Professional voice-over talent, September Day, worked with IVONA, Amazon’s recently acquired text-to-speech specialists, as one of the company’s American text-to-speech voices and her voice is now being featured as the voice for Kindle Fire’s accessibility software.

Kindle Fire leverages IVONA technology to deliver natural sounding voices for their products which help the visually impaired enjoy books and also help those with learning disabilities improve their reading skills. The Voice Guide, introduced earlier this year, helps the visually-impaired navigate menus and content on the device by reading aloud every action taken by the user.

Speech synthesis has come a long way over the years. With innovative companies like IVONA at the helm the visually-impaired are no longer subject to the robotic voices they once were. As the user navigates the Kindle Fire touchscreen September Day’s natural delivery, intonations and easy-on-the-ears voice guides them every step of the way.



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