Radio TowerAspiring voice actors aren’t just working day jobs in radio, television or at telemarketing firms… they’re in the high school broadcasting communications classes and take part in co-operative learning opportunities to gain practical, hands-on experience working in the field that will shape their future careers.

Stephanie Ciccarelli from had the great pleasure of sitting in on one such class taught by a seasoned broadcaster, Brent Bissell, teacher at Clarke Road Secondary School in London, Ontario Canada, watching the high school’s daily broadcast and spending time with the students to take their voice acting questions as well as chat with them about their goals following graduation, a reality that is right around the corner.

“I’d never been so ‘behind the scenes’ before and it was intriguing to see how the green screens worked when graphics were added to give the appearance of a professional network studio during the televised broadcast. I also got to watch the students, who were all responsible for different things, operate the teleprompter, cameras, and even be news anchors behind the desk.”

Technology being used in the classroom included an assortment of editing tools such as Adobe Audition for audio, a Shure microphone modeled in the 50s style, a dynamic microphone for the radio announcer, linear and non-linear editing capabilities, and a Shure 819 boundary microphone used to pick up the voices of the news anchors during the Clarke Road televised daily broadcast which was flat upon the table and picked up the presenters voices effortlessly.

Source: VOX Daily


  1. Not necessarily about voice over, but speaking on the future of internet content and production, check out the newest episode of the Revision3 Gazette. They have a huge in depth behind the scenes look at the studio they just completed construction on. They producing HD content in a $500K space which rivals the production of multi-million dollar set ups.


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