still great compassion that exists to help others in need. This is truly an incredible story.

  3. What a wonderful way to start a New Year!
    It’s positive stories like these that make you believe in yourself–and the goodness of others.
    Ted should be an inspiration for all of us. Here’s a guy who spent his days begging for dollars at a traffic light. Sure, he made mistakes in his life…but who doesn’t deserve another chance?
    It only took 1 person to help turn his life around: That guy with the video camera. Who will turn YOUR life around? You just never know!
    As Paul McCartney sang in the song “Take It Away,” “…you never who may be listening to you.”
    Happy 2011

  4. What a wonderful story. And what a great guy. He really seems like he has his head screwed on correctly now after so much misdirection and adversity.
    You would have to be buried under a rock not to have seen his miraculous rise to awareness since the beginning of this week. Just saw him on the Today Show this morning.
    When I first saw Ted’s video on You tube, (Tuesday) the count was about 100,000 views. Yesterday it was over 4 million and right now as I write this, it’s 11.7 million.
    Unbelievable! Yes, Virginia, there is a Ted Williams.

  5. OK, I know I’m going to get chastised for this. The original Ted Williams viral video was sent to me by my best friend in the broadcasting business, now mostly out of the biz because after 12 years of dedicated service, the station fired him a year a go and he’s having trouble getting back into it. I can relate. I’ve been at this 30 years in a major market. Two year a go I was unceremoniously tossed from a television station when they were snapped up by a communications giant. I’ve been trying to make it on my own ever since because, let’s face it, who wants to hire a middle age broadcaster with gobs of experience when you can get a kid fresh out of technical school for a 3rd of the price. I have a dollar figure goal I must achieve monthly if my wife and I are to keep financially afloat. Should my buddy and I start making up cardboard signs and standing on the turnpike? We both have great pipes. Is that really what the road to success has come to? I don’t begrudge Ted the fame and fortune that will be coming his way. Wait a sec. Ya, I do kinda.

  6. I guess I got it all wrong, I thought the path to a voice over career was a serious investment in training, several demos, a web presence, building a home studio, learning how to market myself, edit sound, continual practice, reading books, blogs and articles, training class as I can afford them…. It seems years of substance abuse and crime is a short cut.

  7. Stephanie that is so touching. I love your heart.
    Just yesterday I was working in our alternative health clinic in a homeless shelter in Kingston, NY. I was massaging a young man that the triage nurse has said seemed to have the heart of an angel. I asked her what his story was and she didn’t know. When his turn came for a session with me I asked him to relax on the table and asked where he was from and why he was here. He had just turned 20 and was absolutely beautiful, refined features, long thick black hair and such a gentle spirit. Quietly he told me he had missed a court appearance on a burglary charge when was 16 years old. “I was in prison for the last four years.” My heart skipped a beat as I told him my house had been burglarized in May and they had taken my computer and back up drives and on it was a book, my memoir, that I had just that day completed. “They took a lot of other stuff too but that was what hit me the hardest. I had to rewrite the whole thing from scratch.” He raised his head to get a good look at me and looked deeply into my eyes and said two words that set me free. “I’m sorry.” God had sent me an angel.

  8. What a great story and message for all of us to keep our heads up in the face of adversity. Life doesn’t come with any guarantees and sends curves all the time. All the best to Ted. And mega-kudos to for their heart and soul.


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