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Voice Actors now have their very own business plan template made specifically for freelance talent to build their dream voice acting business upon or update their current operations from.
Looking for a ready-made business plan that you can customize and take to the bank?
Check out’s Ultimate Business Plan for Voice Actors.

Voice acting is one of the most segmented fields in the audio industry, short on facts, short on statistics, and one could say, short on business procedure. Voice acting was one of those businesses the majority of people found hard to define, pin down and map out a clear vision for financial success as a freelance voice actor, that is, until now.

At, we recognized the need for a proven, statistics-filled business plan for voice actors that would prepare them for stepping out on their own as entrepreneurs working from professional-grade home recording studios and a blueprint readily accessible to established veterans moving from radio or television broadcast to voice acting full-time.

The major benefits of The Ultimate Business Plan for Voice Actors are that the business plan is full of concrete facts and statistics about the voice acting business, comprehensive research regarding business operations and procedures, sample recording studio equipment setups, a detailed marketing plan, a voice over rate sheet, and a variety of other bonuses including a sample invoice template, balance sheet, income statement and cash flow chart.
Business Plan Cash Flow Chart
Voice actor John Weeks, said of the business plan and bonuses, œWhat a great idea and great way to keep track of things. It sure would come in handy at tax time!
A stereotypical view of voice acting prevalent in society today is that anyone can do it and all that is needed is a great voice. Not so, says voice actor Thom Wilkins. Thom indicates that it takes more than just a great set of pipes and a dream.

Thom offers, œOK so you have the talent, the passion and your account. What next? A successful voice-over business requires us to wear many hats, talent, sales, marketing and business management. To help focus on goals and objectives for the crucial early years, an excellent start is “The Ultimate Business Plan for Voice Actors”, a clear starting point for creating a custom voice-over business plan. It includes key questions and facts and useful Excel spreadsheets relevant to the VO service industry. After all, how else do you measure success?
Business Plan Market Segmentation
As an industry experiencing significant growth, there has never been a better time to get into the business of voice acting. There are less barriers to entry, most notably the ability to work from anywhere in the world as well as affordable rates for audio recording studio equipment.

œYears ago, it was only a dream to have an all inclusive professional recording studio because of high costs of top equipment alone, much less software and marketing costs. Now it’s actually affordable to have it all., you did it again! exclaimed professional voice talent Tracey RolfeThe Ultimate Business Plan for Voice Actors is available at the website, cost-effectively priced at the introductory rate of US$49.95 backed up by a no questions asked 30-day money back guarantee.

Learn more about The Ultimate Business Plan for Voice Actors.
Best wishes,
Stephanie, David and the Team

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  1. I am a huge proponent of having a business plan. I’ve been writing and updating business plans annually for the past ten years. It is a large undertaking, but critical to any business’ success. A business plan should ultimately be revised annually. Especially in any field which is in constant flux, such as ours.
    I purchased your plan template primarily because of the statistics it already includes, and must say how thankful I am to have the built-in market research, and pie-chart, which I have found to be elusive to uncover in the past. This alone, will save me several hours.
    It is my wish that you’ll publish any updated statistical data compiled in the future for those who initially purchase your Plan to include in our own annual updates.
    Thank you so much!
    All the Best,
    Bobbin Beam, Voice Actress

  2. Hi Bobbin,
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and for commenting on the business plan!
    We are definitely entertaining your idea of providing those who purchase the business plan with ongoing updates when they become available.
    Great idea 🙂


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