When narrating audiobooks, it isn’t always the case that the script changes your life or how you perceive life to be. The true story of Kim and Krickitt Carpenter resides in the realm of miracles, affecting millions of people around the world and also the narrator who read their book. When Oasis Audio tapped John McLain to narrate The Vow, McLain knew that he had a special project on his hands and did his absolute best to enter into the story and do it justice.

McLain confides, “This project was quite unique from an acting standpoint. Ordinarily my approach in the booth would have been very different for a non-fiction title. The author’s voice typically dominates a non-fiction read, where I am presenting information in the text on the author’s behalf. There is normally very little characterization in a typical non-fiction performance. The Vow was an exception to the rule. Even though it is a non-fiction title, I found myself working through it like I would a novel – with more character development, vocal work, and emotion. The story demanded it.”

When McLain made the choice of trying to not only climb inside of Kim’s head, but also his heart, asking himself, “What if you were Kim, and this was your story? How would you tell it?”

If a great book can be called a real page turner, The Vow audiobook is a real ear burner.

So far as getting to the core of the Carpenters’ story, McLain shared, “Kim and Krickitt definitely wanted to allow us to enter the true realm of what they experienced, and I wanted to honor that in my performance. The result was a read that sounds like a magical tale of love, romance, heartbreak, faith, hope, and redemption. This one just happens to be true.”


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