Adam Behr AnimatronicsHow’s this for a whale of a tale?
Nancy Wolfson sent in this neat story about Adam Behr’s Kinetic Arts featured in the September / October 2007 issue of Reel West.
What do you do when you’re not recording voice overs?
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Reel West, a prominent Canadian film industry trade magazine, published an article about voice actor Adam Behr and his unique service offerings as an animatronics puppeteer. It’s not everyday you get to see something of this magnitude, and while pondering the subject, I thought it would be interesting to open the floor up to you to share something that you do outside of voice over that you (or others around you) feel is extraordinary.
What do you do when you aren’t recording voice overs?
Add your comments below 🙂

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  1. Yes like a lot of VO people I too have another job, well kind of sort of. Being paid to do what you love kind of makes you feel like you’re cheating the system. For the last 20 years I’ve been a stand-up comic. During that time I’ve been very lucky and got to work with a ton of great people like, Tom Jones, Wayne Newton, Dr. Hook and so many more. There’s been several National TV shows that have allowed me to be a part of them. To make folk laugh, giggle and yes sometimes boo, is a blessing and a great job. Even though being an entertainer in Canada… is a lot like being in the Witness Protection Program… LOL. Look for an interviews in Stage Time and Punchline magazines… come soon online and to your newsstand.

  2. Animatronics puppeteer? Stand-up comic? I can’t come close to being that far outside the envelope, but I suppose it all has to do with people who are just naturally creative (and curious!).
    I’m also a travel writer, writing books and articles about my favorite place on the planet, the Gulf Coast, from Louisiana to Northwest Florida. So it gets me out of the studio for something completely different–new environment, new locations, new people (with mobile studio in tow, of course).
    We tend to become hermits at times in our little “pods,” so it’s great to have these new experiences that I can then also write about. My voice work has started to eclipse my writing, however, so I’m finding myself in my studio more than out on the road, but it’s still a pretty nice balance. Life is good.

  3. Before I got into voice acting I went to Business School (instead of college) and got a degree in Microcomputers, which is just a fancy way of saying Professional Word Processor.
    I currently work for a full-service research company in downtown San Francisco – Field Research Corporation. We offer expertise in questionnaire design, survey data collection and specialized capabilities such as analysis for legal cases, expert testimony in court, and Hispanic and Asian-language interviewing.
    Our complete in-house facilities include CATI stations with remote monitoring, full print production facilities for mail studies, and state-of-the-art computer systems including on-line client access to survey results and advanced statistics and graphics capabilities.
    (that’s a direct lift from our website, They say it much more eloquently than I ever could…)
    You know those interviewers that call you to ask your opinion on something right as you’re sitting down to dinner? Chances are I helped design the questionnaire they read from. It’s fun and very interesting work.
    But that’s not all!
    In addition to the volunteer voice work that I do for the internet-based radio theatre group Pendant Productions ( I also produce/direct two of the monthly serials – DIXIE STENBERG and THE KINGERY.
    So the majority of my free time per month is sitting in front of my laptop running Adobe Audition into the ground, yelling at actors who haven’t gotten their individual lines in to me on time, or scouring my sound effects libraries for JUST the right background ambiance to a scene.
    Or making them from scratch if there isn’t one lying around.

  4. Unfortunately, my ‘other job’ isn’t nearly as cool or shocking as the rest. When I’m not doing voice over, I’m an on-camera spokesperson for several car dealerships throughout Georgia and the Carolinas. Yup, I spend several hours in a day discussing the color, size, and features of new and pre-owned vehicles. Not a very glamorous job, but it is so much fun! I work with great people and it is relatively easy work (no scripts- just ad lib).
    While it isn’t a big money earner, I also sell stock photography. It’s just a hobby of mine that began when folks wanted to buy some of my pictures of flowers and animals. My father was an amazing photographer, so this is a chance for me to carry on a passion of his.

  5. My “other” job evolved out of one of those hideous “slow” cycles in the voice over business. In addition to being a voice talent, I am also a writer and producer/director with an arts background. My husband, a composer and engineer, owns a professional audio post production facility .
    In trying to brainstorm how we could utilize those resources to create additional business, I had one of those Judy Garland / Mickey Rooney movie moments:
    “Hey, my Dad has a barn!” “Great! I’ve got a sheet we can use as a curtain, let’s put on a play!” And that’s how our company AudioLandscapes was born.
    For the past ten years, we have established an award-winning reputation in a relatively small niche market – creating content and producing audio tours. You know, those things you listen to when you go to an art museum, or a zoo, or places like Carlsbad Caverns! In fact, that is one of our clients! We’ve also done projects for the Denver Art Museum, the Seattle Museum of Flight, Longwood Gardens, Corning Museum of Glass, the Brandywine Zoo… and we’ve just been awarded a contract to produce a two-hour tour for the GRAND CANYON!!
    While sometimes it feels like I’m cramming for a college final as I process and digest the diverse information each job brings, I find that audio tours are truly an incredible opportunity to learn something new everyday, while being paid to be creative and work with some amazing people!


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