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Whether you are behind the microphone or in any other line of work, the daily grind as many call it, is what helps to put bread on your table. Elements of the daily grind can also help build momentum for you and your business.
Hear voice actor Kabir Singh’s perspective on the daily grind and how he makes it through in today’s VOX Daily.

The Daily Grind

By Kabir Singh
I’ve been staring at this blank page for 2 hours, repeating the word “voice over” again and again. What can I really have insight about? “I’m just this guy, doing this voice thing – you know chasing dreams & what not.” But, truth is, this “thing” has changed my life in more ways than I thought it really could.

I’ve always been a writer, never a speaker. When you go through life suppressing your thoughts, feelings and emotions, you forget how powerful words can be. I did. Poetry, now that was my first love. It helped me understand human emotions. It allowed me to escape, and I did, every day and every night.

Voice Acting is poetry. It has a message, tells a story and hopefully, sparks an emotion. The idea of voice acting is so much deeper than I once thought it was. Until I started investing time, money and energy into this business, I was just a naïve kid out of college, exploring my creative side. Four years into it, I now realize that Voice Acting has helped me grow as student, actor, friend and human being.
How? The Daily Grind!

What is The Daily Grind?

It’s sacrifice driven by the inner strength. It’s the willpower, determination and drive that we all possess once our hearts get attached to what we are pursuing. You see, once you’ve sacrificed your time, energy, money and emotions into your goal – you fall in love with it. If you don’t pay attention to it every day, appreciate it, respect it and sacrifice for it you lose it. Through thousands of auditions, months of classes, weeks of continuous research on audio recording, I have grown to love Voice Acting.

For all those that are pursing a goal, like I am, it’s so easy to forget that it’s the little tasks we do daily that help us grow as individuals, actors and entrepreneurs. Voice Acting has taught me that I’m goal driven. Small goals, not big ones. I see the big ones, acknowledge them, but I strive for the little ones. So, I would set goals each day. Some included:
• Analyze national commercials for “conversational” tone
• Learn ANY 5 new things about the industry
• Writing down problems and finding solutions, such as how to improve acoustics in a room
• Researching and watching free industry related videos

I remember when I first signed up on I was hesitant on spending $300 for a year subscription to pursue this “thing.” I wasn’t confident that I was a good actor, far from it, but I was confident that if I worked hard everyday, did as many auditions as I could, I would get better and I did. I auditioned for anything, because it was microphone time. It gave me an opportunity, and that’s I all I wanted. I wasn’t looking to book a job as much as I was looking to grow as an actor.
To everyone out there reading this, I salute you and your dreams. I see life as a “you get one shot type of deal” and that humbles me to seize each opportunity, big or small.

Parting Words

Voice actor Kabir SinghI seize each day like the moon seizes the night
The days I can’t speak are the days that I write
It’s the constant daily grind that keeps my goals in sight
Success is a battle within and I choose to fight
So if I sleep and my dreams come true tonight
I pray I wake up to a day ever promised with a chance to bless my mic.
Much respect to your Daily Grind-
Kabir Singh
Kabir Singh headshot courtesy Kabir Singh’s profile on

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