The Voice That Rocks 2009Working on a shoe-string budget, production took place on 7th February 2009 in North Yorkshire near the City of York with what can be best described as a documentary without picture. It reveals the working life of the voice-over actor with commentary from talents who have voiced for the BBC, ITV, Discovery Channel and Disney.

The writer and producer, Kris Henderson said, “Because of the nature of the voice-over industry it was decided that we keep the long running tradition of ‘actor who does not appear on camera’ and produce the documentary without picture.

The Voice That Rocks is based on real-life stories about the voice-over industry in the United Kingdom, France, New Zealand and the United States. It is written and produced by Kris Henderson and stars Alan Bainbridge, Arthur Burton, Claire Dodin, Darren Altman, Finley Woods, Ian Pinnell, Bryan Cox, Bobbin Beam, Carl Welden, and Sini Manner. It has a proposed release date of 20th May 2009.

Source: Kris Henderson


  1. I’m a novice attempting to enter the voice acting field. I do have a demo tape that was done approximately two years ago at the Creative Voice Development Group in Schenectady, NY.

    Any advice going forward would be very much appreciated.

    Thank you.


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