Freelance voice talent don many hats. They need to be actor, producer, manager, marketer, and accountant. Although there is still good reason to have an agent in the brick and mortar world, much of the industry has moved online. Therefore, having a large online presence is key in achieving the most from a freelance voice-over business.

Voice talent should have a:

Those three are a good start, but there are more in depth marketing efforts that will generate better online visibility, as well as help in the areas above and  provide something of value to send when checking in with clients to stay in the forefront of their minds.

YouTube (video)

Voice talent may be skeptical about having a YouTube channel for their voice over business but here’s why it works: people like faces.

Yes, it’s true. One of the beautiful things about doing voice-overs is that looks don’t enter into the equation but, it’s simple, faces sell products. For a voice actor, their voice is the product but they are the service. So putting a face to the service adds personality and reliability, and makes them more appealing to work with. Video marketing is number #1 right now. People simply cannot get enough of creative, interesting video content. Allowing people into the studio once a month to see what it’s like being a voice actor is one way to do this. An interview style ‘show’ could be another.

Podcast (audio)

Podcasts are another avenue to explore, and makes a lot of sense from a voice over perspective. Podcasts showcase the most important skill set in voice over, audio recording skills. This could be done talk show style where colleagues or clients are interviewed. Or a one-man/woman show on a topic of interest that has little to do with the voice-over industry but everything to do with showcasing skills such as acting, editing and mixing audio.

Blog (intellectual)

The reason nearly every single service related site on the web has a blog is for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The more relevant words the site ranks for, the higher the site will rank when someone types one of those words into a search engine such as Google. Basically, blogs are the best way to ensure that a website is found.  Blogs engage the visitors, clients or customers and help you become a thought leader in your field. A blog can also showcase copy-writing or script writing skills for voice talent who offer those services in addition to voice-over.

YouTube videos, podcasting, and blogging are excellent ways to create content that can be shared on social media sites that may otherwise sit dormant or are riddled with meaningless updates about ones cat or the gig you landed but can’t talk about because you signed an NDA. Doing one of them is great; doing all three is better. Given them something to watch, something to listen to, and something to read and you will reach a broader audience.



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  2. Hi Lin
    Thanks for the article. I completely agree that a video can help voice talents be found more easily. If they choose the right video title (with a tool like TubeTrackr), they will be found on the huge search engine that YouTube is.

  3. As a producer I can tell a lot of stories about good ways to be recognized. These are great approaches for voice talents. Additional I would recommend everyone to get in personal touch by internship. Cause the personal way is for me always the best.
    Great article!


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