Is “The LEGO Movie” a one hour and forty-one minute generic product movie? Far from it.

It’s difficult to imagine just how much charm, action, and wit can actually be crammed into the blocky characters and interlocking brick city but the writing, animation, and voice acting come together harmoniously in the first full-length theatrical LEGO movie adventure from Warner Bros. Entertainment.

Directed and co-written by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, whose feature animated movie credits include the mega popular Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, The LEGO Movie takes a colorful look at how, with a little imagination, ordinary people can do extraordinary things. The film follows Emmet, a perfectly average by-the-book LEGO construction mini-figure who is mistaken as “The Special” after stumbling upon the “Piece of Resistance,” the only thing that can stop the evil tyrant business man, Lord Business, from overtaking the people and town of Bricksburg.

The movie poster for the Lego MovieWith a handful of impressive licensing agreements, the audience is taken on an action packed adventure as Emmet finds himself in a fellowship of strangers embarking on an epic quest to stop Lord Business, a journey Emmet is completely unsuited for. He is joined by LEGO versions of Batman, Super Man, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, and a host of memorable LEGO characters.

The LEGO Movie does not disappoint. From the moment it starts straight through to the finish this movie is a treat. The cleverly written story-line coupled with its artful use of 3D animation gives animated movie fans something they’ve craved for some time – something different.

It takes a tongue in cheek look at consumerism, corporate megalomaniacs, over controlling parental figures, and throws in a surprisingly touching ending to boot. This film is enjoyable for audiences of all ages from four-year-olds to their parents, and even adults who simply have fond memories of playing with the Danish interlocking bricks as kids.

The voice-over cast did an outstanding job at breathing heart and personality into the rigid characters, helping them come alive on the screen.

The Voice-Over Cast of The LEGO Movie

  • Chris Pratt brought earnest and innocence to Emmet Brickowski, the ordinary construction worker minifigure mistaken for the “Special.”
  • Will Ferrell is hilarious as Lord Business, the tyrant businessman of Bricksburg. Ferrell also plays a live-action role.
  • Elizabeth Banks voices the tough-as-nails tech-savvy fighter Wyldstyle (a.k.a.; Lucy), a LEGO Master Builder.
  • Will Arnett gives an off-the-wall performance as DC Comics’ superhero Batman, who is also a Master Builder.
  • Nick Offerman plays Metal Beard, a makeshift pirate and Master Builder who seeks revenge on President Business for taking his body parts.
  • Alison Brie is Uni-Kitty, an overly cheerful, slightly creepy unicorn/anime kitten hybrid that lives in Cloud Cuckoo Land.
  • Charlie Day plays Benny, the “1980s space astronaut guy,” a familiar looking figure that many adults may remember from their childhood.
  • Liam Neeson plays the split personality “Bad Cop/Good Cop,” a member of the Super Secret Police. Neeson also voices Pa Cop, Bad Cop/Good Cop’s father.
  • Morgan Freeman delights as Vitruvius, an ancient and heroic wizard who prophesies that “The Special” will discover the “Piece of Resistance” and defeat Lord Business.
  • Channing Tatum plays Superman, the DC Comics superhero who is also one of the Master Builders.
  • Jonah Hill is the DC Comics superhero Green Lantern, who is also one of the Master Builders.
  • Cobie Smulders voices Wonder Woman, another DC Comics superhero who is one of the Master Builders.

Additional Voices

Anthony Daniels and Billy Dee Williams reprise their Star Wars roles as C-3PO and Lando Calrissian. Keith Ferguson, who also voiced the same character in some episodes of Robot Chicken, voices Han Solo. Shaquille O’Neal plays a LEGO version of himself, Will Forte plays Abraham Lincoln, Dave Franco voices Wally, Jake Johnson as Barry, Keegan-Michael Key as Foreman Jim, and Jorma Taccone as William Shakespeare. Co-director Chris Miller cameos as a TV Presenter. In the live action portion of the film, the human boy, Finn, is played by Jadon Sand.

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