the-simpsons-dvd-cover.jpg The Simpsons took over mid-town Manhattan yesterday, to celebrate the new release of their DVD. Creator Matt Groening, Executive Producer James L. Brooks, Producer Al Jean, Director David Silverman, Mike Scully, and many popular Simpsons voice actors were there to part take in the festivities.

2500 mega donut balloons lead the way from 42 Street into Bryant Park. The Bryant Park Pond was the centre-piece of the festivities where huge Simpsons billboards were set up around the ice. Celebrations included give-aways, and a one-day only Ben and Jerry’s ice cream flavor. The frozen pond was dyed “Simpsons Yellow”, where fans could skate with Homer, Marge, Bart and Lisa. The Empire State Building was aglow in yellow light as it participated in its very first involvement with a movie promotion.

In other areas of the country festivities took place to honor The Simpsons Movie DVD release. In 20 cities across The United States pink donut balloons were tied to parking meters in high traffic areas indicating free parking for the day, and across 50 cities Simpsons Santa hats were being distributed to celebrate the event.


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