Do you love to tell people about your voice over work? I’m giving you the opportunity to tell the world!
We’ve got some hot international press opportunities coming up, which is great in itself, but what is even more fabulous is that we have also been asked to collect and share success stories from members of, like you, and details about your experiences using the site.
Do you have a story to share?

People Are Talking

Word on the street is that is the place to go to get professional voices recorded for just about everything under the sun.
Our PR people are working on a unique angle and are almost ready to roll… all that’s missing is your story!

Could Your Story Be The Ultimate Success Story?

I’m asking you today to share your biggest win, your most exciting moment, or anything else you’d like to tell me that has to do with how you’ve found success at

What Type Of Story Can You Send?
I’m looking for any type of story that shows how has helped you, but here are a few ideas to get you thinking…

Have You Used Your Membership:
๏ With great success?
๏ To solve a problem?
๏ In an interesting situation?
๏ In a quirky or unusual way?
… or do you have any other kind of story that we might find interesting?

What To Include In Your Story:
๏ Your name and where you’re from
๏ A bit of background about why you were using the service
๏ How you used the service
๏ What the outcome was
๏ What would have happened if you hadn’t been a member of
๏ Why you would recommend to other people

How To Make Your Story Stand Out:
๏ Be funny
๏ Show your personality
๏ Record in your studio or other interesting environment
๏ Consider music, sound effects and other production elements


We’re going to give you gift certificates to spend on anything you wish from Sweetwater Sound if you win this contest. First place will receive a $500 Sweetwater Sound gift certificate, second place receives $300, and third place will receive a $200 gift certificate.
Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

There Are 2 Ways To Send Your Story

1. Record A Video or Web Cam Clip
Remember to mention your name and how you used in the video. Then upload the video to YouTube and send us the link — or send it to us by email, or using (which is a great way of sending large files).

2. Record An Audio Message
Just as before, make sure that you mention your name and how you used in your audio recording. To submit, simply email your submission to

See what other people are saying about

We’ll start publishing the best responses on our buzz blog.

What’s Your Story?

Contest ends Friday June 26, 2009 at 11:59 PM and we’ll announce the winners Friday July 3, 2009. Looking forward to being wowed!
Best of luck to you all,
Stephanie and The Team



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